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  1. That threw me out every time he appeared on screen. My husband walked in on the kiss between Philip and the twin and was horrified that a teacher was kissing a student in front of the whole school. I had to explain.
  2. Loved this. That was my impression too. Well said.
  3. I watch that crazy shit every time it's on cable. Nice pull.
  4. OMG. The Cher you threw in has me in STITCHES. So funny.
  5. Lauren's father is a gem. Daddy daughter tears ALWAYS destroy me. He came across as a very sweet man. Both of her parents seem lovely actually.
  6. I really like that line. It's so kind at it's core.
  7. Thank you! You're the best. I had no idea.
  8. I bought that dress three weeks and it's one of the best things I've ever owned. It's so pretty in person and it's so forgiving. It's Tory Burch. The gold on the dress are little studs. I'll wear this one for years to come. Appropriate for so many things, pretty and comfy. I loved that blue dress she was wearing in the stairwell too. Thought it might be Ted Baker but couldn't find it on their website. Great color and pretty.
  9. We are the same person. It's small but it drives me nuts. Maybe because you can tell she's milking that moment with the very deliberate hand gestures, etc. My husband kept asking why I was tripping off that. Can't explain it so bless you for understanding.😋
  10. I could not agree more with this. That scene stuck out like a sore thumb. Either the producers straight up wrote the lines or Tamra scribbled something before hand and tried to "act it". Either way, it was the most scripted thing I've ever seen on this franchise.
  11. This cracked me up. I was in a restaurant in Europe and the couple at the next table ordered like this. The waiter responded "This is a restaurant, not a hospital". A fight ensued but the caption so reminded me of that moment.
  12. This just cracked me up. The visual of beak and feet spread out... omg laughing.
  13. The show has been renewed for a second season per the Deadline website. No word on whether we'll get updates on the couples from this season.
  14. This was really a fantastic show. I hope they do a second season. It was thoughtful and generous and deeply fascinating. I admit that I cried a few times while watching the couples. I didn't even get out of my pajamas today. I started watching and couldn't stop. It felt like a gift. None of the exploitative reality shenanigans, just honest people willing to bare themselves and their pain. I found it incredibly brave. Mau's fixation on semantics to keep from answering real deep-dive questions was interesting to watch. If we stop the flow of emotion to argue about the correct use of a word then the moment and everyone involved is completely blown off track. And then walking around the room and playing with the knick-knacks was another obvious ploy. Whenever they got too close to the core of his issues he'd find a way to divert. Ona stating to her clinician that Annie held the power made me want to watch again from the beginning. Thank you all for the posts. I really enjoyed this show. Black Love on OWN circles around the same territory but it doesn't go this deep.
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