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  1. Logan and Savanah are actually the most diplomatic of J's crew. The other 4? Maddie, Hunter, Garrison, Gabe? Not so much.
  2. That right there is just so cringeworthy. You spose she schooled her other daughters like that? Alice eeuuww.
  3. From the start, Robyn had her slightly younger age work in her favor. The edge she had was her uterus, and that's what she uses to keep Grody in line. I don't doubt J and C got points for their spirit babies, but it appalls me that this is how these women measure their self worth. And that it's used by the women to barter, cajole, and manipulate. To hurt each other. From watching the show, I see Robyn doing that more than the others. She uses the youngest children like she's holding them for ransom. Excrable. I wonder if the kids miss Mindy the Au Pair.
  4. Classic Dorothy for both J and C. Dorothy stood up to bullies, didn't she?
  5. I remember! Robyn would be the classic WW of W.
  6. I think it's so odd that in the last 2 or 3 seasons Robyn's brood are shielded from social media. There was a short clip in S 14 or 15 about Brianna trying out for dance squad. Kodwad objected, Robyn explained it was modest, that she had found that out right away. Well, there was never any follow up, and it seems the clip has been edited out.
  7. Im only speculating based on my very scant knowledge of family dynamics. ...Until Savannah came along, Maddie was The Girl of J's family. She might have some resentment. It happens.
  8. Savannah's hands are dirty. What is wrong with Janelle? My mom would not have taken the picture if any of us showed up with hands like that.
  9. Imo, she thinks she's camouflaging her abdomen. It is as if she warped into her mother.
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