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  1. Forbidden fruit, maybe? Some people find that appealing.
  2. This show would be so much better if there was a lot more Chigs and much less Matt. Noel wasn’t so bad before Matt came along, but the two of them together are like mean-spirited class clowns.
  3. I just binged the first two episodes, and I’m wondering where she found so many dresses with exactly the same shape. I don’t think that style has been around since probably the 1950s. And can we talk about that hair? How did she have hair that added six inches to her height? She was trying her best, but even the hair and the platform shoes didn’t get her closer to god.
  4. Ari and Bini are both really bad at fake crying. 🐊💧
  5. Somehow, their boobs are the same, but their eyes are smaller. How did that happen? I don’t remember them saying anything about getting eyelifts or anything else that would have affected their eyes. I see from the previews that they are undergoing a complete Kardashianization. 🙀
  6. Their hair looks like Barbie hair, too. They wanted to look like Barbie, and that’s what they got!
  7. Leandro’s girlfriend needs to watch out!
  8. Brandon’s mom looks like Brandon wearing a wig. 🙀
  9. Ellie and Victor just walked by a boat named “Lucky Lady.” I wonder if that’s an omen.
  10. Did Ellie tell Victor she’s moving there permanently? Or was she just going to show up out of the blue and never leave?
  11. Why is the ugly 70s coffee cup in a drawer in the living room?
  12. I was really confused when I saw a book named “Pat the Pixie!” (The pixie’s name is Pat—please do not try to pat the pixie! 😳)
  13. I hate all of these people. Why am I even watching this? 🥴
  14. Ha ha! Jenny has to join the Hare Krishnas if she wants to stay in India! 😂
  15. There’s no way he’s spent $5,000 on that shack. 🙄
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