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  1. LOL, I actually said something to my wife about how clean the house looked
  2. We just finished our second watch of the series. As much as I liked the first view a couple of years ago, I found the series even better the second time around. I do disagree with those who think P & E will get executed in USSR. Their side won, Gorby retained his power and became stronger. Poor Oleg was probably screwed for a few more years since he was stuck in America. I did find it funny that with all of the clues Stan failed to put together, his light bulb lit up over E smoking when many many women were smoking at that time compared to now.
  3. Wow, this show just keeps getting worse. we really loved the earlier seasons. What was up with that scene of Kevin running around sweating and moving quickly? It looked like an early 80s Mtv video from one of the British one-hit wonders.
  4. we could not find one entertaining aspect of last week's episode. All of the sudden this season, Chicago has gotten much smaller
  5. Thanks G you totally made my day!!!!
  6. Funny because I would have no idea how to do the work they did, BUT, I do know it is not a couple hour job start to finish
  7. What a great and intense season finale!! I figured that Gordo would die saving Tracy but I did not see both of them dying. I am very confused by the timeline for Kelly Baldwin. Was she an orphan for many years in Vietnam before coming to America? How could her father not know about her and how coincidental that they both end up in Houston
  8. I know poor oppressed white christian males
  9. that is like saying everyone gets sick when comparing my cold to someone else's brain cancer. As a white person, I have always found it to be funny (in a sick twisted way) how white people are so quick to tell people of color to just get over any discrimination because it happens to everybody.
  10. I love the Saint Elsewhere references they throw in occasionally
  11. It was Deke Slayton's only space mission
  12. I love how much more quickly technology advanced because of the bigger emphasis put on the space program by the government and military and that is not all that far-fetched. It seems like the all of the plans NASA had to abandon like launching and landing Shuttles in Florida and California came true in this alternative reality. Also, I have to add that we have been forced to watch hockey games on a fox sports ap since Hulu does not carry our local fox sports channel anymore and they rotate 5 or 6 commercials during a game and my wife and I recite the commercials like they did with the B
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