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  1. Anyone know the point of show group this year? I can’t see when they would’ve had any opportunities to perform. And same with point and a triangle- why bother? This whole season to me seems like there was no need for rookies. This was the year that they didn’t do a kick line, no formation changes during dances, just danced in the same spot in a straight line which I’m guessing also requires less stamina then a normal field performance? The dancers TPTB were worried about lacking in energy, like Hannah and Brennan, would’ve been fine. IMO this was the year to keep people who were excellent team mates even if TPTB believed they were lacking in dance, and cut them some slack because this whole year was a nightmare for everyone.
  2. I think using tragedy, unrest and what is a traumatic and scary time for people to promote your business is tasteless.
  3. I don’t have access to episodes in my country 😢 I’m curious about this, what question was asked and what did Rachel W say? I was under the impression she had some conservative political leanings would be interested to hear her response
  4. This is a bit left of centre but I wouldn’t mind seeing Amber and Amanda sharing point next year. I know Rachel W is strong but I find Amanda and Amber have more sass and spunk. I know some find Amber a blender but after watching her solos/DCC in motions and when I’m actually looking for in routines something about her facial expressions and performance is more spunky and a little less vanilla than the other potential points Caroline and Rachel W, as good as those 2 are. And I know it would only be Amanda’s 3rd season but I think she’d be capable, wasn’t Kashara point in her 3rd year? Year after that I think Kelsey and Amanda would be an awesome pair to share point.
  5. Dance is an art form and art often conveys a story or meaning. What’s so bad about Kristin telling a story through her solo? I have no idea how on earth standing against racism and showing support for black folk is a “controversial political agenda”? Her solo was just about standing up for basic human rights and social justice. If her dance was about aboloshing the police, that would be making a stance on a “controversial political agenda”. Kristins solo was nothing of the sort. It saddens me that a dance calling for action to address racism is considered controversial. If Charlotte cut her on the spot that would’ve been outrageous given even Kelli Fin herself made a long post about society needing to do better when a black man was killed by police- whether it was sincere or not is another story but the point is the director of DCC showed support for Black Lives Matter so Charlotte cutting Kristin for doing the same thing Kelli did (albeit more meaningfully IMO) would be illogical and totally unfair. I don’t think it’s a bad thing Kristin used her platform to send a message- dancing a solo that is about racial inequality to me is no different to girls selecting a cause to raise awareness on for my cause my boots.
  6. I found the number 1 issue to be that they didn’t even mention on the show what the solo was about and it’s true meaning, from the clips I saw. I have a hunch Charlotte wasn’t wild about it because she seems like a very privileged and conservative person who doesn’t like to support causes that may not be profitable or popular with her fan base. For once Neil McCoys opinion I took more seirously than a dancers like Kellis or Judys 😂 On another note, credit to Cassie Trammell for sharing this. I notice Judy also wasn’t impressed with Kristens solo so I commend Cassie for going against the grain and not just continuing to drink the look aid.
  7. I believe she was top 36. There are many weaker dancers than Hannah still on the team. Hannah is such an awesome dancer that even with everything going on for her she could still perform better than half the squad.
  8. Hannah didn’t show up to work “mentally unprepared”, she was suffering distress beyond her control and likely managed it best as she could. She wasnt simply “stressed out”- she’s been open about her anxiety and depression. A pandemic is prime time for such issues to flare up. dancing was clearly something she was looking forward to; she may have thought it would help her mental state. it’s actually legally discrimination to fire someone based on mental illness. If it’s affecting someone’s work then the right thing to do would be offer them to take leave and return when they’re well, as many professional sport teams do rather than firing them. After all, supporting the wellbeing of ones staff certainly is part of Kelli’s/any boss’ job. However in Hannah’s case it didn’t massively affect her performance- dancing was up to par and far better than some of those still on the team, so the cut seems unfair. As many have pointed out, the bubble was pointless since no one had to isolate for 2 weeks prior to entering. Even with testing before entering, If someone picked up COVID 2 nights before TC at a gathering, a COVID test could show up negative until they had developed symptoms. They would be infectious for at least a portion if not all of TC, rendering the bubble useless.
  9. Yes, Brennan isn’t the strongest dancer but as I’ve said before she is certainly more reliable and more mistake-free than girls like Kat and Alora-Rose, even Savannah, who are still on the team. I just can’t understand how anyone could say Brennan is worse than them. That’s why people are defending her. I’m indifferent to Brennan, not some mega fan of hers, but it would seem that objectively there are weaker dancers on the team. Hence her cut doesn’t seem logical. We don’t really know these girls though do we. They don’t speak a whole lot on the show, and when they do it’s mostly producer directed. It’s difficult to display ones substance. a better insight into them might be when they appear on the podcast, or their own personal IGs. Even then, people act differently in real life. I feel bad when some girls get accused of being boring, while they can appear that way, we don’t know them personally, some people are reserved and not their normal selves on camera, perhaps they’re worried about saying something that could be seen as out of line so they just play it safe. Dancing on camera is probably far more comfortable for them than speaking, to me the “boring” ones sometimes come across as lacking confidence in themselves. People like that might be hesitant to speak too freely on camera. exceptions would be people like Kashara and Lauren who had really spunky personalities and could be a laugh. Perhaps they are more comfortable on camera though and confident in themselves.
  10. This is very useful to a non dancer. Who are the best technical dancers in the current group would you say? I think I remember Kelly saying “perfect mix of technique and power” about a now retired vet and from my limited knowledge of dance I reckon that quote encapsulates Amanda well!
  11. Amanda is an amazing dancer and really captivating to watch. Seems like a nice girl too. Next season I’d love to see her in the triangle or as point and think any of Ashlee, Amber, Caroline would be good for point too (if they all stuck around). I’d say Gina for the triangle too but dunno If she’ll still be around next season. Kelsey would also be good in the triangle and when her and Amanda are 4th years they’d be awesome sharing point I reckon! In the future Chandi could be in the triangle too.
  12. Clearly im referring to it in general, that completing surgery is not considered vigorous intensity exercise for the most part. I‘m obviously not saying it doesn’t require exertion. I haven’t seen anyone in my area wearing masks to go for runs, and it’s not mandated.in saying that, we have a government who locked us down early so the virus has gone down to minimal transmission. my point was simply that it isn’t necessarily fair to assume VK has low stamina just because she needed a break from her mask when plenty of athletes wouldn’t be comfortable and would feel a bit suffocated. That was all.
  13. Surgeons aren’t breathing as heavily as athletes. The Australian government has recommended not to wear masks while exercising. Using one specifically made for exercising might make it more doable, I didn’t realise they existed.
  14. I sure hope she doesn’t. DCC standards are a joke. Other professional athletes don’t get warnings for having “thick” thighs, they only get weight warnings if their stamina/performance is affected. She has Always had naturally curvier thighs if you look at past pics of her. I don’t see how they look bad, she has a lovely figure. They actually looked toned. News flash Kelly Judy and Charlotte, not all woman are born as sticks. She’s a good dancer, no reports she’s unfit, and she’s beautiful. Her thighs are not impacting her performance. The level of skinny DCC required is just outrageous and I wouldn’t be surprised if half those girls end up with eating eating disorders.
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