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  1. The third season starts airing Monday August 30. I'm really looking forward to the new episodes.
  2. Canada is a couple episodes ahead.
  3. Quintyn (that's how his name is spelled) is living in Canada with his grandparents which in my opinion is perfectly ok. And if my kid was passionate about and good at something and if I could afford it, I would move heaven and earth to make it possible for him to pursue it. But renovating this resort must've cost a ton of money and I can't see how they'll cover their investment any time soon. Hope their Canadian business is doing well. Last year filming any new stuff was very difficult. HGTV Canada made 22 episodes which were very popular in Canada. And what did HGTV US do? They condensed
  4. Not necessarily. In the latest Flip or Flop episodes T&C didn't install upper cabinets either and that house sold for over $2M. The money they spent on that house would be probably be enough for a whole season of Bargain Block. Floating shelves look pretty but they're very impractical. Some of the cabinets in the kitchen I inherited from my mom don't have doors and it's such a hassle to constantly clean everything.
  5. Re-watched the end of the episode and they paid $30K in closing costs. My guess is since it was a cash buyer, they sold it to an investor. Investors are often experienced buyers and they might not hire a realtor. No realtor means you are actually offering sellers a larger profit, making your offer more attractive. Assuming a 3 to 4% in fees and taxes, that would explain the closing costs. Only someone who lives on takeout or who's in desperate need of a house wouldn't mind such a dark kitchen. You'd think that them doing this for so long would've taught them to imagine what eliminating a
  6. HGTV have reposted a hilarious spoof video by comedienne Sarah Jay Pierce about the typical house hunters on their shows. Their social media peeps seem to have a great sense of humor.
  7. I'm not getting this. All the houses were listed for the same price and they all had the same budget so this whole premise of "who improves the value of the home the most" is bonkers. Since time is money when it comes to real estate, shouldn't the ones who sell the house the quickest win?
  8. Where did you find the info about the houses being still active? Not that I'm surprised to find out that that HGTV wasn't exactly accurate in the episode.
  9. Ashley and Michael posted on their Instagram that they're getting a third season and a pic of them with the film crew. Can't wait for the episodes.
  10. Thank you for the pics! It's a beautiful house! I can understand someone wanting to sell a house that's costing them so much money each month. But I wish DIY had been upfront about it. Most people would've gotten it if they had properly explained the reason why they want to sell. And if they're empty nesters, such a house is way too large. You need some staff to clean all those rooms and keep the garden pretty. But the way DIY handled it wasn't ok in my book. I thought for just two people who only entertain occasionally the kitchen was large enough. But for a 3.6 million house, it's
  11. Last night's episode was amazing. The whole house was absolutely incredible and when they showed the Turkish room I just stared at the TV with my mouth open. Brett did a great job preserving the original feel while making it more functional. There wasn't a single thing I disliked. The way he moved the rooms around made sense without any of them feeling out of place.
  12. I can't stand Fixer Upper. It's too fake and formulaic for my taste and the Gaines aren't my cup of tea either. But I can simply skip the show when it's on. No problem. But the whole Magnolia channel replacing DIY with all the shows I love and replacing them with shows similar to theirs really made me sad. I had hoped that they would move to Discovery+ and DIY would stay. Hopefully they'll keep at least some of my favorite shows like Restoring Galveston and Restored.
  13. I asked them on Instagram whether it was true and they said it's the kind of BS people will post on the internet. It definitely isn't for sale and hasn't been opened yet either.
  14. Where did you find that info? It isn't on their real estate page. Did it sell already? Re the disability access. My guess it wasn't really finished. No way they'd pass inspection on theses restrooms. The whole episode felt like "We need another episode. What can we use as a filler?"
  15. Her wallpaper choices would have me run screaming to the hill if I had to live in her houses but what annoys me way more is always asking people for advice and then ignoring everything those people say (usually her dad) and doing what she had planned all along. I mean why ask them in the first place?
  16. Andy's wings getting clipped was hard for me to watch. Why not let him fly around the house? Sure, you gotta make sure he doesn't fly outside since he isn't a big guy but that's just being a responsible pet owner. Why get a bird if you don't want it to fly?
  17. HGTV said on their Instagram that it had sold but not for how much. My guess is we'll see more stories like this one soon. Flippers bought and renovated houses based on comps and now the market has shifted, people simply don't have as much money as they used to.
  18. She posted a pic on her Instagram saying she had PRP microneedling procedures done to make her look younger. She also recently posted about having her flabby arms done so she definitely isn't against having plastic surgery.
  19. So glad this amazing show got its own thread! It's my favorite show on DIY/HGTV. Re the bathroom floor in last week's episode: I wonder if they knew it was going to be sold to a vacation rental company. While it would be awful to see the words every day, it's an interesting thing in a vacation rental. It's important to have something that will make the listing stand out in a crowd. Re the HVAC: I follow Ashley and Michael on Instagram and they are remarkably honest about how these shows are filmed and what is fake and what isn't. (They even posted a pic when they made her put on a fa
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