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  1. Riley turned 13 in 7th grade, so they had to have skipped over to 10th grade now. Between seasons 2 and 3, David Jacobs said he wanted to compress the 4 high school years so that the kids could graduate by the end of the show. BMW had grades 9/10 one year and 11/12 the next; it looks like they were in the process of doing the same here - unfortunately they didn't make it. It's also obvious that the producers thought there were a good chance of cancellation when putting together these last two shows, with the high schoolers looking ahead to the future in this episode, and then bringing back so many of the BMW actors for the last episode. POST-SHOW EDIT: Well, I was completely wrong about all this, sorry!
  2. Yes, more info is out than it was when I made that post back in October. Yes, questions answered and bloopers.
  3. The above is from The Futon Critic. Apparently the show has skipped a year to have her birthday on December 8 of the gang's sophomore year. (Until this, I had though it would be Maya's 16th, since she is about 11 months older than Riley.) This would be consistent with David Jacobs' stated desire to speed things up so that the kids get through high school before the end of the series (if in fact, it is renewed for one more year). This would match what BMW did in its 4th and 5th seasons. Read more:Listings - GIRL MEETS WORLD on DISNEY | TheFutonCritic.comhttp://thefutoncritic.com/listings/20161222disney05/#ixzz4UMfwptz0
  4. So I'm wondering about "Girl Meets Goodbye" and "World Meets Girl". Goodbye (labeled 3.20) seems to be the Season 3 ender, the one with all the guest stars, and was taped on July 26. "World Meets Girl" (3.21) was taped on August 2, and seems to be added on to the original order. This sound like the episode "between" seasons 1 and 2, the one where Debbie Ryan guest-starred, which was part of a Disney event which had guest stars (but as new characters so they weren't show crossovers). I wonder if this is for another Disney event.
  5. And of course in real life, William Daniels and Bonnie Bartlett have been married for an astounding 65 years. Bartlett herself is still occasionally acting at the age of 87 (hint, hint, producers!)
  6. Well, I just saw the amazing spoof of TGIF shows shown at the beginning of this week's Mr. Robot and now it's time for me to post on the latest episode of the closest thing to a TGIF show that still exists. So they only had an hour to put together the wedding - which explains why there were none of the teen boys, no Eric, no Jack etc. but just enough time for Shawn to give Feeny the go-ahead to drive or take the train up from Philly...but doesn't explain where the perfectly-fitting tuxes and bridal dresses came from! At 89 years old, William Daniels is still great :)
  7. The whole episode is now up. Lucas, Farkle and Zay still don't appear.
  8. About half of Girl Meets I Do is up, as a set of individual scenes. The boys (Lucas, Farkle and Zay) are not in any of those scenes but are at the curtain call.
  9. The first thing that struck me about the large-group shot is that it is not some perfect Christmas-card picture (Auggie is distracted, Josh is not paying attention, Mr. Turner's face is partially hidden behind Josh's). Seems right for this bunch LOL This episode gives the chance for characters that have not met on-screen since BMW to do so, such as Eric and Feeny (of course), Shawn and his mentor/father-figure Mr. Turner, Stuart Minkus and both Shawn and Feeny, and the Morgan(s) with everyone else! How about this for trivia: when Minkus guest-starred in the Season 5 graduation episode after being gone for 4 years, when leaving one scene they had him calling out to an unseen Mr. Turner, who had not been seen since the end Season 4 (and would not be seen until GMW). Minkus may finally catch up to him, and meet Turner on-screen for the first time! LOL
  10. So about Evan...note that he didn't actually say that Lauren was his mom. Maybe that was is they wanted to use the character somewhere else, they had more flexibility? :) Seriously, I could just imagine Evan's phone conversation with his mom: Evan: Mom, someone says that he's the falcon in that relationship game with the book. Lauren: Really? Is his name Cory Matthews? Curly-haired guy? Evan: Yeah... Lauren: *looks at tan lines where her wedding ring once was* Tell him I said "hi"! LOL!! P.S. I did like that instead of Evan trying to take Riley from Lucas, he was actually trying to help them get together.
  11. Yes, very strange. Maybe they couldn't afford the three of them with all of these guest stars LOL By the way, in the picture they had the Morgans next to Uriah, who had two other people playing the role of Josh - babies Cameron and Corbin Ur, according to IMDB :)
  12. I don't know what the cutoff date for what grade you attend in the NYC public school system is in real life, but it appears that in the GMW universe, it is January 1. That's how Riley's 15th will be on December 8, 2016 and Maya's 16th birthday will be in early January 2017 and they are in the same grade (9th) without anything else involved. (Yes, either the show is in the future or they need to push back the start date of the series - see my post above about covering two grades both this year and - if renewed - next to get to graduation.)
  13. Dream sequence during the closing credits! LOL
  14. Zay has already accidentally admitted that he loves both Riley and Maya (when Lucas was asking Farkle about it and not him). I think Zaya would be interesting.
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