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  1. I had a post here, ranting about Delilah, but changed my mind about posting it. :P
  2. So I had to laugh at myself tonight-- I was at a play tonight, and while I was waiting for the play to start, behind me, I heard someone say "I got this at Target!" and my first thought was "Oh, she must watch A Million Little Things too!"
  3. To chime in to the hair-- According to pictures, I had blond hair when I was like 2 and 3 years old that I don't remember. It turned auburn around the age of 4 and then dark brown around the age of 6. So seeing Charlie with blond hair didn't bother me at all. I didn't even notice. The thing that drives me a little bit crazy is seeing a brown-eyed child with blue-eyed parents and there's no acknowledgement that that probably doesn't happen in real life. If I remember biology class correctly, blue eyes are the recessive gene. The only gene blue-eyed parents can give is blue eyes. (T
  4. Man, as much as I hate the "It was all just a dream"/"Bobby in the shower on the TV series Dallas" plot, I hope y'all are correct and Gary's B&E and kidnapping is just a fantasy. Something that he imagines he's going to do. Maybe he's sitting in his car, imagining it and sees the wife and kid enter the house again and decide not to do it. Maybe he even gets up to the door and the wife answers the door and he tells her what happened and they confront the scum together who confesses. Yeah, both of these are lame, but probably better than throwing Gary in jail. (The scum isn't worth goin
  5. Well, let me see... James Roday Rodriguez isn't married and doesn't have kids. I think Psych was filmed in Canada, so he probably has does have residence there. David Giuntoli is married and has at least one kid. I think Superman & Lois (which his wife is on) probably films in Canada. That would make sense since a bunch of these shows film in Canada. So I can see them living there. Romany Malco also isn't married and doesn't appear to have children Allison Miller also isn't married and doesn't appear to have children. Christina Moses isn't married and doesn't have
  6. Yeah, I called that there would be nothing Peter could be charged with. Sophie was 18 and he didn't physically touch her. But I don't know why everyone just automatically assumed that the police would just get up and arrest Peter right then and there. He covered up what he did very well. And there's no evidence. It would be a "He said/she said" case, and he had already covered his tracks. I was worried that they would blame Sophie with the picture and I'm glad they didn't go there. But there's not much of a case. I don't know the law that well or anything, but I do know that. Oh, yea
  7. Delilah, go back to France. I think most viewers will celebrate you being gone. How freakin' selfish can you be? Uprooting your kids' lives because you can't deal? Grow up. Waa waa--you couldn't grieve Jon's death because you decided to have an affair with Eddie and you had a kid. And she's paid for her mistakes?????? Since when?????? Sad that your 18 year old daughter is more mature than you. Loved Gary telling her what I'm pretty sure every viewer was thinking. Glad Eddie took the mature stance, and I liked his solution. So, next season will have a murder trial? I really
  8. I think that's my problem as well when I say that I don't get why it's the last straw. And the writing has most definitely short-changed her. Because she went from wanting to renew the wedding vows to starting to have an emotional affair with Alan before Eddie's confession of abusing his pain killers. It happened within just a couple of episodes. Plus, don't forget, there were about three months of no episodes this season. And in the timeline of the show, which you can see by the progressing of Covid, Eddie got out of the hospital around February or March 2020 (Fauci was speaking on
  9. I pronounce Target the English way. But I worked at Target for a year between getting my bachelor's degree and going on for my master's degree. And I don't have the best memories of that place. I still go because you can either go to Wal-Mart or Target, and you can just get more things at Target. But, no, I don't want to give it more class by pronouncing it the French way.
  10. Yeah, I would have never figured out that Target is a paid sponsor :P
  11. I think this KJ commercial aired only once, and I think it may have been during the Super Bowl. Although my beloved Kansas City Chiefs were playing, my friends and I had already turned off this year's SB because it wasn't even a game. So I missed that commercial. Didn't even know about it until I saw it pop up on the CinemaSins' YouTube channel. And, yeah, it was bad. But I found out that yeah, people complained. I was also thinking about other commercials that give people the heebie jeebies. Like the Quiznos commercial with those sponge monkey things that aired back in the day. I think a
  12. OK, thoughts besides the above. But, really, that's impressive. Maybe next week, the Target commercial will be within the first minute. Other than the Target commercial setting a record for how quickly it was crammed in... Man, Katherine's assistant couldn't be more inappropriate. How he even as a job after forgetting to mail the rent is just baffling to me. And then this. I liked Gina and Eddie together. (Except no masks going to the store?) They can relate to each other right now, and I liked that. Plus, it's not often that we see those two paired up. I also liked Rome pu
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