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  1. There is a psychological condition called Mythomania; a condition in which a person is habitually or compulsively lying. It’s main purpose is to paint oneself as either a victim or hero. Now…does that sound strangely familiar when talking about the Browns??
  2. Thanks for the numbers! This is exactly the point I was trying to make with my posts regarding their financial situation. I completely believe the 14k in mortgages and houses as most of that info is out in the open. Add to that the living expenses and extra costs and you’re somewhere between 20-25k per month for all 4 households…Even with the TLC money (alleged to be 180k) all 5 of them would need a pretty damn good fulltime job to make that work…definitely not selling a few tacky pendants or Lulatrash. oh wait… correction; all 5, no 4 adults would have to work. Robyn is not working of co
  3. I wish she did, but she probably won’t. Add to that kody’s seeming lack of interest for her grand daughter… has someone seen a picture of him with Avalon? Just hope that the rumor about Mykelti not wanting him there is true.
  4. It would be in line with their previous actions/situations with regard to buying and selling houses🤔. If there is any truth in MakingBacon’s suggestion of possibly no longer sharing an income, I can see a disaster waiting to happen, as in unaffordable house for a single mum with a dodgy parttime job…. As for what she’s (was) thinking: All the Browns are dreamers with little common sense. So yes, I am sure they had expected to be multi millionaires by now…That’s probably why the show is still a moderate success: A bunch of idiots chasing impossible dreams making stupid decisions….
  5. Kitty seems tough with zero tolerance and intimidating, but I never quite got some of the harsher scenes. I don’t know, it just felt unreal, as if she was acting out a part that did not really suit her. A lot of the girls in the studio also looked really awkward, some as if they were stiffling a laugh even, I did not really detect a very shocked or hurt face, which I would have expected if it was real. I actually think Kelli’s “make-the-girls-cry record” is way more impressive than Kitty’s. I may be wrong but those Kitty scenes seemed more about drama than anything else. There’s also that
  6. Just finished a bunch of old episodes where they were trying to get the LV houses. If there’s anything that still baffles me, it’s how Robyn was able to get that huge mortgage as a (technically) single mum with no real job who also had a pretty disastrous financial past. (My friend, who is a single mum with a pretty good job struggled to get 290k financed…) At that time, Sister Wives was still a pretty big thing I think, but don’t forget that a fat TLC check needed to be divided amongst 5 adults…would that have been enough to secure the houses and get over that disastrous financial pas
  7. I’m one of those people who isn’t exactly a fan. The thing is, you have one chance to make a good impression which she completely blew in her rookie season. Even if you have clearly improved since, it ’ll go a long way before people get past an earlier formed opinion of somebody. It’s what she said and how she said things; over the top, being very present without giving much thought to what you are saying—> think before you speak, please. And I don’t like people who think they’re funny. Her dance wasn’t particularly impressive (her solo was a joke!) but she did have a presence and sho
  8. Sometimes I believe the reason they Kelli overlooks it is if the girl is a strong dancer or they really like her and they hope she will improve --> There, fixed that for you😉 And there's also your inconsistency. Judy can say all she wants but if Kelli likes someone, Judy's stuck with her. But I agree with you: If someone is a great dancer but can't kick high or do the split, they shouldn't be there.Everybody should know the DCC requirements by now. It never seized to amaze me how girls showed up for audition (some nice dancers too) but could barely kick higher than their belly butt
  9. LilyD


    Yes,you're correct. I just finished watching and one of their top designers actually said they were encouraged to find patterns on the internet and tweak them just enough to escape copyright. This allowed them to produce a lot more in a short period of time. It then turned out that that most designers didn't bother to tweak the pattern...
  10. Why do I suddenly have all kinds of visions of Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan from the musical Annie after reading the latest posts on Mariah?? Probably because both are annoying as hell, pretend that they care for other people and particularly the weaker people in society and do little apart from screaming at others on what to do, how to do it and when....
  11. I fully agree with almost all you said apart from the bit where you called her a great representative of the brand. She was a great DCC with a lot of spunk. She was unique, which I liked about her.But a great representative? Just plain...No! A representative can represent a brand, which includes interacting, being a good leader and being able to speak. Maddie could look very awkward and uncomfortable when she was addressed or received praise. Where JennK and Kashare were natural speakers, Maddie always seemed at a loss for words, frightened even to speak up. I highly doubt she would
  12. As I said, you're spot on, and I would like to add one thing: IIRC, Robyn designed most of the items herself. She should have hired a good jewellery designer who would have been able to translate her ideas into viable and beautiful designs that appealed to a wider public. Heck, my 10-year-old could have made some of those designs!
  13. Spot on! I'm taking my reply to Robyn's thread (If I can figure out how to do so)
  14. Janelle's adventures in the little house on prairie plague
  15. Curious to hear why you think she now lives in Utah? For her sake, I really hope she does! And that would definitely make for a refreshing and interesting twist in S16!
  16. Yes, you're correct. In the very first season Christine often voiced her frustration with Robyn coming into the family. So far for the myth that the wives decide, not the husband. On top of that, she was heavily pregnant while the Kodouche was snogging another woman (but we don't do that before marriage) and when she was trying to push Truely out, Kody thought it the perfect moment to grill the doctor on fertility treatment for Meri....She should have bolted there and then!
  17. I'm fine with a long training camp so long as it is exactly that: A training camp. I'm quite sure they're able to decide on the final team within 2 weeks. And they could add a few weeks of training to build the actual team and work on the dances. Most viewers would be perfectly happy with such a format and the girls would be grateful. But no, for the sake of drama, we do one lengthy elimination show, with preferably another cut or two with the finish line in sight (final night). That's just cruel.
  18. I don’t think it’s offensive; you just noticed thata lot of these businesses seem to have some affiliation to Mormons. And it makes sense: MLM thrives in social networks or other ‘tights’-knit communities. So buying from another mormon is highly encouraged as it benefits your fellow- mormon and keeps the strangers out. And it keeps mum at home where she can run her own business and look after the family, which is a fairly big thing for Mormons too I think.
  19. You’re spot on! I’m one of those suckers who actually rewatched prelims and semis after episode 6 or so. Just to see how the girls who actually made it performed during that stage of auditions.
  20. This…. This is exactly what puzzles me. I would assume that there is an additional good source of income simply because of their lifestyle. But there’s absolutely nothing in the show that even suggests work. I know editing comes a long way and can fabricate a non-existing storyline but how can you consistently filter out anything even remotely work-related? It’s never mentioned, no one is ever at work (apart from some kids) no one ever on their way home from work….. A job is not a hobby you do for an hour twice a week and can be ignored. Sandy W mentioned the Liv water. Never heard o
  21. I can see an “Erika Edit” happening here, as in: Too complicated/awkward to address so let’s edit this particular cheerleader out as much as we can. The audience won’t notice this anyway…
  22. I guess you're right for about 95% of the veterans. But over the years we have seen quite a few examples of veterans who did not live up to the dance/professional/weight standards of the DCC (Morgan, Breelan, Kyra and a few veterans with very obvious weight gain come to mind). The finals give TPTB the chance to take out those weaker links (and yes I know, to make some unfair cuts too, but won't go there now) And then there is another question: There's not much time between finals and TC. If you're not fit to compete at finals, will you be ready at TC? An injury like Danielle's foot would
  23. Jenn should have worn a different shirt. That definitely would have improved things. I always liked Jenn and was happy with her as point. Maddie surprised me. I never cared for her as point but she aced it here. As for Amy; she always looked a solid blender to me, but no, not point. And in a team of 36 you need those dancers. I also think she was a great team mate and I would have been happy to have had her as my group leader over the other three.
  24. I was just realising something about the Browns… When do we ever see any of them work? or even mentioning some form of work on the show? Over the past few years, They always seem to hang in or around the house doing nothing. In most reality shows, at least one of the stars still has a normal job (am thinking Adam from the Busbys for instance or JimBob Duggar with his (real estate?)business to quickly name two.) Heck, I think even Jon (long time no see with his 8 kids) had a normal job next to his reality show. If most reality stars keep a job or business going, it must be because the
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