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  1. What the shit was that? The new format for "auditions" is so contrived I could barely get through it. If everyone is freaking out and crying right from the start there's no journey for the audience to go on. It felt so incredibly phoney. Considering skipping the auditions and just joining again with academy week.
  2. I just watched the final ep tonight and sobbed all the way through it. I thought it was fucking brilliant. To me, the best horror is metaphorical and, yes, redemptive. This poor goddamn family suffered so deeply, but finally realized in the end that their love for each other - despite all the dysfunction - was more powerful than anything else they could encounter. I didn't find it sentimental - I found it genuine. This is art. 5 stars.
  3. I live in Northern California so I know from stoners - ha. I really don't care about what's alleged - I care about the research. That said, there's not nearly enough evidence-based, peer-reviewed research for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it's still classified as a schedule-1 drug (so dumb). But there is strong evidence to support its beneficial impact on anxiety, depression, insomnia, MS symptoms, AIDS symptoms, and most importantly, chronic pain. I think the science is slowly getting there. Here's a good summary on where we are with the scant science so far: http://time.com/3
  4. Good point - they could have shown her vaping!
  5. Y'all are going to laugh at me for bringing up a blink-and-you-miss-it comment from pages back, but I wanted to comment on this because it's kind of topical right now: I don't think "healthy" is quite the right word but marijuana is definitely not "unhealthy." You can - and many people do - abuse it to the point where you're lazy as hell and live in a constant haze. But it has many proven medical benefits and is way more "healthy" than alcohol or any substance people use to relax and disengage. And to get back on topic: I really wish Jane would consult an expert about thi
  6. Yeah, it's really kind of a bogus argument at this point. Plenty of famous actors have kids who want to act. Your legacy can only take you so far - at some point you have to do the work. As others have mentioned, Alexander Skarsgard and Laura Dern have famous parents, and yet they've earned their status as talented actors.
  7. Perhaps, but nepotism won't lead you to be the first woman ever to win the French version of the Oscar. You gotta do that work yourself. But we're getting off topic. I think Shailene is doing a fine job, but it's fun to imagine what KS would bring to the table. On that note, although I think Nicole is compelling as Celeste, I've found myself wondering what another actress could bring to that role, particularly one who can do a consistent American accent! The slipping is making me batty. It's like she's not even trying. Or maybe they just should have made her character Australian.
  8. I'm cool with Shailene but as a Kristen Stewart fan I LOVE this suggestion and am now picturing it. I've been intrigued by her ever since The Runaways. Then I saw her in Still Alice and Clouds of Sils Maria and finally realized how talented she is. She would knock that jittery, hidden depths thing that Shailene has to do in this out of the park. I think we may be experiencing David E. Kelly’s pop sensibilities, which would make sense seeing as how it’s his show. The music often skews a little baby boomer for my taste (Otis Redding, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Martha Wainwri
  9. It's more than just a "deep, complicated psychological" issue, though. Many, many women don't leave their abusers because they are literally afraid the guy will kill them if they do. And often, that's precisely what happens. Here's one staggering statistic: up to 75% of abused women who are murdered are killed AFTER they leave their abuser. https://www.theguardian.com/money/us-money-blog/2014/oct/20/domestic-private-violence-women-men-abuse-hbo-ray-rice As for Renata, I'm going to blame the over-the-top behavior on the way the character is written (perhaps intentionally) and not Laura Der
  10. Ding ding ding! You found one! Me and my bestie both find Nick attractive. I think he's sensitive, sincere and funny. Also I prefer sweet, quirky, offbeat guys to jocks and such. And I find him pretty to look at. Really I think it just comes down to what you're into.
  11. I had the same issue. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why I wasn't warming to Vanessa. I finally realized it's because she's a total control freak, and I cannot handle control freaks. They are absolutely exhausting. I feel very fortunate that I never inadvertently wound up in a relationship with one because I would have been miserable. Nick - women can be strong, sassy and confident without being totally controlling. In fact, we're out there in spades, Nick! I also just wanted to give a shout out to Nick's dad. What a mensch. It's so refreshing to see a dad on this show who's
  12. Ha! It's true. He's sexy and awkward at the same time. And when he gets nervous he kinds starts babbling. I get the feeling he's still not sure this is actually happening. It's very entertaining.
  13. Nick is the only male lead I've ever found attractive. I'll watch the show regardless (I have issues), but it's more fun for me this year because Nick happens to float my boat. As for the women, I've always found Andi stunning, even with her Grumpy Cat tendencies. I didn't like her by the end of her season, but I still think she's so so pretty. The rest of the women just haven't been my "type" I guess. Ha! That explains so much!
  14. Yeah, since this show is designed for wild speculation, I'll wildly speculate that Nick won't wind up marrying the woman he chooses at the end. They'll date for a while, break up, and then he'll find the right person outside of this franchise. I'll keep an open mind, but right now none of them seem to particularly be his type. He'll probably fall in love for a while anyway, though, because that's just what he does. It's part of what I like about him, actually.
  15. Cool article from Bustle about this season of the Bachelor starting off as very sex-positive, thanks to Nick!
  16. Ha! Rainsong, you never cease to amuse. And terrify! I read things like this and I'm reminded of how happy I am in my little Bay Area bubble where so-called "blokes' blokes" with loudly swooshing red blood are the exception, not the norm. I am happily married to a SNAG. Uh, yeah, not how I would play that either. But hey, at least we got our first openly bisexual contestant (at least as far as I can recall)!
  17. I love Nick and I'm so psyched that he's the Bachelor. I'm like James Gunn and Kathy Griffin - I've always liked him. I think he's clever and genuine and sexy. So far only Rachel and Vanessa (although who the hell hates flowers??) seemed to really suit him, but we'll see. Excited for the season!
  18. Paula's already had children. It's completely understandable and admirable thathe she's ready to try something new. In other news, did anyone else recognize that bridge from the Buffy episode "Once More with Feeling"?
  19. I have a longstanding, completely indefensible crush on Chris Harrison. I think it's because I suspect that he's smart and snarky in real life (and this is backed up by some podcasts I've heard him on). That said, I LOATHE that intro with Jorge. It made me cringe every time I saw it. It's so offensive! "Fetch my champagne, inferior brown person!" But I don't blame CH for that. I think we can fault the director/producer.
  20. Finally watched this episode of After Paradise and wow, the fact that Jared is obsessed with Rob Thomas speaks volumes. It's like being obsessed with the color beige.
  21. I watch a lot of dark stuff. I love horror movies, I love thrillers, I love whodunits. But that doesn't mean they don't get to me sometimes. As an animal lover, one of my biggest complaints about horror films is that writers/directors often kill off animals as a cheap way to upset the audience and show us how high the stakes are - how evil the villains are. So yeah, I was really, really touched to see the kitty at the end. Like, crying-my-face-off-for-the-next-hour touched. I feel like it was earned, and I don't feel like it was cheap. A bit heavy in terms of the symbolism? Sure, I'll give you
  22. If it were me, I wouldn't confront the obsessed mean girl at all. That just gives her power. I'd go to Jared (which would never happen because "ew", but for the sake of making a point) and say, "Listen, this girl is obsessed with you and you need to decide what you want more: to date me or to get an hourly ego blowjob from her? If it's the former, shut her down for good or we are done." Ohmigod. You just won this thread. Maybe you should homeschool the twins.
  23. Re Ashley: There is something deeply damaged about this girl. It's like she's bought into every Disney princess story before they started trying to be at least somewhat feminist. And her self-esteem is in the toilet. It doesn't matter how beautiful you are (and I happen to think she is beautiful), no one is going to want to date such a needy, clingy, insecure mess. She needs some serious therapy. So. Much. Word. I think one reason I watch the Bachelor and all the spinoffs is because for me they're all like some weird throw back to a much more traditional time, which I find soc
  24. This was my first season of "Are You the One?" and I was sort of shocked by how much I liked it. It was ridiculously entertaining. Will we get a reunion show? Do any of these couples ever stay together? I imagine it's like the Bachelor franchise in that long term couples are pretty rare.
  25. I guess it's a good thing I don't have kids because I kinda don't see what the big deal is (although I find the whole Josh/Amanda thing gross). What *would* disturb me is to see anyone with kids (or without kids, for that matter) acting violent on camera. I've been here all along, too! I always liked Nick and was very annoyed by the poor edit he was getting, so this redemption arc of sorts is making me very happy.
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