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  1. Shawn is such a Bitch to Gary Goben. She knows his title and how long he has been with Denim & Co and presenting on QVC. PLEASE GET RID OF SHAWN. EVERYONE IS TIRED OF HER BS.
  2. I don’t know why QVC continues to allow her to present anything. She botches up every item she is presenting and her stupid stories are worn out. She is the worst presenter at QVC. Just obnoxious all of the time!
  3. Let’s hope she stays away so viewers can enjoy the items being presented!!
  4. Shawn is hideous, mouthy and stupid as always.
  5. Who cares what she likes and dislikes. Who cares how much money she spends. She just needs to present the items and not inject her feelings. She is so tacky and hideous. She is so full of it. QVC needs to get rid of her!
  6. QVC has really hit rock bottom by letting her present from home. Jen Is laughing under her breath at how stupid Shawn looks and sounds. All is a put on- this is a desperate tactic on her part. She has an ugly bathroom too. Sad, sad.
  7. Shawn is just SELFISH. Very apparent as she is always talking about herself. Probably twenty percent of what she says is factual and truth and the rest- lies- but we all know that. She acts bored to tears being on the show so QVC should release her and encourage her to find happiness elsewhere.
  8. Shawn is soooooooo stupid and pathetic. Just consider the source on everything she says. AND she is not an XXS OR EVEN AN XS. Maybe a Small. But she wears everything too tight. You can also tell, Kim is only tolerating her.
  9. At the beginning, Kim and Shawn were tip toeing around each other. They have warmed up a little. But, Shawn is full of it. She thinks she knows more than Kim about the items.
  10. Well whatever stylist she goes to and wherever she goes, look at her hair - not much to work with - over processed and botched haircut. Shave her head and start over- get a wig. Anything is better than what we are currently seeing.
  11. She needs a complete makeover. Eyes are way to dark for her hair and skin. The fake eyelashes look hideous. She is definitely a drama queen.
  12. She said her stylist Arsen Gurgov in NYC. I looked him up and he has a salon.
  13. I thought Calista was her stylist in the past. Now she goes to a guy stylist in NYC. Correct me, if I am wrong. Calista should request that she not be the host for her products.
  14. She has no class and is unprofessional. The comment she made to Leah asking her if she had a problem getting “big” hair. What is that all about? She needs counseling on what not to say to co-hosts or others. She needs to be fired from QVC for all of the disgraceful and disrespectful comments and personal/private questions she has asked others QVC hosts and vendors. She is an embarrassment to QVC. From the facial expressions on faces of others, they show they are embarrassed and disgusted with her.
  15. Shawn is just gross, unkept and flat out disgusting. She loves being this way.
  16. She knows exactly what she is doing. She is so insecure that she needs to talk about herself since no one else is giving her the time of day. So pathetic!
  17. On every item, she has a story about herself. She is dumb as a rock.
  18. I love the way Devin and Candace are staring at her. They look like they are about to laugh at her. Why can’t QVC just put her out to pasture. Obnoxious and just plain stupid.
  19. She is an embarrassment to QVC. OBVIOUSLY, the higher ups are not watching her. Interesting, she is not hosting Belle Beauty tonight.
  20. Yes, she is wearing one of the clip-in pieces. But the glasses are too big for her face. She is hideous.
  21. Oh my gosh. Look at her tonight. She looks horrible.
  22. I totally agree with you. It is all about her. She does this weird thing with her mouth every view minutes. Her hair is yellow and her makeup is orange. She totally needs a makeover. Get rid of the wild over-sized glasses. She tries to over describe whatever product she is presenting which makes her look so stupid. She is overkill on everything.
  23. She is so annoying and whatever she is selling, it is always about her. She feels she must be the center of attention.
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