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  1. I thought the same thing. I forced myself to watch this show and almost gave up a few times, but that scene got to me in a good way. It felt truthful and genuine, and I loved how sweet and comforting Pedro was to Chantel. If we're to believe this show, Pedro and Chantel both have toxic families. I think there's a lot of truth mixed with a lot of acting, but I DO believe the Coraima/Chantel stuff was mostly real. I would never try to get my brother to hook-up with a friend just because he was having marital issues. I am far from perfect and far from a prude, but I love my family, and that
  2. Not to mention his eventual chewed-off arm when he finally has enough of her antics and tries to get away!
  3. Big Ange is disgusting and scary. She needs to keep her hands to herself. It's not OK for her to push Mycull. 🤬 It's also not ok for her foist her unwashed long-flight-crotch upon Mycuhl, yet I'd bet 1-pair of Made-in-China Trump shorts she didn't shower. I cannot stand her. She's dramatic and has real issues with anger that I could see easily leading to violence. She's nasty, nasty. Confession: I don't mind Dumpling Tom. Yeah, he catfished a bit, but to me he's just a regular guy. He could use a little tweaking, but I'd take him over Darcy or even Jesse. Right now I'm just trying to
  4. Lamar was funny in Utah (Children of the Corn 😂 ), but for the life of me, I cannot fathom what Andrea sees in him. I get that it might be the bad boy thing, but even good women with bad men usually have shared interests. What common interests do they share? I'm sure he makes her laugh (and that's great), but humor alone can't sustain a marriage, especially when it's two people who seem to be from different planets! He still wants to dabble in that life and she's 100% not about any of it. I just don't see how it's going to work out. Her kids are so wonderful. I hope they don't get their
  5. Initially, I thought Dale was going to be one of the angry, combative, butthole hoarders, but he was a pretty quiet, low-key, gentle guy and his family seemed to love him. I liked him and even found myself tearing up when he did. He may be making slow progress, but getting into counseling and refraining from dragging home more stuff are both important steps. I hope he succeeds! I think having a community will be a good thing for him, as long as they don't overwhelm him. I'd love to see a follow-up.
  6. I saw that, too, and I have no doubt it's true. I can see them doing that! On second thought, it lends a bit more toward April being desperate (since she left her journals). Hopefully, she can heal herself and the kids. Although I'm over all these families, I'm rooting for April. I still believe Auralee about those particular clothes, not that it matters to me. I just think they are all full of it.
  7. I believe Auralee, but ... I am glad April left. I think ALL of them have "issues". April's decision to leave, IMO, doesn't absolve her of her own complicity in that shitshow. Hopefully her children have a chance to live a more normal life. I do applaud April for getting out, but (barring any abuse) I hope the kids aren't alienated from their father. (I think polygamy in itself is abusive, but I guess that's subjective.) Even if her decision to get out was just an f-you to Drew and the other wives (which I tend to believe), it's all good. Maybe she is the sane one, b
  8. More about the clothes they "took":
  9. Regarding Luke and Kate: Not to beat a dead horse about her smoking, but I'm pretty sure that during the on-camera interview he mentioned smoking when asked what could be a deal breaker. I definitely remember one of the guys saying it. I'm pretty sure it was Luke, but I could be misremembering. Either way, there's no reason to use a phrase like "dead inside" and "repulsed". That's what makes him a jerk, IMO. He doesn't have to be into her -- that's totally fine. I can think of many nicer, less assholish ways to tell someone "I'm not feeling it with you".
  10. Marcelino is the kind of guy who initially makes an impression as a chill dude, but... If one pays close attention, his "buttons" bulge against the need for control and his barely-contained rage. He seems to be the kind of guy who would cut your throat when you break up with him. I could see in Brittany eyes that she most likely sees his true colors, but she had no resources to escape him during that dinner. I truly hope she gets away ASAP. Alarm bells are blaring and screaming-- I truly feel she could be in real danger.
  11. (I may have misunderstood about the meetings, so the methadone idea may be totally off base, but--) Yes, methadone clinics typically dose early (say 5am to 9am). On weekends and holidays they may only stay open for an hour or so (but they try to give as many clients as possible a take home dose). (I'm familiar with how the 2 in my area work, but I can't speak for all the them.) Sometimes this show makes me sad. There's just so much dysfunction and helplessness. When Kyler the Lump is goals, well that's a bit frightening, lol. I can't help but root for these people, though. The bab
  12. I wonder if Sean is going to the methadone clinic. Many of them have in-house counseling -- some of it's really good and some of it isn't. It depends on location as far as what's offered, the costs, if insurance covers it, etc. $17 a day sounds about right for methadone. Most of the time methadone is a daily, in-house treatment, taken in front of a nurse. Once the patient proves they're responsible (clean drug screens are the main thing, but maybe working the program, etc), they can take home weekend doses, then work up to taking home maybe three days, then 1 week, then 2 weeks worth, even up
  13. Gross. Gross. Gross. :/ Pettiness: I see he has the "I'm an asshole" calling card -- the always misspelled "your" instead of "you're" (also see: they're/their).
  14. Thank you so much for the update. I'm rooting for Katie and hoping for the best. ? If you feel comfy doing so again, please let us know how she's doing. Updates are always appreciated.
  15. I agree about Russ and Pao. I feel for Russ. He chose someone who is his equal, he's low drama, responsible, seems genuine, isn't mean/spiteful, and truly seems like a good guy. Pao also once seemed genuine and was enjoyable to watch, but not now. She's always seemed somewhat self-absorbed, but she's changed so much, and not in a good way. They were one of the couples I thought would be fine, but I have a feeling things are much worse than what we're seeing here. I hope that some of the drama is for TV. I don't like to see good people get hurt, and Russ seems like a good guy who deserve
  16. Thank you both! I'm going to go find that article now.
  17. Fabio: I appreciate his aesthetic and think he makes beautiful pieces. Some of it may not be to my taste, but I like looking at it, appreciate it on others, and would wear some pieces. I sure do love Fabio himself, though ... MMMPPHH. I don't think I could tire of him. Besides being (and sounding) beautiful, he seems so genuinely kind. That makes him even more beautiful to me. (More Fabio, please!) I ended up really liking this season. I loved the finalists, loved their interactions, and appreciated the almost non-existent drama. I'll take more just like this. (I do wish Ken had a sp
  18. Everything you all said re: Ryan, I agree. I couldn't like posts fast enough! If Jackie decides to stay, I would caution her to pay close attention to his drinking. While I've seen "angry drinkers" to a level Ryan hasn't even come close to matching, he does seem to get combative when he drinks. But ... I'd be done if I were Jackie. Ryan has way too many red flags. He may be ready some day, but I think he has a selfish nature, so who knows. Ryan's "me and Jackie" was bad enough, but he topped it with "ek-specially".
  19. Just popping in to say: I'm caught up on Season 2 and ready for more! The acting in this is really good, the sets are gorgeous, and the actors are pretty nice to look at, too. Some of the plot could easily come off as absurd, but there's a good balance that tones it all down. It isn't perfect, but not every show can be a "Breaking Bad". (Nor does it have to be for me to enjoy it).
  20. Yes! It's the angular features and how he sets his mouth at times. It was bugging me because I couldn't place the resemblance, but that's it! I am not a violent person, but if Stephan got up in my face the way the previews show him doing to Kayla's mom...pffftttttttt. He'd never do it again, one way or another. That's unacceptable, disgusting, and I hope she called the police on him. At the very least, he should be removed. (Shades of Lexi's boyfriend Shayden the Shithead from "Unexpected".) He'd never step foot in my house again, that's for sure. That punk prick forgot wh
  21. I do think these brides put on a bit, but I also think they're very much being themselves. The people around them give it away --they either have the hostage-to-tantrums mentality or they can barely stifle laughter when the brides go over-the-top. Remember Karen Refaeli, the queen of Bridezillas? She will always stick out as one of the worst, if not THE worst. I'd like to watch her episode with fresh eyes to see if I can spot any acting, but I recall her being genuinely entitled and nasty. I recall her then-fiance's (Lee?) words & look of disgust and horror at her nastiness. (I wonder
  22. My heart hardened toward this show a long time ago, yet for some reason I kept watching. This episode is why! I have to admit that I genuinely teared up and felt a real connection between Savenia and Dylan. It really warmed my heart! I'm happy for them and glad it worked out. They both seem like nice people, so good for them. Shallow moment: Fwiw, I thought Savenia looked prettier in real life vs her photoshopped pics. I like her awkwardness and little quirks!
  23. A few thoughts (and one big cringe-worthy admission): I don't really have one type when it comes to men. Though I've usually ended up with a certain type as far as long-term relationships, that's just how it worked out. I've dated, loved, and am attracted to many types (oddly, my 2 fave type are complete opposites). I just wanted to make those points before I say these things: Ryan isn't my type; his incessant chatter would exhaust me, and I wouldn't go for him as far as what I am seeing on television. I don't think he's unattractive, it's just that he reminds me of a certain type o
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