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  1. emjohnson03

    Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    I caught this last night as I was looking for a movie to watch. I kinda forgot I wanted to see it. I thought it was great! I really liked the music, the scenery, the costumes, everything. My sister in law is 100% Chinese but of course nothing like this. I liked the use of the rich boy, poor girl and I thought it was done so well! I'm not one for Asian men but goodness, Henry Golding with the accent and the charm? Whew! I really liked him too. It was better than I thought and I thought it was going to be good.
  2. emjohnson03

    S03.E18: Her

    Everyone knew it was Rebecca in the flash forward so that was not a shocker but always enjoy how they flow the past and present in those moments. I'm a sucker for a good montage and I really liked the folk song. Btw it was "Hold Your Head Up High" by Darlingside if anyone was curious. Kevin is easily my favorite character as he seems to be the most like me. Sensitive and strong and so wonderful with kids. I wished he could have made it with Zoe but I really loved their talk. It was so realistic without lots of talking, just this is the truth. And baby Jack going home was great. I was a Jack and the day I came home was quite magical for my whole family so I loved that. Not that I remember it but it was a big deal. It made me hopeful. And seeing Nicky was a wonderful addition. And looks like Kevin gets his family. Wonder who he ends up with? Good season. I binged watched a bunch of episodes and I think I enjoyed it alot more that way.
  3. emjohnson03

    S03.E17: R&B

    I really liked this episode. I'm single and hate to say it but I can see myself being a Beth. I'm a HUGE people pleaser to the point where I give up myself because I'm always with that person or care about that person so much I give up myself for them. I felt like the whole thing was SO real that we give and give and then we realize what is it that we are now? What matters to us? What are we as individuals? My parents went to counseling after myself and siblings left the house because they had to figure out who they were without kids. Marriage really is a navigation through times and changes and even though I don't know it personally, I KNOW it's alot of work. While Beth might have not fought fair she finally voiced herself. I actually really liked the Rebecca and Jack flashback to their fight that led to their mini separation. Felt they were making things very parallel to the situation that Beth and Randall are going through and I like when they do that. Plus I love the teenage years of this show so much. I'm excited for next week. I like that not everything is perfect and there is tension because in reality nothing is,
  4. emjohnson03

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    if I didn't think Kody and Meri were more than over, they sure are now! Kody could give two figs about her and she was like, whatever. The disdain was pretty much on both sides. Why do I keep watching these people go in circles???!!!
  5. emjohnson03

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    I can't tell you how much I loved this episode. It seems polarizing which I totally understand but for the first time this whole season, I was emotional and feeling everything that the characters were. Nicky I think did a good job explaining Jack, He was black and white. He saw his life before that incident and then everything after it. While I do find it hard to believe that Jack would shut his brother out like that without much of an explanation, I also feel like it makes sense that Jack took that part of himself, shut it off and moved on to be the man he wanted to be, the one his dad never could. And in that, in his mind, he had to forget his brother in moving to that place. I will say, showing that picture to Nicky of his family and then Nicky just looking at it, like, "man, what a wonderful life you made and you couldn't ask me to join you it" made me SO sad. I wonder if those who were over in Vietnam have any insight to their dynamic, and how Nicky was so resentful of his life and Jack was just trying to make it better, even being in the hell that they were. I wonder if any of these men could say better why Jack might have done this to his brother because of circumstances. So many men just came home and didn't talk about it and I can't imagine Nicky ever being able to tell Jack in a letter and even in person, couldn't tell him the truth. What a sad and lonely life his brother lived and didn't even know Jack had died. I just thought it was a very flawed and very human episode even if many didn't like what Jack had done. At the end though, his family did come back for Nicky and I do think at some point, Jack may have changed his mind about everything but he died so young, he really didn't have the chance.
  6. emjohnson03

    Surviving R. Kelly

    I was shocked as well that none of these girls who got out were harmed (they must have been threatened but still!). Though R Kelly in his sick mind knows he just go out and get more so what does it matter? He doesn't need these woman and at the end of the day, no one will believe them. I CANNOT believe he's just out and about and this is still happening. It blows my mind!!!! I liked one song of his, the one with Lady Gaga and now I can't ever listen to it again. He needed help way before all this and I can't believe he's been able to live his life while destroying so many. There is blame to go around for sure but WOW he is the devil. I hope there is justice and I hope those girls that are still there get the help they need.
  7. The Kennedy's always fascinated me and I def wanted to tune into this. I didn't feel like there was alot of new information but my goodness, JFK Jr was HANDSOME. I mean wow. (I would say Matt Bomer has a very similar classic look but JFK Jr was THE the gold standard) And I agree that he wasn't long for this world much longer, as something else would have taken him off this earth like a car crash. It just felt like he had some much unfinished business and I really wonder what he would think of politics these days though I gather very much he wasn't going to be the 50 year man in the Senate, though the Presidency could have been his because he would blow everyone away with his words. I had NO idea about how bad their marriage had gotten, and I knew the rumors were swirling that it was rocky but goodness, that article is something else. It sounds like it wasn't long for this world much longer. It sure makes me angry that he went on that plane ride but it seems like it was written that way...that he thought he could do it and yet, he also knew life was fleeting. I felt maybe he felt both those things in every step he took, that he was invincible and yet he could die any moment.
  8. emjohnson03

    Jonathan & Fernanda: Buying Boobies & Thangs

    I could see them doing the whole break up and make up thing. Because no one has said divorce I could see this being more drama and of course TLC is going to want to follow this I think into more episodes so they can milk it for the cameras too. It does surprise me but it doesn't. The emotional capacity for both of them is low and I think she's very young to feel settled. I think she was looking for some fun and excitement and thought this could be it.
  9. emjohnson03

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    I had DVR'd like the last 5 episodes and FINALLY felt ready to watch. Wow. I think the show works better as a binge because you could watch the stories unfold without interruption, especially with all the back and forward they do. I knew there was a shocker at the end but somehow I was able to avoid the actual spoiler. I thought the Vietnam scenes were well done, and much like Jack, my uncle was there and didn't say much., He's now ready to talk a little but my mom said she had no idea how bad it was and still doesn't. She gets choked up when she thinks about the things he did and saw over there. He was one of the old ones, at 24. I think the Randall storyline is a little overplayed but it's all in the wheelhouse of Jack and Randall being of a similar nature, never giving in and never giving up. I also see an addictive nature in Randall, and much like others have said, Superman quality. I like it more when you see the broken pieces and I like that Beth is also finding her push. That end with her teaching ballet is very interesting to me. Count me as the thinking Deja and Tess were a thing or at least a crush thing. Maybe not? That was a good theory put by many. I will say the talk with the parents was WONDERFUL. Now that was not cliche. I liked every bit of that. Toby and Kate are eh to me. I feel they are a little too side story for me.
  10. Wasn't sure if this was the place to post but since this airs around Christmas every year...who is in for Sound of Music?? I always love this movie even though I'm not a fan of musicals. It's so innocent and sweet that it could be seen as too much of those things (which Christopher Plummer thought when filming) but in these times it's exactly what I enjoy falling into. It seems every year it gets more and more enjoyable to watch and God forbid when Julie and Christopher pass away, it's only going to take on more of a meaningful role in the story of film. And really, who can resist Christopher Plummer as the Captain? Whew! I find it even more fascinating how much Christopher Plummer disliked making the film and has never hidden that and yet, it seems to have made him more endearing to the role.
  11. emjohnson03

    MLB Thread

    Is this a space where we can gush about cute players? I love Nathan Eovaldi! Not only was he balls to the wall for Game 3 of the WS but he seems very humble and sweet. And boy he got paid!! This Red Sox team seem to be just a great bunch!
  12. emjohnson03

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    I am always amazed (and I know it's for drama) that NONE of these people have serious conversations until AFTER they come over and spend all this money. I know you get engaged quickly but you would think that if you were settling down and being serious about a forever, they would ask questions about the very BASIC foundations of what matters to each, what they value and what the expectations are. Heck, on dating websites I don't look at men who smoke, agnostic or who are short. I know I could be limiting myself but those are deal breakers for me. I think it's funny that these people don't know the basics of what matters (other than looks I guess) and hope to find a sustaining relationship. It blows my mind. They are all quite terrible, and I know they up the drama factor but this really? They are all terrible and they are all just looking for fame and for their own selfish motivations. My brother married a woman from China and they did the whole K1 Visa. They really didn't know each other that well but enough to know about raising children and how they would get along. She's not my cup of tea but they do have the most adorable 2 year old boy who I can't get enough of.
  13. Oh LOVED this! The first movie I have watched on Hallmark this season and it was just as charming and sweet as I thought it would be. The leads were perfect together and had just enough angst to touch upon that didn't seem fake. It was wonderful that it was based on a real story. This one I will watch every year I think, it's just that wonderful.
  14. I have a confession to make, I have not watched ONE new Hallmark movie from this year. I really like Erin Krakow and didn't even watch her's, or Daniel Lissing's. I love Christmas and don't mind putting on the movies on early but for some reason, I just can't get excited about any of their films. It could be just because it's the same people over and over and the stories that just don't pull me in, even those who try to be a bit more edgy. However I do like The Christmas Card, which is the one with Ed Asner. That's a fan favorite and I know they always show it. And I have already talked about The Christmas Secret, which is driven strongly by the romantic leads. Oh, and I love the movie Mistletoe over Manhattan that came out in 2011. It's not very good but I like the leads in that one very much! But really this post to proclaim my huge crush on Wes Brown. I didn't watch a second of Christmas at Graceland (because Kellie Pickler didn't sound like a good romantic interest at ALL!) but I could just stare at him without the audio on. Goodness gracious is he a hottie! He would fit well in alot of Hallmark things, and I know he's done some Lifetime films too. I hope he sticks around and finds a real good love interest because I'll be over here swooning!!
  15. I watched the Princess Switch last night and thought it was the cutest! I thought she had chemistry with both leads so that made it even better. I also liked there wasn't any fighting that broke them up as the movie went. Netflix really has done a great job with their films. Some can be hit or miss but I really enjoy the fact that they do them and they aren't afraid to pour on the sweetness.