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  1. I thought the 6 months crash course Arizona had was unrealistic anyway. I don't believe for a second that you can learn it that quickly and yeah...I honestly don't get why they try to push Jo into the OB/Gyn area. I'm not really up to date with all specialities, but is there even a fetal or neonatal surgeon? And I don't mean one of the caliber of Addy.
  2. This!!! But that's what I liked about him and Alex...he failed one of his tests,too and wasn't some genius intern...I mean how many surgeons do we know from Greys who graduated at the top of their class at one point and became brilliant doctors right away? Amelia was no.1 at Harvard even though she used to be a "junky" and when she appeared on PP she was fired from her fellowship,but performed some "miracle surgery" right away, Cristina was at the top of her class even though she had a learning disabilty, Meredith overcomes everything and passes every test,because she is the titular chara
  3. Oh yeah,you are right. And don't get me started with Addison Montgomery. High Heels,skirts...she had the looks AND the brains with her zillion job titles. George,however,was the "everyday guy." He wasn't freaking good looking and it seems like he didn't really care. Many people hated that about him,because they thought he was boring. For me,it was the opposite. He was a breath of fresh air.
  4. I agree with you. The normalcy is what I liked about him the most. When you watch Greys you get the feeling that every intern and surgeon/doctor is brilliant,world-famous and super smart. I loved characters like Alex and George because they had their edges and imperfections. 🙂
  5. Yeah I read about that. I love how she still sticks to the roots of acting by playing small roles in theater. She also said that she is trying to open a film studio in Western Australia. I adore actors and actresses who don't only act for the big pay check,but also love the art behind acting. Kate Walsh really is a blessing. I love how her career turned out. She said she will stay in December and then return to the U.S until at least July or something so it seems like she will return to Australia soon. 🙂 You can consider yourself lucky for having the opportunity to watch her so clos
  6. I agree with the majority of your post,but I think PP would have been able to go on for another 2 years or something if the main actress hadn't asked to leave. Kate wanted to move on which is the main reason why the show ended. But you are right. Grey's has nothing to fill in the void but I doubt,that if the rumors are true and Ellen really demands that amount of money that the network will agree. The article I've read also said that there is (supposedly of course) an actress who would play the role of Meredith and demanding much less than Ellen,but I think that wouldn't work...Who wants
  7. Cristina was the driven one, the one who was ahead during her intern year/residency. If I picture someone coming up with some great surgery it would be her.
  8. Oh yeah. You totally read my mind. 😄 It buggles me that Cristinas situation was shoved aside so easily. 😞 And to be totally honest? I do have a problem with Meredith winning the award, because in my pov there were surgeons on the show who were known for being the best in their fields and doing research for years but Meredith, sitting at home staring at her broken wall,suddenly comes up with some revolutionary surgery and gets an award for it. To me,Meredith never stood out as a surgeon. She was always naturally talented,yes,but her love life and personal issues were always put first.
  9. Thanks to all of you who brought up the Harper Avery Award situation. I got the feeling that the writers wanted Meredith to win the award because she is the shows main character so of course she needed to be the one coming up with a great surgery that would secure her the award. Cristina was robbed. Amen to that!😎
  10. Exactly! You also have to ask yourself why networks cling to shows that have been on air as long as Grey's is now...to me it looks like they simply don't have anything better as a replacement, so it's logical to stick with the long-running show as long as the ratings don't decline to an all-time-low.
  11. Greys being one of the highest rated shows of the network doesn't say much. A 1.2 rating in the important adult 18-49 group is very low. If the rumors are true (it's said that Ellen demands 4.2 million dollars MORE for each season) I have my doubts that they will be able to pay that without having to fire someone else. Plus...I'm sure she won't be the only one wanting more money. Networks have to figure out if it's rentable to let a show remain on air for much longer when it's only there to pay the insane salary of the shows star.🤷‍♀️
  12. I still watch Greys, but I personally wouldn't mind if the show ended after this season. In my pov the show has been on air longer than it needed to, but Ellen said that she just couldn't refuse the money they offered her which is why the show is still on air. Alive? Not so much,because I don't see any decent storylines anymore,but I want to know how the show is going to end which is why I'm still around. In the German press rumors are going around that this season might be the last,because Ellen is demanding more money...but it's just that: A rumor.
  13. I agree with you on the bolted part. Viewers tend to criticize alot...especially when it comes to kids...but I've read about fans criticizing Meredith for not spending enough time with her kids in the first place and that leaving them with other surgeons,who "in reality" would be pretty much busy themselves (especially with being Department heads) isn't realistic. But I see it the way you do: we just have to go with it. It's a TV show. 🙂
  14. It's not about the importance of money. I'm pretty sure that Meredith has money,not just because she is a pretty good surgeon herself, but because her mom might have left money for her,too. I think many people are just confused why the surgeons on Grey's rather share homes and houses with each other (even the ones who aren't interns and have to pay off study loans) when they could easily afford their own place. My theory is that the writers are unable to resist a classic TV trope of forcing characters together by having them be roommates. In real life, people in their 30s and 40s who mak
  15. This. Haha. I really don't get it,but I'm always trying to figure it out. Maybe it's supposed to be a "meeting point" outside of the hospital or something like that.🤔🤔 BTW: The most prestigious surgeons have left the show loooooong ago.😎
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