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  1. The Tara/Sally/Phyllis's Dotter storyline would be much better if they were NOT plotting against Summer, and the end result would be Phyllis revealed to be a hateful, meddling loon. Which regardless, she in fact is. Good for Tessa. CF has come so far as an actress on this show since she started. I always like seeing characters bond who aren't family or even necessarily friends, so I enjoyed her talking with Nina. I really like Abby, I do. But she's dumb as shit.
  2. So, all that Carter- a successful and accomplished lawyer- would have to do to fix the situation is to go find another equivalent job. Perhaps one that's a less awkward environment where you didn't fuck the boss's wife, multiple times. But...he doesn't want to do that and would rather just two time everyone? If and when the Forresters found out, they wouldn't be happy with him, but if all he wants is Quinn then he gets it and there's nothing they can really do if he doesn't work for them anymore. This doesn't make any sense, and this show's gotta have the record for torturous, for
  3. Yeah, I wasn't impressed with the Monica/Jason scene at all. It was him hiding behind some tepid "we all made mistakes" bullshit, plus actual revisionist history about what Carly did. Honestly, scenes like that reinforce to me what a coward Jason is, in some sense. Someone else pointed this out, but Jason's made enough comments to show deep down he knows that Sonny and Carly (and himself) are morally in the wrong. But to actualize that means he's wasted his life, and he won't face it.
  4. I'm curious if Eric would come off better had this played out a little differently. If, instead of doing this crap with the terms of employment, let's say Eric was done with Carter as well as Quinn after the ceremony. He accepts his resignation, then tells him to fuck off and that he's no longer a friend/family member/whatever. Would any of you think this was a more appropriate reaction, rather than what happened? Personally, I do.
  5. Ugh, Moses. Kid, simpin ain't easy, and doesn't pay. But might as well learn it now. Imani seems strong willed, and I like it...but Elena is not stable and wouldn't put anything past her on this one. I don't think any of them have verbalized it, and I get why. But what none of the Baby Gang seemed to mention is that if this really isn't Mariah, they owe it to her to get the texts traced. Granted Stitch may not be the best option, but they understandably don't sense that yet.
  6. Man, I regret saying that this show was better than Y&R a little while back. All of the stories going on right now, you can see exactly where they're heading a mile down the road, and (to my liking, anyway) none of it is good.
  7. Are they intentionally torpedo'ing Brooke here? She's been so blatantly, over the top obnoxious that I can't think of a better explanation. Nothing she does gets to show any nuance or perspective BC she has to be shown as a complete hag, and I hate it. I've only been watching for a few years or so, so I guess it's possible this is some reversion to old behavior? But Brooke from 2016 or so until now, whatever her other flaws, wasn't like this. KKL's delivery of the Carter "sticking it" to Quinn line, though....🤣
  8. Crazy how this show even has to play act being woke by sanitizing the mob and the Corinthii. Maybe it would have been more woke to not devolve a guy who came on as a vet and science teacher into being a violent criminal, and act like that was somehow honorable or a natural career progression.
  9. Dude said he never turns his back on his family, or "leaves them to their own devices". So literally true. He actively hurts them and refuses to leave them alone.
  10. I'm not a fan of Eric telling Carter who he can or cannot see, and it's skeevy of him to make it a condition of his employment. If he's upset about what Carter did- and he has EVERY right to be done with Carter- just let him go and move on. But. Carter was given those terms while fully ready to walk away, however dumb or inappropriate they were and he agreed to them. For him to go back and work on Eric's behalf when he fucked his wife, and *continues* to do so...Carter's an ass and IMO this story's made him worse than he was before it started. I'm conflicted about Steffy/Finn.
  11. If anything, Ridge should be the expendable co-Ceo. Isn't the only reason he's in that role because he threw a pathetic hissy fit about it not being "Steffy's time" yet? I'm sorry, but Quinn and Carter are boring. We get it, you guys shag and it's a forbidden, super forbidden, romance. I know a lot of people see a different side of Quinn in this pairing, but to me she put on the wide eyed nice girl look with Eric, too. She always turns when things don't go her way, and I haven't seen anything yet to suggest that would be different with Carter.
  12. Phyl going to Jack with her sadz about being lonely and trying to involve herself in his life is really something else. She chose the glue sniffing man baby, she can concern himself with him. She knows Jack will always hold out for her and abuses that- honestly given what all of them have done to him, it skeeves me out whenever Jack has to deal with any one of Phyllis/Nick/Summer at all. There was a time I really liked Sharon and it wasn't all that long ago. But this whole quaalude/Rhineland milk maiden combo ain't it. I'm actually ok with the Mariah babynapping story, even thou
  13. Possible unpopular opinion here, but I'm about done with Carter and Quinn at this point. She's always sucked, and even though I did eventually want Eric to forgive him, I'm kind of miffed by how everyone just shrugged off Carter having much responsibility here. He was also a fairly pathetic character during the whole lead up to the reveal, so just miss me with their forbidden love story. When they did the montage of the LA beach scenery, since it took place right after Bill referencing him, I legit thought it was going to show Justin skateboarding or playing volleyball. Happy the
  14. The Bill/Justin breakup was the most intense relationship ending scene I think I've witnessed on this show. I knew shit was gonna get real when $Bill started crying the moment Justin admitted it. I wish it wasn't wasted on such a cheap quickie stunt of a storyline, though. There was a lot of material there about Justin being resentful and that building up over time, but we didn't get to see any of that. If this is the way it had to go down, I think things should have basically stayed the way they were. It was always interesting to me that Justin was so fanatically loyal to Bil
  15. Yeah Eric knows. He did the whole hurt betrayed guy angle, went to the Motel of Sorrow, called Ridge "Ridge Morone", etc, but eventually forgave him. It seems like they're pretending it didn't happen, bc afaik they haven't brought it up at all since then and it's pretty relevant to the current situation. IMO, it was worse than what Carter did, because it carried on a lot longer and they were talking about how they were in love with each other. Eric, really? Take the portrait and "do whatever you want with it". Oh no. When Liam and Thomas shook hands and then Thomas left, Hop
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