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  1. Quinzee

    S03.E01: The Battle Joined

    Is the site not recapping Outlander this year?
  2. Quinzee

    S01.E17: What Now?

    I said to my sister in law months ago my theory is Jack dies in a car accident getting Kate something to eat, so I like the theories that he doesn't die going to see Rebecca in Cleveland.
  3. Quinzee

    Book 4: Drums of Autumn

    I finished this book last night, and I totally agree on the Three's Company analogy, and dislike of Brianna. I found myself skimming quite a bit to get back to the "action" , so to speak. A few thoughts: -Jamie and Claire just up and leave their fledging farm to find Roger without a thought to the animals or tending of the farm? I guess I filled in "Fergus took care of them" but seems like a farmer would take care of that first, versus placating his spoiled brat daughter. But when they returned to the neglected cabin, no mention of the animals at all. -Brianna's blackmail of Lord John. Should we assume Lord John was "forcing" a male slave to tend to his "needs"? -so Roger saved his greaty great grandfather on the ship? -why did no one at Lallybrook ever ask Brianna where she was all the time Claire was back with Jamie? -why no ending to the Willie and Jamie story going to the village?
  4. Quinzee

    S03.E08: To The Gates!

    Not spoiled, but I'm thinking with all the dead bodies in the Seine and inside the walls, disease is going to get all the Franks holed up inside. Water is contaminated...decomposing bodies. Does the plague exist in these times? Won't it affect the Vikings as well? Anyway, that's what The Seer's prophecy pinged for me...
  5. Quinzee

    Two And A Half Men

    An hour after watching it, it's mostly forgettable. Laughed at the "but Alan never pays for anything" lines and Ahnold's "did he try anger management?" joke. Thought the fact Charlie was held in a pit for four years and did not incite anger at Rose by Alan or Evelyn pathetic. Any human with an ounce of decency would be horrified. Also, Charlie Harper was never shown as being big into coke or bisexuality or beastality. Those jokes were obviously spiteful. I watched hoping to see Sheen. The show made Lorre rich. It would have been great if they let him back on as a thank you to the audience.
  6. Quinzee

    S03.E01: Mercenary

    Thank you for doing recaps again this season! Loved this one.... I was thinking that Kalf was playing the guy but now rethinking that based on your recap... They didn't go further with the idea of him marrying Lagertha. If he did marry her, would he be co-earl? And...not enough Rollo in this episode!
  7. Quinzee

    If it is broke, shouldn't it be fixed?

    I've always wondered, with Caroline's college degrees, why she is not trying for a business entry level position or a better paying job than diner waitress? For that matter, why Max isn't trying to wait tables at a more high end restaurant, if the tips are so bad at the Diner? They're always going to be broke if they never want to improve their job situation! The self employment thing doesn't seem to be working out.
  8. "Eunuch, what did you do for fun around here before I conquered you." "We used to have balls, sire." ( probably not the exact lines but it cracked me up!)
  9. Quinzee

    James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

    Why is there a price on Jamie's head? Who did he murder? He was flogged for stealing a laf of bread, correct? Did I miss this explanation of his backstory somehow? or has it not been explained yet? Thanks!
  10. Quinzee

    S03.E02: Blood in the Water

    I was surprised his PSR went up. He was pretty useless. Dani could have done it on her own!
  11. Quinzee

    S09.E11: Day 9: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM

    So instead of getting to the ship at the dock to flee the country, Cheng Zhi miracously discovers Audrey's secret meeting in the park to capture her...why? How is Audrey important at all? And why should we care? That said, I can't believe this will wrap up in an hour! I've really enjoyed this season.