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  1. Haven’t we already had enough of Mormons on 90 Day Fiancé? With all of the plastic surgery and/or gastric bypass procedures and hair replacement procedures running rampant through all the story lines, why has nothing ever been done about Jenny’s awful neckline? And lastly, haven’t we already had enough of morons on 90 Day Fiancé?
  2. I believe that Myrla’s fake persona of being sophisticated and only suited to the finer things is her way of trying to distract from the fact that she’s fugly or she’s just simply a bitch, you pick
  3. Apropos of the many comments imploring TPTB at TLC to remove the womanbeast Angela from future broadcasts - they either don’t pay attention to the forums or simply don’t plan their programming based on viewers’ wishes or desires. Proof positive of this is that they’re giving Jenny and Sumit another season on TOW.
  4. While I agree that a lot of what goes on with these couples/families is staged by TLC, there’s still a lot of reality in what we’re seeing. First of all, most of them are too stupid to be such good actors, the emotions and feelings are totally real. Being prompted by production isn’t enough to bring out the levels of anger and physicality we’re seeing. These people are truly fucked up in their own right, which is most likely why they were chosen to begin with. i was truly bothered by the lack of compassion the Potthast bunch showed their father when he was so obviously in despair over wha
  5. Bottom line, she did absolutely nothing to persuade him not to leave. Would it have been so hard to say something like “Greg please stay, I don’t want you to leave” but she just sat there and as he said, gave him nothing.
  6. Yara, you just had a baby. You really need to think about putting on a bra.
  7. Angela is the absolute vilest filthiest piece of pure trash to ever blight my tv screen. Can’t even find words to say how completely reprehensible she is. And why the hell did Aunt Sue ONLY tell Andrei to calm down when there was a whole kitchen full of Libby’s family members who needed to shut the fuck up. While I feel bad for Chuck, he needs to intervene once in a while and tell all of his asshole kids to STOP IT!!
  8. Wow, I wish my memory was that good! At this age I can’t even remember what years the original TS episodes were shown. I just remember that particular episode so well because her reaction was so extreme. (And of course all the times the episodes were all rerun over and over........)
  9. Haven’t read every page so sorry if I’m being redundant in my comments. Hilary will always have the “home field” advantage because of sentimentality AND either the homeowners are too lazy to take on the move or, let’s face it, moving your whole household and family and all of the address changes and possibly being in a different tax district, and the lost goes on and on....... just might be too daunting of a task for a lot of busy parents. So they’re put on the spot to make their decision immediately after seeing all the wonderful shiny changes Hilary made to the place where they ALREADY
  10. Totally this. I made the mistake of trying to watch this whole episode for a change and had to run to my hidey place and smoke a little bowl (I don’t drink for medical reasons, also like the weed high more than alcohol). Pillow Talk almost always has couples that I enjoy, and they usually call the HEA peeps on all their bullshit. Favorites are Loren/Alexei, Tim/Veronica, David/Annie, Molly/Cynthia Am embarrassed that I used to have a convertible Mustang after seeing the one in Trish’s driveway. I used to blame Natalie for most of their troubles, but now I hate Mike, Trish and Natalie
  11. Sadly Dan’s child will be the loser in all this, because his father is letting his pecker guide his decision. Love, my ass!!! Let’s call it what it is, hormonal teenage lust that NEVER looks good on grownups. It won’t be long until Jess starts her shit-stirring ways, probably with Dan’s family, and their little smarmy fairytale will come to a disastrous end, leaving a shit show in its wake for Dan and his family to deal with. Duck-lipped bitch!!
  12. Dan and Jess, there “spark” is soon going to ignite a dumpster fire. Jess (besides being a self-absorbed manipulative little bitch) is already assuming this little tryst is going to end in marriage and babies. Dan seems to be just getting an inkling of what a mistake he’s made, but is going to get laid as much as possible before it explodes. I don’t think Dan is all that bright btw. Mike and Heidi are simply just not right for each other, I think they’re both good people in their own way but in the long run neither of them will get what they need from a relationship. Tbh I’ve not been a f
  13. My god, some of these women dress like high-dollar hookers at the dinner parties! And I hope Dan doesn’t choose to stay with Tam, she deserves way better than that weasel. I don’t even think he’s attractive at all, unless you’re into cavemen.
  14. Clara is what Elizabeth Moss would look like if she was pretty. Also, Amani, Beth and Karen look gorgeous tonight. Thats it, just a couple random comments
  15. Angela is a piece of trash and since 90 Days the whole world knows it. Trash, nothing but the worst of low class trash. Libby’s family is a bunch of assholes. While I don’t always agree with Andrei’s behavior, they need to remember he’s from a completely different culture and give a little latitude. Has any one of them ever bothered to sit with him and talk rationally? No, no they haven’t, they just immediately jump in and criticize. This family embarrasses me. And Tiffany needs to miss a few meals before she cries poor-mouth. This show is one of the reasons America has a fat reputat
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