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  1. scarlettudor

    S23.E02: Week 2

    Colton does something that I think is so attractive. When he's talking to one of the women, he looks intently into their eyes or face. He kind of ducks down when he does it. I think he's probably the most attractive bachelor they've had.
  2. scarlettudor

    S14.E09: Week 9: Overnight Dates (Thailand)

    Jason has skinny legs and slicked back hair. Don't like. I thought Colton was the cutest of all the Bachelors. Would like to see him as the next Bachelor.
  3. scarlettudor

    S14.E04: Week 4: Park City, Utah

    Kisses ~ They are supposed to look so passionate, open-mouthed, enthusiastic. Anyone else notice Becca kisses the guy's upper lip?
  4. scarlettudor

    S06.E11: Nina's Crushing It

    I didn't even notice that the final four were men of color! Not sure how many were gay or not either. But I was shocked that there were no women designers going into the final. I think the judges should choose the best of the auffed women and bring her back to at least give a little equality . Who would be your choice to bring back if that hapened?
  5. scarlettudor

    All Stars Season 6 Spoilers

    I thought both of Alyssa's dresses on the show last night were fine. The rainbow number was a little startling but very pretty and unusual. The blue lacy dress was pretty. Nothing to criticize there Her hairstyle was flattering too..
  6. scarlettudor

    S16.E01: Auditions

    I thought the auditions were much better tonight. But in some of them, Katey had the black wooly worm on her arm again...
  7. scarlettudor

    S16.E01: Auditions

    I think what was wrong with most of the poor to mediocre auditions last night was that they tried too hard. Their vocal cords were tense and they hit wrong notes and squeaked. I kept wishing the judges would ask some of them to sing another song in the hopes they'd relax and do better. What was so great about Sinatra boy (Zack?) was that he did appear relaxed. Katey's eye makeup was excessive but beautiful.
  8. scarlettudor

    S16.E01: Auditions

    What was with Katy's dress? When that boy was singing 'Worms,' I thought, 'That's it! It's a big black worm on the arm of her dress!' When wooly worms are completely dark like that in our area, we think it predicts a hard winter.
  9. scarlettudor

    S16.E01: Auditions

    I don't recall AI auditions being so mediocre in the past. Most I thought were awful! However the Sinatra boy was great! I'd vote for him as the winner right now without seeing the rest of the pack.
  10. scarlettudor

    S22.E10: Week 9

    He told all 3 that he loved them. I think he probably felt correctly that it was a prerequisite for them being ready for the fantasy suite. But, yes, how icky ~ 3 in a row. I can only imagine how the women felt when they watched the show back saw him saying 'I love you' to all three and they each felt so special. I also thought Ross was pretty doggone tempting. Maybe he'll be called back for one of the men on 'The Bachelorette.'
  11. scarlettudor

    S06.E01: Rookies vs. Vets

    I'm curious about the designer whose name is spelled 'Art' but it's being pronounced as 'Ari.' I hate to even ask, but what is wrong with her skin? Is there an official name for it.
  12. scarlettudor

    S14.E07: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

    VERY disappointed. I had heard the old characters would be back and they were, just not the beloved actors who played them. I felt quite cheated with look-alikes. Darn! If they could have pulled this off ~ actually bringing back the originals for the 300th show ~ it would have been great.
  13. scarlettudor

    S21.E05: Week 5: New Orleans

    I wonder about the clothes the contestants bring with them. Corinne, for instance. Obviously, most of her early outfits featured her 'upper assets' the most. But, my gosh, those jeans she wore last night were great. Even with flats, her butt looked wonderful. Poor Nick is probably just about blind from looking.
  14. scarlettudor

    Bachelor Live

    JenE4 said <Ben, you don't HAVE to propose. This is pretty insane to think proposing to one while you're still in love with the other is a good idea. Every time you get into a stupid little tiff you're going to be questioning what if! I bet the other one wouldn't forget to pick up milk!>> I've thought this all along. If you're not absolutely sure about 'the one' you should say at the end you need more time. ' I want to date both women longer in real life and get surety' (is that even a word?). It also occurred to me that whenever the engaged couple do have a rough spot, Ben will slap his head mentally and think 'I could have had JoJo!' Also crossed my mind that Lauren could have slapped Ben up side the head and said 'I could have been the Bachelorette if you'd chosen JoJo!' Seriously, I hope they're all happy, Ben and Lauren in their romance, JoJo in finding better love on 'The Bachelorette.' She was my choice for Ben. Lauren did seem 'too perfect' and JoJo was more earthy and real. Plus people think her awesome boobs are implants? They look real to me, but what do I know about the differences. Have had the same ones for 70 or so years. When Ben finally decided which love while viewing the rings, I was thinking 'Is that a Lauren ring? Or a JoJo ring?' I thought Lauren.
  15. scarlettudor

    S21.E14: Season Finale

    It ended up as I thought it should ~ Bindi first, Nick second, and Alec third. I was really impressed with Andy Grammer's singing and dancing. Bindi was criticized early on for the 'faces' and it seemed she paid attention to those comments on the internet because she did calm them down a bit. I was feeling sorry for her for the fact the make-up on the show was breaking her forehead out terribly. She is a teenager, after all. And, my goodness, who did her hair tonight? the upsweep was beautiful but the butterfly curl added on to her forehead was pretty bad... I hope DWTS opens up a whole new career for Bindi. It's done that for others.