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  1. If the show's main purpose wasn't as fanfiction for two or three actors, there'd be so much story for Jason coming to the realization that his life is a waste.
  2. I liked the episode just because it's Jack, there are far worse characters that could be and have been focused on, and PB nailed it like almost always. At least DreamSally got to stand up for herself, but Jack still didn't get it. We got to see two characters (Phyllis by proxy and Victor) play the whole self righteous "I'm ruthless and own it" crap, except they're fucking liars because they do the same things Jack's getting accused of. It's something he should have bonded over with Sally. But if he really does want Phyllis, then I grudgingly admit it makes sense that Sally was just
  3. A bit late to the party, but I'm really liking Britt and am glad she's back. Which was surprising to me, because during her original run she was just sort of mediocre. But now, I think KT's really improved and has a lot more charm to her. Glad she's at least friendly with Liz now, too.
  4. For once, could the smarmy busybodies dig dirt on the apparent shady villain's past- because you know, INTUITION- and in the end come up with absolutely nothing, embarrassing themselves and damaging their relationships? Why can't that be a story, instead of these assholes having such good instincts which they clearly don't have.
  5. MB clearly thinks Sonny comes off as this hot tempered bad boy, that all the men fear and all the women shouldn't want, but they do. And he's clearly willing or possibly even eager to play the character as an abuser in order to do that. What a disgusting freakshow, that still gets away with this shit in this day and age (and I'll be honest, I'm not even the most woke person). No one wants you, dude, except your 5 burner accounts on twitter.
  6. I don't disagree, but one detail regarding the donor...Devon was the one who bizarrely volunteered himself as the Splooge donor.
  7. I'm also not sure how the show will manage the Jarly relationship with moobster returning. But I can almost guarantee they will somehow, someway, get all of Sonny/Jason/Carly/Michael to look brave and strong and loyal to one another when it's over.
  8. Jack often has really good insights on other people that he can't ever use on himself- except for the Sharon as a trained professional comment. Yeah...she's certainly trained in something. But otherwise, he seemed to get more than any of the others what was about to go down with Mariah. I'm not sure what Abby or anyone else could do in that situation. You offer any way to help, and then let the other person talk. There's no way out at that stage of things- the only thing that's going to "help" is the type of relationship Mariah is explaining that she wants, and that's not happening.
  9. Well, I think the baby crew do actually care. They know something's very wrong. IMO it's more that Abby is completely outmatched for this type of situation and is unable to deal with it appropriately. Devon and Tessa unfortunately aren't much better equipped, either. And honestly, some of this is gonna wind up being on Mariah if she starts demanding further access to the kid. Obviously she's blameless for what happened, but if she's having trouble detaching, she needs to talk to Abby like she said she would, or be open to getting some outside help.
  10. That was my thought, and if it were anyone but Nick, I'd imagine that was what the actual intent was. But...it's Nick. Jack played if off well, though. Jack's better looking now than he used to be, imo. I don't know how surrogacy situations work post-birth in the real world. But as was alluded to, is it really a good idea to have the donor and surrogate so involved after the fact? Otherwise Abby doesn't need to clear it with either of them regarding the nanny. Mariah needs immediate, legit help-that doesn't involve raising the kid- and being the godparent/cheerleading isn't
  11. Were Phyllis and Nick ever even hinted to be about anything more than video and sex games? Seriously, that's all they do (badly, at that). If show wants us to think that's some great love, or that it makes MS look younger...whatever. When even Nick of all people is coming to his version of a realization that there's nothing between these two, probably not a good sign. Again, the surrogacy storyline could have just shown the difficulties people have in this kind of situation without making anyone much of a villain or in the wrong. The door was totally open for it after the baby was
  12. I thought it was a dream sequence at first- I had to rewind to confirm it wasn't, that's how whacked out she was.
  13. Wow, CG, I share a lot of your thoughts about today, but in no way could summarize it so well. Awesome! Just when I'm really getting fed up with Jack, PB makes it almost painfully sad watching him. Jack is such a tragic character, I think in the original sense of the word. He's been wronged by people close to him, and by fate, but he consistently makes things worse through his poor choices. But Peter Bergman is what makes that come alive. Oh yeah, one more reminder of what selfish pigs Vyle and Dummer are. Break your father's heart and remove your so called son from yet another
  14. Smike should also be taking a dirt nap, but unfortunately neither are ever going to happen. "Right...heeya". I'm sure that was finely crafted to represent deep psychological angst. Method acting at its finest, ya'll.
  15. This was basically my take. I feel like Abby is the harpy in this story and isn't the brightest of bulbs. But, she has every right to be concerned about the kid and don't think she's unreasonable about being uncomfortable post Stitchuation. Did Mariah not have the hash it out talk with Abby that she and Sharon discussed? That was a rare bit of coherent advice from E-Doctor Sharon, and would be heading a lot of this off IMO. So of course that can't happen.
  16. I keep sort of hoping for that to happen too, and the only reason I don't completely is for Jill's sake. So sick of hearing about this guy's never ending strip club tou....whoops, I mean great patriotic "undercover mission". Forgot who said it today about Chase not having a choice but yes, he literally chose doing this over Abby and his family. Way to make Abby look like The Evil Queen at the end there.
  17. If the surrogate story were done maturely and showed everyone's perspective and feelings, I could be fine with it. So of course, I hate it. Considering what Mariah's been through having agreed to do this for Abby, Abby REALLY owes it to to her to make sure the "bringing home" period focuses on her mental health and well being. Throwing a happy go lucky party with the brood mare having to regale the guests about her kidnapping probably isn't the best idea. That being said, and I hate saying this...Mariah still isn't the kids mother. Abby is.
  18. I've always thought of this comparison, too, but idk....for me, Summer is way worse than even Miss Thang. JMW can at least manage a hint of kindness in Steffy, and make me believe at times that she can be a decent person. Summer is all of Steffy's absolute worst and somehow even more spoiled and undeservedly praised. I think Summer is my most despised character on this show (Grampire comes and goes, and at least he does have some charisma). She's awful, yet no one can recognize that and instead have to spoil her and kiss her ass. Plus she should have been Jack's, but the Newmans h
  19. Yeeesh, I am just cringing over the near miss alternate timeline where that came true. Otherwise I've got nothing bad or attempted snark to say about today's episode. I thought all the actors were excellent. I don't know how, bc I'm not normally like this, but Mariah gets me teared up whenever she's in trouble or hurting....Camryn Grimes is an absolute champ. I'm glad The Stichuation is over, but I do hate that the character was brought back just to be a lunatic. Then again, we have Phyllis allowed to fly free, so can we really not forgive this?
  20. For real, a book about young Dina's "adventures" in Paris?? Trying to block the images that conjures up. And IDK, I know Jack supposedly made peace with it, but isn't this basically the era after she ran out on him? After seeing Grampire do his constipated research on Locke, and greasy Billy running around town with his grotesque facsimile of a clever roguish bad boy, I went from enjoying the Locke/Victoria story to absolutely dreading it.
  21. Tell me if I'm missing something really obvious, but I'm wondering if Stitch is indeed the kidnapper, and he's setting himself up to rescue Mariah so he can heroically give her and the kid back to Abby. If some unholy alliance of Banana Breath, Buttbiscuit, and Grandpire wind up "saving" Victoria from Locke...no. Did anyone else see that creepy dummy behind Sharon in Crimson Lights? No, not Adam, the other one. Probably the only one who can listen to her psychobabble crap.
  22. This crap with Spencer reminds me of what a lost opportunity that character is. When he was still really young, Nik specifically said he *didn't* want to raise Spencer to grow up like a Eurotrash Cassadine. Plus it was in the wake of him trying to rebuild things with Lucky. It would have made sense for him to have Spencer in a more positive relationship with the Liz/Lucky's kids from the start. Spencer should have been a Nik who got to grow up with his family from the start, but still unsure how to find his way forward given the Cassadines. But I forgot, Frank's a genius and having
  23. The Sally hate (on show, to clarify) is beyond out of control. Maybe they should have had her do something actually bad if they wanted her to be a legit town pariah. So far she's insulted Phyllis and tried to get Summer out of town, which should probably warrant a medal. Not to mention that her great opponent back in LA was a human trafficker, who-surprise!- got away with the whole thing. But this crap about "avoiding such a big mistake" with Sally, and whatever Lauren was shrieking about? I think Sally is the one who avoided the mistake at this point, Jackie boy. And isn't Lauren's
  24. Unfortunately the Sally/Nikki confrontation played exactly as I figured it would. Sally is never allowed to show any strength versus...well, anyone, really. Again, whatever Nikki. Don't ever judge anyone about nefarious plots with the malevolent cave troll of a husband you still have hanging around.
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