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  1. Like not believing that Jaclyn Smith really wore clothes from KMart...
  2. Another ad that bugs me is the smug kid who "isn't as big" as his much older brothers, and why would he be, so his mother gives him Ensure. Kids who don't have any kind of physical/medical disorder need nutritious food, not that stuff. They grow in their own time. It's just another ploy to instill fear in parents that their child isn't "normal" the way they are.
  3. I'm not sure how to import pictures but does anyone remember something called Spoon Candy? It was like pudding that formed a hard shell? There are so many things from back then I still remember, like Space Food Sticks and Screaming Yellow Zonkers....I LOVED those!!
  4. I have always wondered what first class is like, besides heavenly!
  5. I haven't seen that ad but only idiots would pay airport prices for snacks, whatever age.
  6. I love the woodchucks! The way they laugh makes me laugh.
  7. As they take up residence in the bathroom....
  8. Or don't want to be asked to come to any future potlucks at all! And the shrimp tower..... Maybe if the partygoers have enough drinks, they won't care!
  9. I only looked at a few of them on the Christmas Candle link and I need eye and brain bleach! Why in the name of all that's holy did people think they had to construct horrible looking things with horrible looking food! A platter of cold cuts, cheeses and crackers wasn't exciting enough?
  10. My grandmother made a jello salad thing with lime jello, cottage cheese and mandarin oranges. I loved it and used to make it myself but sadly, it doesn't work anymore. Some ingredient must have been changed and it no longer sets up properly. I do have to agree that it tasted better than it looked.
  11. I've seen that ad several times and I never thought she was "all smug" about it. I thought that she didn't like how the other kids were treating that boy and did something about it. I don't know why this ad is getting such negativity but different strokes, I guess.
  12. I don't understand this at all. I don't know what is crass about a kid helping another kid, and certainly don't know why he would be teased for it.
  13. That would be Tracee Ellis Ross, daughter of Diana. I personally don't get that excited over a snack product, and she is definitely obnoxious with hers.
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