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  1. I can only hope that if Wyman can get this sold on a streamer... that he releases what was going to be his plan for the series.
  2. I know you said rhetorical... but I can't help it.. While I LOVED Fringe it did have a few stinkers... imo :) In no particular order... Brown Betty( though I liked the bit of Ella pestering Walter), Unearthed, No Brainer, and the Animated Episode - could not stand that one but I think I might be in the minority there. Anyone notice that the "ball of light" looked an awful a lot like the image( yellow ball of light) the Influx agent was looking at/working with a few episodes earlier("Spaceman")? Wonder if the object that Ash is looking for is the "ball of light" and what they had Geo
  3. So I rewatched this 2 part episode and then "Spaceman" when Bryan and Finola rescued George. Fun fact... At the end of this two parter when walking up to Bryan/Kathleen's house, Finola is very obviously wearing the jacket she wore when she was shot in "Spaceman" - you can see the rip on her left arm. But while Bryan is wearing the same light colored shirt as he was in "Spaceman", his jacket no longer has the blood stain above the right side chest pocket. So it seemly confirms what we all thought, that at the start of the this two part episode - even the first trip to Garcia's - we were alr
  4. But the statement... "bUt THeY weRE TerRorIsTs" should also becoming out of those same peoples mouths at him being tried for a war crime, no? Your point however is valid... using war crimes instead of murder allow the average viewer to retain "suspension of disbelief" because by enlarge he/she does not understand military life. Two wrongs don't make a right... garbage in equals garbage out... I know I should let it go and let it slide cuz it is Hollywood, but when simple stuff like that is messed up, esp when they are otherwise in what looks like full gear, it really just
  5. Hmm... I am thinking I am going to have to suffer looking at the fake ferret on Bryan's face again to see...
  6. I think part of it is few things... 1) To explain how Bryan and Maddox met and to provide a backstory for why it might be difficult for Bryan to "turn on" Maddox and not believe the intel coming from Finola/NI6 about it. 2) The mission that we saw in this episode appears to possibly been a CIA mission, looking to take out a Taliban leader. That apparently went sideways, And now the question is why. And there was some funky "hazing" effect where Bryan changed from being memory Bryan to being current Bryan in the memory for a split second in a couple of places. I am not sure if the
  7. Seriously... Bryan should be dead!!! I thought the same thing Bryan just told him he wasn't there. So wouldn't Maddox have kept the facial recognition searches going? Maddox has been shown in a couple of episode working with the Russians to get a piece of debris from them it what appears to be a 3 way swap with China. Wasn't it in this episode where he take a piece of debris out of the storage area, and the tech says to him something to the effect of, " I did not hear that this piece had been requested." So I agree Maddox is trying to get something that will undo whatever it was t
  8. Honestly I don't know about the inter-workings of the CIA, but I do know that the CIA does pull resources from United States Special Operations Command which comprises all of US military branches special forces divisions. So it is very possible to be active duty member of say Army Delta or Navy Seal teams and be temporarily assigned to a CIA operation and take orders from a CIA handler. But you cannot be active duty military AND a member of the CIA at the same time. No question that Bryan's hair and beard were out of regulation. Bu there are _numerous_ cases , esp with Iraq and Af
  9. Well not sure how the Debris fits in and whether or not at the time the two of them were in Afghanistan that anyone knew about it or its affects. But yes insofar as to get Bryan loyal to Maddox getting him out of prison would create something.... Also the CIA regularly employs members of US Special Forces for missions, so there might yet still be more to this... Agreed this seemed like it tried to sum up 5% of this season and setup to confuse us about the remaining 95% and to set up a second season. "Inner Light" was one of the best TNG episodes, not my #1 favorite, but darn good...
  10. If this show is doing what I think it is doing... then while cringe worthy it might be, the Native American aspect was already brought up in Episode 3, where the girl and a bunch of other people found access points to other dimensions. And that such things had been apart of Native American folklore or centuries...
  11. What a drop off... But regarding the hair and beard, I am pretty sure this was time/cost related, but there were a ton of different ways to show time/location difference without using a dead fake ferret... but I don't believe that root case for it was Covid. I read somewhere that filming for Season1 happened between Nov 2020-Apr 2021 and the series premiered on Mar 1, 2021. So at the very least it means the show was at least in post production for at least half of the episodes and possibly was still filming the last 1-2 episodes when the show premiered. So I am thinking they simply di
  12. I think you guys are right as well. From the Caroline Episode, we know that Bryan was MARSOC( which really is bada$$) and was in Afghanistan. And that there have been references both in the Prime Universe and in the Alt Universe that Maddox either did or tried to save him. But save him from what - from PTSD and suicide or from going so completely "mad" in the field that he broke the rules of combat as defined by the Geneva Conventions. So agreed based on the previews for tomorrow's episode, I think they are going to explain more of Bryan's past through whatever medical event he is dealing w
  13. The problem is that the version of Bryan and Finola that we see at the end were not the Bryan and Finola that did any of the jumping. You have to jump to be able to remember. Remember each time through the loop Bryan does not remember anything until either Shelby tells him or after he jumps with Shelby so when he gets to the house he immediately body slams Shelby to the floor and says, "I remember now too." Also the Bryan and Finola that would remember are each in different realities, ie they did not wind up together, unlike the twins who were from the same reality. At the end the twins reme
  14. Sorry did not get to the pilot's forum thread, but glad I am not the only one... but I did not see it until these last two episodes. Robert Patrick's character in the X-Files was John Doggett. I am specifically seeing the similarities between the two actors based on the two specific performances. I mean I can't exactly say Tucker reminds me of Robert Patrick when he(Patrick) played the T1000 in Terminator 2. :)
  15. What I am wondering is if it is worth it go back a few episodes to see if they every showed his assistant before this last episode? Like you said we saw Maddox in the middle of the previous episode, so there is an an assumption that we are not looking at Prime Maddox. So if Prime Maddox is at the end, it could be confirmed if Prime Maddox Assistant has been seen before and if she is the same as the one we see at the end of this episode.
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