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  1. Imo, she thinks she's camouflaging her abdomen. It is as if she warped into her mother.
  2. Yes. The beautiful brilliant girl with social anxiety?
  3. As long as we don't have to actually watch (or hear) Meri getting her groove back, I'm all for the first one. I would love it if Kody did escape at J's, and they showed some ring footage of Robyn beating on Janelle's RV door. With Ariella at 2 in the morning, because Ari won't go to sleep.. I want Christine to move anywhere close to her family, so Truely is surrounded by more love. (Thinking Gma Annie). They could all pull off a variety podcast, and expand their fan base. I still want to see Tony and Avalon in Mykelti's FB lives. Mariah's wedding. Eh. Not so much.
  4. MADDIE, please don't paint the shelf white, too. Tmw. Too much white. Ty. It surprises me that a couple that had a treehouse/lumberjack/camo wedding would do this.
  5. I have wondered if the announcements they do are just because 1)as the kids leave home, it's difficult for everyone to be under one roof. Or it's just their way. I come from a much smaller family. We had our own structure based on my grandparents preferences. I looked up the girls' birthdays. The first 4 girls were born within 15 months of each other. 1st 3 born to different moms. Aspyn is a peacemaker, like Christine. Mariah tries to be Straw Boss like Meri. Mykelti does handstands occasionally. A little like both her parents. Still. Hmm. Maddie tries to hide her feeling
  6. Ty! This is interesting. I'm getting close to the wedding episodes. I'm going to watch for Maddie's expressions when Aurora is around. Hmm.
  7. I read Reddit. A comment yesterday about Maddie's wedding, Mykelti's wedding, Maddie's Baby on Board announcement at Mykelti's shower, all caused me to think about sibling rivalry. I noticed Maddie's face when Mariah announced her scholarship. Her face hardened. I've always focused on the moms, I like most of the kids, and think I understand them. But now! I'll have to do a forensic rewatch for the nuances between these older daughters. Aspyn wins my Diplomat award. If her cheeks didn't turn red, she would be a formidable poker player.
  8. If she makes money from the ugly clothes, and TLC she might be ok. Is it possible after all these years for a business not making money to be a tax write off?
  9. Dear Meri, The eyelashes are past scary. Too early for Halloween gf. Stop, please stop with zany eyebrows clumpy lashes, selfie filters before you become a burlesque caricature. Age gracefully.
  10. To me? Kody looks frighteningly angry. His eyes have turned from warm brown to hard black. I do not think he's as into Robyn as he was at first. The hold she has on him is the children. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if I learned she continually holds child support over his head. Displease Robyn = financial ruin. There are no tender smiles for each other. Not no mo!
  11. I read somewhere that she lived with her mom and stepdad. She worked a few months at a nursing home owned by a family member. Its been so long ago I read that, I can't remember where.. if true, what a comedown for someone with her math skills. Calculus in college, and the minusing abilities on spreadsheets.
  12. It's not a good pedicure. She probably makes Savannah paint them. Her toenails look thick, a sign of age and neglectful foot care.
  13. I've struggled with my weight since high school. I'm 5'2" hate vegetables, worked night shifts.. So I've struggled. I rarely comment on someone's size. I'm guessing Janelle weighs more now than she did at the 1st weigh in at the gym. I mean wow. She's likely going to need knee replacement surgery if she doesn't lose a hundred plus pounds. Or heart surgery.
  14. So apt...Sparkle Pony and fairy dust. I love this. Thanks for the smile.
  15. Wouldn't it be a zany kookoo kind of justice if candid photos of Kendra were sold to tabloids. You know...full of innuendo and sayings like " a person who is near Kendra...". Ok. Fun fantasy over.
  16. What?? We don't make you laugh every day? My typos alone should do it.
  17. That pic of Mariah is just sick. TMI, Mariah. Audrey's almost as portly, but she has the finesse to cover up. The kiss kiss eye squinch smiles are just fake. So Faux. Sorry. It was 105 today. I lost my tact and reserve by 2pm. Night y'all!
  18. Ty! I lol'd for the 1st time today!!
  19. Re: PDA. That had to have come later, because in their book Janelle described evenings watching Meri and Kody snuggling on the couch while Janelle sat in a chair across from them.
  20. I tried again. Jeezopete. What is wrong with Meri? She seems manic. I get Jenn. She's trying to keep her job. Yikes, Meri can barely form a cohesive sentence without eye f**king her selfie. Eww.
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