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  1. This is so funny, because so many of the objections to the two Andrea's is that people wouldn't wear their clothes, or that older women wouldn't wear their clothes.
  2. Taste is subjective, but there is no way that Gary's clothes would appeal to a wider market than Andrea P's, and that's fine. Designers need a signature style, and should do what works for them.
  3. All three of these designers will be successful. I think that any of them could have won. I was a fan of Andrea P from the start, but Andrea S won me over the past two episodes, because of her business sense. Andrea S. really understands her brand, and how to catch people's attention, but she also understands the business side. I'm not surprised that Amazon wants to work with all three, they really are incredible designers. I love Gary's textiles and prints, they are so unique. I love Andrea P's eye for colors, and how her designs are so flattering. I noticed the same thing when I went to her
  4. That was a good episode. I'm glad that all three made it to the final, that was the right decision. Andrea S. has always had a distinctive style, but her store was a revelation. It really did look like a real store. I love that she included shoes and accessories. The new styles that she made were also very good. It was a great decision to include the mirror, as well as show different ways that the items could be worn. I liked Andrea P's designs, and the concept, but it really didn't look like a store. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it just didn't come off as comfortable and invi
  5. Without promotion people won't know that a product exists. I hate networking, but it is essential. I wonder if Gary's lack of confidence played a role in his business closing. It is a million times better than last season. Season one focused too much on Heidi and Tim. They also cast people who were already successful, and because of that they were not flexible. The season two cast seems to have the same amount of established designers, but they are more flexible, and are at least pretending that they care about the million dollars.
  6. I really liked these last two episodes, and some of the digital videos. Gary's video was incredibly moving, but mainly because of the poem. I'm glad that Gary acknowledged the work of the models and the videographer. His design was amazing, and I would totally buy his runway outfit. Andrea's video was also good. I'm happy that she finally won a challenge. Her outfits were not exciting, but I would still buy them, and I like that she designed something different. I also looked at her website, and she has designed some incredibly looking dresses for women of all sizes. The other Andrea's design
  7. Based on last season, the main problem may be both a lack of communication, and giving the seamstresses too much to do in a short period of time. Last year, the woman who was the second elimination had a lot of problems knowing how to effectively let the seamstresses know what she wanted. I think that Olivia would have had problems in this area, ,especially since she didn't know how to talk to people in a professional way.
  8. Everything that he said during the eliminations was 100% true.
  9. I am so glad that Olivia is gone. She really needed to grow up. I know that she said that she understood the judges comments, but I don't think that she will change anytime soon. Ally was sweet, but I really wouldn't spend more than $20 on anything that she made. Her clothes were things that you wear around the house to clean. It is sad that she couldn't see how to evolve her style, and make the clothes look more fashionable. This was the first episode and judging that seemed legitimate. Both women should have been cut. None of their designs showed passion or looked like anything that p
  10. The final three did so well in their master classes. Sophie showed that she is incredibly knowledgeable about makeup and special effects makeup. Craig did the same when it comes to skin, and makeup for men. I love that Dolli was so confident and professional. She did a great job of expressing her style. I liked Dolli and Sophie's creative looks more than Craig's, but Dolli has had a habit of not being precise in her looks. That being said, her model was a close second to Sophie's. I loved Craig's inspiration, but I think that he was just missing a step or two. Based on the final face off
  11. I'm so sad that there is only one episode left. I'm done backing Dolli. Rankin specifically asked that they not be literal, and she immediately decides to do clouds and birds. It's like she wanted to go home. Then she made it worse by having a look that anyone could see was not going to stand out on film. I'm glad that she finally did well on her third chance, but the cloud look just made no sense. I was happy for Jack in the first challenge. Their look was great, and it showed that Jack has talent. As much as I love this show, I'm not sure about the creative challenge carrying
  12. The last three designers are so talented, but I'm glad Hugo won. I would buy so many of the pieces that he designed. His earrings were stunning. I didn't like Tamara's earrings, but they were very unique, and showed that she has a lot of imagination. I think that she didn't go far enough with her bespoke piece. It was pretty, but really didn't fit the occasion. Dan and Hugo's bespoke pieces were amazing.
  13. Another good episode. I liked the look of Dolli's model in the ASOS challenge, but the lip color was incredibly off brief. I'm glad that Dolli is aware of her problems in the creative challenges. Hopefully she was able to address the problem in the upcoming episodes. I'm also glad that they addressed Riley's shading issues. That has been something that should result in the MUA getting thrown out of the competition. Riley did surprise me in the creative challenge. Her model looked great, but I did feel sorry for her at the begining, ,because Riley seemed to be lost. It is clear that Sophi
  14. I like Alex, but she really did need to work on having more confidence. She also should have known that painting her face the same color as the background was not a good idea. Dolly seems to be very talented, if a little green, but I don't understand why she has so much trouble in the second challenges. I think that she was lucky not to be in the face off. She had a great idea, but the execution was horrible.
  15. Hugo's locket and earrings were amazing. I would definitely buy both. I'm sure that there are a lot of teenage girls who would love those earrings, so it ticked me off when the judge said that he is not showing his youth in his designs. That seemed incredibly insulting for some reason.
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