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  1. I like your take on Hayden. Getting back into the SW fandom, I almost forgot about him. Lucas for sure did him no favors and he didn't play Anakin with any kind of dynamic....not to make any comparison but I see Kylo being a similar character with conflict and confusion but it works better -and not sure if it's because of Adam Driver or if because Kylo/Ben is older. I do think this helped showcase Adam more and because he has so many recent projects, it really has elevated him. He would do fine without SW but it has given him a boost (though I suspect Adam embraces the SW attachment but he's
  2. Wow excellent points. Actually all you guys are nailing both the strengths and weaknesses of these last 3 films. I personally thought Kylo/Ben was one of the best elements (if not THE BEST) of the last 3 films but that's mainly because his character seemed to be the most conflicted and fleshed out, as opposed to others like Finn and Poe that either had alot to do or nothing. And yes, Driver clearly made his commitment to both sides and that's what sold it for me. He seemed to be very "method" in the fact that he became these people as he was filming, therefore that's why you see him do s
  3. I woke up at 8a so I could catch it and not be spoiled. Saw in the Dolby audio theater and that was awesome! Def a way to experience everything going on with the sound and the clarity. I was disappointed that critics didn't like it very much so I went in thinking it wasn't going to be that great and really, I thought it was weaker from a storyline perspective but I did very much enjoy the fight scenes and particularly Oscar, Adam and Daisy were all very good in my point of view. I def thought it jumped too much around and the dialogue was a bit cringe but it's Star Wars so I think they do
  4. Just watched Season 4. I thought Episode 5 was the best of the whole season. I liked the way they set up the alternative reality and John living in it, and realizing what a life he did have and oh goodness all the emotions on his face. There were times when Rufus didn't say much but dang does he know how to scowl and just pause in the moment. Episode 9 was a ride too but it didn't have the same emotional impact for me because it was basically John Smith being badass and yeah, awesome but also kinda sad because even then when hen had the power, he still was committed to the very wo
  5. Haha so true! They are only like 20 minutes apart!! LOL!
  6. I'll be curious how this guy adjusts to Colchester. It's super rural! And he's actually quite attractive but cuter with shorter hair, haha! And yes, who takes 2 months off?! She doesn't really work??
  7. I'm just a phone call away.... I'm gonna be really busy I appreciate Tom's snark all the way None of these people are really together. Ladies get in line for Jeremy, I'm first! LOL!!
  8. did not need the setup....that was such filler.
  9. omg two people are from CT on this show next season!!! My state representing! LOL!
  10. we had a good day! So we are meant to be together. These people think in minutes and seconds, not in weeks, months.
  11. let's see where I stand with marriage with Evelyn. She told you. MANY TIMES. NO
  12. Good point. Like them being "late" wasn't producer driven.
  13. Florian is NOT hot, gosh all these people just catfish each other. It's kinda really hilarious how desperate everyone is. And yes, let me change my last minute plans and rebook everything. I'm with Tom, I would not appreciate any of this. Compromise my butt.
  14. does any of these people read up about the customs, culture and language? I mean goodness gracious! They all act like they have NO idea about anything! I know some of it is producer driven but goodness gracious! The ignorance of all these people!
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