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  1. What?? We don't make you laugh every day? My typos alone should do it.
  2. That pic of Mariah is just sick. TMI, Mariah. Audrey's almost as portly, but she has the finesse to cover up. The kiss kiss eye squinch smiles are just fake. So Faux. Sorry. It was 105 today. I lost my tact and reserve by 2pm. Night y'all!
  3. Ty! I lol'd for the 1st time today!!
  4. Re: PDA. That had to have come later, because in their book Janelle described evenings watching Meri and Kody snuggling on the couch while Janelle sat in a chair across from them.
  5. I tried again. Jeezopete. What is wrong with Meri? She seems manic. I get Jenn. She's trying to keep her job. Yikes, Meri can barely form a cohesive sentence without eye f**king her selfie. Eww.
  6. I found a free aging app. Kinda creepy.
  7. I watch lots of their convos like that..for 1 wife at a time.
  8. Yes, but someone planted a seed.. he's not that bright, and he has picked up a lot of her codewords. Imo. e.g. he says "sittinher". He's picked that up in the last couple of seasons.
  9. I think she is depressed. Numbed out apathy with occasional bouts of anger.
  10. She's no Lisa Douglas (Green Acres), that's for sure!
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