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  1. No, sorry I wasn't clear. I meant that I wasn't the only one who thought EJ was singing about Ovaltine. The accident sounds just awful.
  2. When I was a kid, we used to get gingerbread cake with school lunch, and I'm still not clear whether gingerbread is a cake or a hard cookie.
  3. Yes, I imagine that there are several reasons why people drink diet drinks, not the least of which is because they like them, no matter what they look like.
  4. Wow, I'm not the only one! I am sorry you went through that.
  5. How did you break your jaw? That sounds horrible. I don't remember the Instant Breakfast as tasting bad, just seemed like chocolate milk, but we had Quik for that. I drank Tab and Fresca once or twice as a kid, they tasted awful. What IS Ovaltine? Is it chocolate milk? You know the mondegreens, the lyrics that people mishear in songs? In Crocodile Rock, when the line is "dreamin about my Chevy and my old blue jeans," it always sounded like" dreamin about my Chevy and my Ovaltine!"
  6. I remember Carnation Instant Breakfast powder packets. Mixed with milk, they were supposed to replace the meal. It seemed to me that it was basically chocolate milk, as that was the only flavor I tried. As far as AYDS went, they could have changed the name, as the original name didn't mean anything. I can't imagine that the candy could have been effective to help lose weight. Anyone remember Tab and Fresca, the diet soft drinks?
  7. Completely, also that it is done solely to control women. Doubly barbaric.
  8. Well, cats aren't dogs, and I don't know how one would "keep a cat with them" unless they were tied up or in some kind of covered pen they couldn't get out of. I believe it!!!
  9. I am sure it wasn't, and thank you. I still think of him at times, all these years later, and hope he didn't suffer. He was so funny, he loved to snooze in the bathroom sink..shaped just right!
  10. I am so sorry that happened. I can't imagine how awful that was for all of you. The cat I refer to was an indoor/outdoor cat, and I had him for nearly 18 years. I lived near a busy road but he was afraid of it so I didn't have to worry about that. He got in fisticuffs a couple of times with other cats but that was all. I also had for a short time a young cat, but he disappeared, and I never knew what happened to him. My older cat did not like having a young brother but he missed him. I think an experience like yours would be the end for me of having pets. I hate bluejays, and my cat did
  11. I just really think the name of that facility is insulting. It's like, "where can we stick the crone?" Joan Lunden is getting up there, and she might be headed for such a place herself if her kids can't be bothered to care for her.
  12. It's a very hard call. I personally think it is cruel never to let cats go outside, but it is also very dangerous for them if they do.
  13. That was the only thing I really didn't like about having a cat, though he never brought any squirrels, thank God. It was why I never left any window open for him to come and go, so I could make sure he didn't have any critter. I missed the hitchhiking slug. One time he did have a glove thoughI Why he stole someone's glove, I do not know. Once he had left a dead mouse next to the porch, and later that day my folks came to visit. True story, next day, there were two more dead mice next to the first one! Gotta feed the family...
  14. Those are the ones who are standing guard outside the house, right?
  15. Stepping on a slug barefooted is even worse than my experience with one, which was touching one on my bedspread while half asleep. I had let my cat in, in the very early morning and went back to bed, THEN soon my hand fell on something slimy and cold! One had most likely stuck to my cat, he was very fluffy, and then when he got on the bed, fell off or something. I would not recommend that as a wake up call, but it was effective. But like I said, stepping on one would be worse.
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