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  1. Wasn't there a "new" Fantasy Island show that lasted half a season in the 2000s? Maybe that is canon.
  2. The only way inbreeding could have made the ferals look like that is if the inbreeding was done with aliens. The Game of Thrones wildlings looked normal compared to them.
  3. If having Asian friends but making a lame MSG joke makes you a "stealth racist", the show is really in ridiculous SJW world.
  4. Did Gael seriously think that his Woke Ultra Feminist, Having Sex on the First Date friends would shame him for getting a woman pregnant? Did he think he was on 7th Heaven or some other show? So ridiculous.
  5. Would they care if they didn't suck so bad at basketball?
  6. Episodes like this make me feel like I am really out of touch even though I am just in my 30s. Are parents nowadays supposed to support our high school kids going on blatant sex retreats for the weekend?
  7. Well I guess this was the obligatory "liberal dogooders can be bad and corrupt too" episode to try and balance the usual half dozen "rich white men be raping everybody" episodes.
  8. Why didn't Izak try a little harder to get Richie to go to the car and save Gina? Surely he must have known that saving the life of an undercover agent would be a big plus when it came time to avoid a prison sentence. Worst case scenario, he should have knocked Richie out if he refused to go back to the car and saved her. It would only have blown his cover to Richie and the cops could have kept the kid isolated so his father wouldn't know what happened. But why did Izak even interfere in the first place, when she had the gun on Richie? He could have just stayed out of it entirely and
  9. Has killing an undercover cop ever saved someone from arrest on a tv show?
  10. I get that Roseanne pissed off all of the people involved in the show, but to not mention her character at all when her husband is contemplating a proposal just strikes me as horrible. That is worse than a stupid fake lotto season.
  11. So Psycho Kid's parents didn't think to mention that he watched a playmate and his mom drown in the original episode?
  12. Whenever a stepfather is on this show, it is an easy bet that he is raping, molesting, murdering or hate crimeing someone.
  13. I disagree. Creepy, bowl-cut, weiner kid DJ was funny to me. I know the guy isn't a professional actor anymore, but at least the old version of DJ had personality. I understand having him mature, but he should have kept some of his old whinyness.
  14. I guess the lottery season erased Mark and Dan respecting each other too. Darlene is really bad at mothering. Imagine Roseanne helping her kids cheat at a test. I can't do it. She wouldn't have blamed rich kids either.
  15. At least on SVU, it makes a little sense. Pedos and rapists are not likely to keep in the best shape.
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