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  1. Shiiit, Billy is vile. Man baby doesn't even begin to describe it. And dude if you're going to be such a screw up, at least be funny or original. All he does are passive aggressive apologies for his selfishness, and then lash out on people who still manage to care about him (Jill, Jack, etc) when they actually treat him like an adult. Lily should have known it was WAY too much to ask that he wouldn't throw a temper tantrum about working for her, when they both know that's how it should be. All that said. Whatever, Victor. As others have more eloquently stated, the whole silver sp
  2. True. But he signed off on the whole thing, knowing that *someone* not him would be the donor, and then took off in the middle of the night with a B Back Soon K Bye letter.
  3. Was I supposed to feel emotional about the joyous reunion? I guess I was, if disappointment that this clown is alive counts. Nu NoChance finds out about "his son", now has the opportunity to go home and meet his family in turmoil, but will risk his life again solely for revenge and his own ego. What a guy.
  4. This is how break ups work at "that age", according to Nick. Isn't Noah like 32, though? I guess maybe Nick's just projecting from himself, the most immature person of the family. Surprised he didn't take Noah for some beer pong and wings. I agree that Faith really shines with other family members, and not at all with Moses. Tessa is adorable, and this show better not make Jack and Ashley fight EVER again.
  5. Count me in with being pleasantly surprised about Jack going along on the trip. The guy needs something to do, and showing some initiative in something- anything- away from Phyl is a good sign. CK is another one of those that I don't think gets quite enough credit as an actress. She does probably phone it in sometimes. But she really sold that visceral, boiling over anger and frustration today. Cannot stand how Buttbiscuit talks to Jack. Whenever he doesn't get his ass kissed, he lashes out. I'd feel sorry for almost anyone else in this situation, because I think most of us kn
  6. Was Devon flirting with Nikki during their scene yesterday? I'm not sure what they were going for, but what the hell, at this point. It also looked like ButtBiscuit was manspreading to Victor during their "dramatic" confrontation yesterday. Pretty much just observing wholly inappropriate things in an attempt to make this show entertaining.
  7. If Abby's selfish high heeled paseo over to Spain winds up being vindicated, with her True Lurve instincts finding her equally selfish husband, I'll nope the F out. Actually preferred to watch Phyllis today over this ridiculous story. I can't think of another standard or lack thereof to emphasize how bad that is.
  8. I thought the same thing. Wanted her to just shut up today. Such an odd thing to get all demanding about, when Adam's easily helped her out more than anyone else in GC. Getting involved in this aggravates an already unfriendly Victor, and jeopardizes one of like 1 and 1/2 people in town who don't hate her.
  9. What a dumb scene at the park, where Abby didn't pay attention to the baby. And Dominic was crying, too. Ok so Devon pretty much gave away the game today- he's got baby rabies too. Maybe not yet to the level of Mariah encouraging Abby to go get killed in Spain, but nonetheless. These two realize that being part of the "team" was just a fun slogan, right? You don't actually get to take the kid away from his mother- who is annoying the hell out of me, but still- because she's processing grief? Is this whole thing about negative vibes affecting an infant an actual thing? It's Abby
  10. Somehow this Search for Agent D-Bag storyline is more enraging than the surrogacy. It's making me extremely dislike both Abby and Mariah, two characters that were favorites of mine. Two lunatics vying with each other over how selfish and mind warped they can be. At least Devon had legit arguments and pushback today instead of his usual bromides. But dude, Abby's son should have literally been the first and only card you played to get her to come to her senses. Has Nikki been (hopefully) drinking? For all the hounding she does of Adam, she's married to a literal Grandpire who t
  11. I have to admit, very painfully, that today was the type of acting MS is good at. Expressive, emotional, but not utterly hysterical and into herself. Which means we'll probably never see it again, and she'll be flapping her arms half clothed tomorrow, but credit where it's due for now. I really hate the role Jack has to play in this. He comes off as such a weak, needy man, and I don't get how anything good happens out of this for him.
  12. To some of your points, the way everyone is pushing Abby to move on just telegraphs that Chance is alive. Hooray, I guess. Not exactly subtle, but I'm not sure the writing is even trying on this one. MO is underrated as an actress, IMO, but I don't think anyone could save this from being absolute crap right now.
  13. It's really jarring how obviously MS has to try to put her "character" (herself) over as some fierce, hot bombshell. Whatever their other flaws, I don't think any other actress on the show comes close to doing this, and it's gross. We're lucky we didn't get oxymoronic thought bubbles above Nick's befuddled expression today, filled with Xbox, Doritos, and monster movies as he's being questioned. But then maybe that would get it through both of these middle aged idiots heads' that they have nothing in common and probably don't even like each other. It's weird but whenever Abby and
  14. Yeah, Abby, Chance did in fact knowingly abandon you. Sorry. I don't know where this is going besides nowhere, since it probably involves meta issues regarding casting. But if Hero Boy got himself blown up, it's a consequence of how selfish and terrible a choice he made. Ah, that's the Sharon I know. Doing her weird ass high as a kite/innocent Rhine maiden routine everytime she gets confronted about Adam. If Shadam really is endgame because of SC's antics or demands, then just do it already instead of this complete waste. All that said, I did think SC looked really good toda
  15. The only thing I got out of Nick/Phyllis today...I'm never quite seen a situation where two characters bring up some legit points against the other, but I hate them both and the points make me hate them both even more. Nick responding to Phyllis questioning where he just was- "Nowhere interesting". Truer words never spoken from this manchild.
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