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  1. Let Sharon have him, at this point. He's earned it. He'll really wish he could have mustered up the occasional lullaby after one of those Crimson Lights "therapy" sessions.
  2. I really wish Devon nothing but the worst. I guess he's got Amanda, so that's a start. Go fuck yourself, and this entire disgusting story. Today was seriously a hate watch, in case that wasn't apparent.
  3. So Devon gets rewarded for his selfishness. Wasn't enough to be acknowledged as the bio father and welcomed any time you wanted. FFS, the one time I could actually accept the contractual EB "I am very badass" smug power move from Victor, and it's nowhere to be found. As much as Chance is asking her to do this, it's still not in Dominic's best interest IMO. Chance is very much in pain and in the moment, and whatever bullshit way the show plays this out, I don't think he realizes the effect something like this would likely have down the road. And again, Devon's already shown
  4. Lol, Sharon- thinking that as long as someone doesn't tell her they're fine when they're not, then they MUST want to hear her shar-brained psych nonsense. Devon's a gaslighter extraordinaire. It's that Abby reacted emotionally, and he's only doing this for Dominic, and that was he's asking for isn't meant to change anything. All to avoid the reality that what he's doing is harmful and that it's irrelevant if he means for it to be or not. Or...maybe he's just an asshole? Abby's still the only one even getting close to addressing the real issue. It doesn't matter if Chanc
  5. That was my reaction, too. Devon and Amanda acting like it's some "gotcha" that Mariah couldn't respect boundaries, either, and expected she would similarly cheer on someone else trying to take the kid. Uh, what? Mariah was unwell and acting improperly, and Devon knew it at the time. Not exactly the winning argument they seem to think it is. The guy can't seem to keep his story straight over whether this is about him being denied access- a lie-, or whether it's about Chance being incompetent. I'm trying to not judge Chance too harshly , but it's getting tough. He's really
  6. That's true. Although from I've seen, it's usually when she's with Mariah or otherwise being somewhat featured in the scene anyway. Then again, given some of the current stories, maybe we'd all welcome the distraction anyway.
  7. What a worthless sack of shit Devon is. I hope he loses all contact, Dominic finds out about what happened years later and fully agrees with Abby and Chance's decision. Go try and rebuild the relationship from there, idiot. Fuck him for trying to play games with someone else's kid because he and his fee fees are lonely. I hope Mariah stays out of this. For her own sake and also because it's one less thing for Abby/Chance to have to worry about. Cait Fairbanks has the greatest background presence on this show. I always love watching her for the reactions and the faces she ma
  8. Devon has doubts about Chance's ability to be father? I have more than doubts about Devon's ability to be a grown ass man, but you don't see me filing lawsuits. Maybe someone should take custody of him. I thought for the first time in a while, Sally mostly handled herself well today and held her ground. Except at the end. Adam treats her like crap, and still appears to be a whiny putz....move on already. And Chloe might want to lay off the big bad lectures to Sally when she let's herself be nothing but Chelsea's lapdog. I'm so disappointed with the backstage stuff that I
  9. Some of you will certainly disagree with this, and that's totally fine. But from what I've read about the RB situation so far, this is fucking ridiculous. I mean, fired?? He at least followed the CDC guidelines, so he wasn't categorically disregarding safety. Plus, I'm sorry, but the network has to take some responsibility in these situations and be proactive in not letting people come back long enough to test negative *twice* if that doesn't meet their policy. If it's about safety and prevention, don't just make it a morality play starring only the employee. If I read differe
  10. Ayyy Rey Rey, probably should have been at that party, bud. What's the deal with Sharon and her relationship to Christian, anyway? Obviously she's not his actual mother and there was the whole "Sully" fiasco, but wasn't she like a de facto mom when she was with Nick and the show treating it as such? Just not sure what they intend for it to be right now, if anything. Apart from storyline purposes, if it's so bad for Noah, why doesn't he just leave and go somewhere, anywhere else? Dude's booking a luxury seat on the pain train if he's trying to see this Tessa thing out to the bitter
  11. Babynapper Amanda thinks Abby/Chance are scum for allowing Devon to visit their son whenever he wants, but it's hilarious that friend Phyllis brags about running someone down in a blind rage.
  12. Yeah, I couldn't believe he said that. It's an actual lie, and makes it seem like Abby and Chance are denying him access when they're being completely open with said access. So his big moment is seeing Chance doing his best to bond with HIS (Chance's) son? My God, what a pathetic, utterly selfish thing. Maybe he should get his enablers Amanda/Nate/Lily to go fight this entire battle for him since he's let them tell him what to do so far. The "I don't know how Courtney Hope acts these scenes out" conundrum rolls on. I haven't been a fan of Jason Thompson's portrayal of Bil
  13. I'm just piggybacking all the other observations/comments about today. The scenes about the baby- Dominic I mean, not Devon- I KNEW would make me angry, and that still undersold it. Amanda and that bad look on her face.... who does she think she is? Her weakling boyfriend AGREED to everything as it now stands. He's not being cut out of shit, and there was no "keepsies" because Abby asked him to fucking babysit. Abby and Chance let him come into *their* home and see the kid whenever he likes. Devon having literal custody- custody!- is guaranteed to cause confusion as to who his pare
  14. After today especially, I don't get the whole Sally/Adam thing. I mean, they do have chemistry for sure. But the way this is written is such a dud. It's not coming off as a slow burn, just her looking like a desperate fool as usual and Adam acting like he's too good for her.
  15. Is there a more worthless character than Chelsea? She's not a nice person, or even arguably interesting (ala the Victors of the world). She's not funny. She's just nuts. Worse than Phyllis, IMO. Because MS's Phyllis is such an absolute whackjob I can at least just laugh at her. Chelsea is UGH. Yeah, dumb on you Abby for accepting your friend's weird "offer" to be the splooge donor, and she's still approaching this whole thing from a selfish perspective. But all that said, I totally get why she and Chance would be freaked out at this whole situation. Devon is so compl
  16. I could've hypothetically gotten into this story and sympathized with all the characters, but this is more than enough....Noah's a damn creep.
  17. Does Billy get that not taking the conventional way of rebuilding his 98% fuck up reputation, and instead staking everything on the double or nothing risk is in fact him gambling again? Never mind, of course he doesn't. Some friend Devon is. The way those earlier scenes played out, it seems like we're clearly meant to think Devon is indeed using that conversation with Chance against him, no matter what the characters are saying now. Beyond being just stupid, I hate how poorly it's being shown specifically. So far they've really just shown Chance being happy to spend time with Do
  18. I would think Amanda and Nate must hate Devon and are setting him up to be humiliated or emotionally destroyed. Shut the hell up. What they're telling him is the exact wrong thing for both the kid and Devon himself. Noah, too. Sally SHOULD have hurt Summer, because Summer is trash. And you might not want to talk about people getting what's coming to them with your scumbag Grampire being probably the most horrifically amoral person in town, or the world. And dude, no one- not ever- has succeeded in kindling or rekindling things with a woman while acting like this. He's clearl
  19. In the spirit of the day, I figure I'll just share a couple (mostly positive) observations from Friday's ridiculous episode. Besides, you lovely people already roasted the eye roll worthy crap way better than I could. I think NuFaith is an excellent addition to the show. I'm not sure if it's technically good acting, but she's just a charming presence and plays off so well with everyone except (unfortunately) her so called romantic interest. CG played Cassie is always fun for me, despite it usually being these silly dream sequences. She's so good that she immediately makes you unde
  20. A day late on this, but I was disappointed- although not surprised- in Jack bringing Phyllis over to the Chancellor house. Abby and Chance don't need that poison in their lives, and that's actually how she behaved. But hey, Jack's trying to passively get laid here, so anything goes. Unintentional highlight of the day- creepy lonely Nick leering in a booth over at Victoria and Locke Ness, then playing pocket pool wandering over to them. He might wish he never said anything at all after that death stare of Ashland's. Lowlight- pretty everything else, starring the Rudolph cosplay
  21. It irks me a little that Victor of course is the one who has to see something's up and will probably be the only one to get out of the whole thing without any trouble (I'm sure a "badass" Victor moment was about due in EB's contract).....but you know, whatever. If it leads to the sweaty concave mess of a star in this storyline getting his ass kicked, I'll deal. And we're supposed to believe the weak willed addict is going to be able to play act falling into his vices while being perfectly fine? Right. Adam was pulling off some weird DudeBro faces today- serious Harold and Kumar, J
  22. Yeah, I usually haven't been a fan of CM's characters, but I find it impossible not to like the guy whenever he's doing one of these gigs.
  23. I remember "joking" that the Corinthii were somehow going to adopt the Sasha/Brando baby....and then the baby's actual death winds up overwhelmed with Sonny, Carly, and Sonny's (dead) father. WTF is wrong with this show.
  24. I thought Fridays were supposed to be the exciting episodes? What a condensed collection of the most boring characters and plotlines (sorry, Rey. At least it wasn't your fault). Did Lily audibly say "shit" in the previews for next week? Seemed like it. That was about all I got out of today, seriously.
  25. So Sally was throwing a fit about Adam endangering her job or whatever, but then she'll spy for him three weeks later? And she hasn't been around him nearly long enough to bring up Chloe's kid and tell her that Adam's "changed". Pretty sure the more Mariah and Tessa seem to patch things up, the worse it's going to eventually be. I really wish Mariah wouldn't bring up the parenting thing at all to Tessa. By now Tessa knows exactly what Mariah's feelings are on the issue, and she should be the one to initiate that conversation if and only if she's ready.
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