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  1. Has anyone else noticed how beautiful Jamie's white horse is? That curved neck...Wow.
  2. I'm sorry, I'm not very good at navigating the site. I was looking for threads about Jennifer. I wondered what happened that caused her strange gait? She is so terribly competitive with June it even extends to Pumpkin. I would love for her to get her 'come upperance,' perhaps by losing Honey Bear to June.
  3. I'm horrified by the loss of Tom Bergeron, the best host on tv. PLEASE bring him back!
  4. This is what I came on for, to see a link to pictures of Zanders collection. How unfair it was to send the final 3 to work like dogs on a 14 look collection, then reduce them to two before showing the collections. They should NOT do that in the future. If they're made to work so hard on a collection, they should be able to show it.
  5. I thought all the collections were good and any could have won. However, Geoffrey was under my radar. I thought it could have been Nancy, Sergio or Victoria.
  6. I'm rewatching my tape of last night, there was so much 'stuff' going on. At the beginning of the FRC, Peter starts his conversation with "Madison..." I think he started to call her by the wrong name and I think HA thought so too. She sure was on his mind. This is very unkind but I can't resist.. I've nicknamed Mama Weber the Rottweiler, sometimes the Crying Rottweiler. When Maddi the despised comes out on AFR, I read her lips as saying "TOO PINK." She later whispered something to Daddy Weber but I couldn't see shat it was. Any good lip readers out there? Maddi has a numbe
  7. Now that's funny! On the Tuesday nigh finale, there was a brief shot of a crew member when Peter was going down the hallway looking for Hannah Anne. Wonder if he got paid screen time or just fussed at. Well, Peter may not have grown a pair but HA sure has! I think Mama Weber likes her better than Peter. She was clapping when HA was giving him holy heck. During the breakup scene, I noticed HA's pupils were dilated. I read once that means the person likes/loves what they see. Maybe HA just liked getting it all out and raking Peter over the coals. And about Peter 'taking
  8. Another thought ~ When Peter went to Hannah Anne's room, he was still hurt, broken, devastated about Madison feeling she couldn't go on trying. I felt HA definitely saw that in his eyes. Heck, I saw that in his eyes. If he was going to propose to her the next day, he would be happy. She's a bright girl. She's bound to figure out he chose Maddi first and she let him go. She won't even have to watch the show.
  9. Yes, for sure Maddi was the one he wanted. I think the family's promoting Hannah Ann made him all the surer about Maddi. I know for myself if people push me toward A, I'm going to realize how much I choose B. Just a few thoughts. Those Australian bugs were bad for both couples. Maddi was also coping with a runny nose and a runaway artificial eyelash. I'm curious as to what Chris was going to reveal to Peter. Tomorrow night? Oh also noted Peter described both of the final 2 as 'selfless.' That must be a quality he seeks, along with red hot sexual connection of course. And
  10. When Carli asked if all 4 designers should show at Fashion Week, Nina shook her head almost imperceptibly. My favorite of all the dresses was Nancy's red water dress (I guess that would make it blood). The main thing was the fabric choice, which was phenomenal. However she was smart enough to make the dress itself simple and let the fabric be the star. Cowl or no cowl, I care not. Next favorite for me was by Victoria. It was the design with the pink coat and a beige suit underneath. I loved the jacket with the cross pieces. #3 for me would be the open bra dress. I guess
  11. I thought about Titantic too. And geesh, they're into exotic positions ALREADY?! I like Madison but find her hair obsession distracting. It's like she self-soothes that way. Also don't mind the tears (shows they're really 'into it') but could do without the snotting. Someone give that poor girl a hanky! I was really waiting for Peter, at the end of his Maddi talk, whipping out the Fantasy Suit invite and saying 'I guess there's no point in asking..' They should at least go and look how pretty it is. they could swear and declare they were only going there to talk.
  12. You could tell the judges' anger at that guy from the very beginning. I'd think anyone would have the right not to go to Hollywood if something personal in their life came up. But apparently not without the undying hatred of AI.
  13. Katy Perry had a jacket inspired by the Conner family's couch apghan. They used to have bad auditions too. I wonder if they got sued for public embarrassment. All the auditions were good last night. No Clay Aiken but a voice like his only occurs once in a generation, if that often. Was it the guy from Louisiana who had very bad teeth? Surely a cosmetic dentist will offer to 'fix him' before he goes very far in the competition, I was wanting to go to bed last night but kept telling myself 'Just one more' audition, I have it taped so will watch the rest today. It looks like
  14. I am so amazed that these Bachelors/Bachelorettes kiss each others' upper lips instead of full kisses. Peter and his girls are getting ready for fantasy dates and they still kiss upper lips?!
  15. I read a number of posts and just found my feelings are different. I think Pilot Pete is adorable. I also think Victoria F. is very appealing. My thought is that McKenna should have mentioned to Peter in her defense that she was the 3rd woman (or is it 4th?) that Tammy attacked. Also, had she not gone home, Tammy would have gone after Victoria F. next because she is obviously a front runner (TWO one-on-one dates!). She was the villain. What will we do for drama now?
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