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  1. What was the timeline from when they found out they were going to training camp to actually having to be in Texas? I’m wondering if they were able to bond learning dances or generally knowing they had this opportunity coming up.
  2. I, too, loved Amelia. She’s absolutely beautiful and as said above, if this was a normal training camp with as much time as the girls typically have, she totally would have made this team. I really do hope she comes back next year. I think Sydney is a pretty girl although something about her is almost baby doll-ish, but in a strange plastic away. Maybe it’s the impossibly silky wig or the way she carries herself? I can’t quite put my finger on it. Anyhoo, the girl has an ASS! I wish they had shown her uniform fitting as I believe this is the first time they’ve had a TCC shaped like her. I know Lisa had to work overtime on fitting her shorts 😂. But seriously, would have loved to see what K had to say. Evan seems like he has the best spirit and energy. 🤍
  3. The Making the Team account posted an unseen clip about boot buddies on Twitter. You can briefly see Victoria and Brennan talking to Marissa (more accurately, Victoria acting like she’s a fifth year veteran with tons of boot buddy experience). Makes me sad for Brennan all over again, especially in light of earlier rumors of her talking to Marissa and Victoria about their attitudes and that not going over very well.
  4. Beautiful pic indeed. She’s not a fave by any stretch, but this picture highlights her maturity and beauty like you said
  5. If you go back and watch the scene, Michele knocks on a door on the 8th floor (room 8427) but Amelia opens her door on the 9th floor (room 9421). So I think the spoke with multiple girls but only aired the one conversation for whatever reason.
  6. Quick (hopefully not stupid) question: Does this thread/forum support in-episode live discussion? I know the Ep 1 thread will open at 11p EST and will be spoiler free. But while the episode is on, can we come to this thread to provide commentary? Will we still be allowed to talk spoilers here? Want to make sure I follow the rules, thanks!
  7. May be in the minority here, but power to the 18-21 year old TCCs. I agree there should be some maturity, but these girls are chasing a time-sensitive dream. The younger ones are in that awesome time in life where you get to make your own decisions but still have heavy support from your loved ones, and don’t have things that life usually brings (getting into your career, grad school, slowing down dance-wise, marriage and/or kid commitments, etc.). I’m only 35 but my 20s feel so far away! I look at these girls going after this (fleeting) dream and I’m like good for you sis! The other side of DCC will last way longer than what they may have put off for a year or two in exchange for the lifetime of memories. Verdict is out on this year‘s rookie class but with the pandemic, racial sensitivities, and pressure to produce a TV show, I’m interested to see how the show plays out. MTT is (and has been) at that point most long running reality TV shows get to - they say they are casting for the premise of the show when they are actually just trying to make good TV. If anyone watches The Bachelor, there’s a guy who spoils the show and makes his whole living off it. Some fans get upset to have the show spoiled for them, which used to piss ABC off but when they realized the vast majority of the show’s watchers don’t know he exists, they left him to do his thing. I suspect this is the same. We know what’s going on but the powers that be are producing a show for the ones that show up every October to be mindlessly entertained an hour a week for two or three months.
  8. Do not speak that into existence about Gina!! We need at least one more year given this one is a fluke!!
  9. As a non dancer, seeing visuals like this is SO helpful. Would adore you dearly if you wanted to keep doing them!!
  10. Hmmm depends on how well they dance This right here. I’ll take my chances for $1000, Alex
  11. I don’t know if it was bad lighting or Bri has been in the sun lately, but part of my not recognizing her was because she looked much darker than she usually does. And I say this as a black woman - not darker as bad but darker as different. Not just that, but something in her face is different as well. I thought she may have been one of the rookies that I didn’t recognize at first before I watched it a couple of times. Still a beautiful girl, just looks crazy different in this video. That being said, there weren’t flattering lights, angles or soundbites for any soooo...
  12. We are the same person because I definitely do that too 😂 I have a playlist of random Judy phrases in my head. On any given day I need to “point my toes,” “dance pretty,” and “not look messy,” in addition to counting 8 counts with random words
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