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  1. So the season I’m watching Noel has short hair. He looks good with short hair!
  2. The suit is very 70s. Maybe it’s his dads haha. Jeremy living in a warehouse or a trailer he would rather ditch Jinge and run off.
  3. Jill Rodrigues is seeing green with envy. haha
  4. I think 1% is a chance of dying from COVID.
  5. At least they will have 9-10 months to date before the baby is born. Justin is Ben 2.0 Will finish puberty/grow up while having 3 kids by 25.
  6. They will do that after getting married. And call it date night while shopping at Walmart or going for pizza. It’s a sad sad thing.
  7. https://people.com/tv/counting-on-justin-duggar-engaged-claire-spivey/
  8. He too has the horrible Duggar hairline/hair. Justin is going to live in TX. Jim Bob probably has no job for him. I feel sorry for them. Too young and brainwashed.
  9. Jeremy looks haggard and OLD. He looks 50. Wonder if he will get his eyes done. I totally see him getting plastic surgery.
  10. @Christina87 hi waves happily! Nice to see you are still around. Hope you are well!
  11. Most sales are online no need to go anywhere.
  12. Oh deer god got me howling Thanks @heatherchandler
  13. I wish Anna would go get a degree and get a job. And stop having kids. Josh is unemployable. It’s up to her to provide for the family. Jim Bob isn’t going to support all of them for eternity. What a bunch of idiots.
  14. I think if third kid is a boy they will stop. I don’t think they will have more than 4. I would go crazy if I had as married to Jeremy the model wannabe. I doubt he does any chores or helps her with much at all.
  15. Had 2/8. Now waiting for insurance approval for the next 2. Maybe I will be done in February??? Decided to go dairy free to see if it helps my stomach problems. Ehhhhh my body cannot digest non dairy milks. Fun times. Haha.
  16. Tacky, tacky, tacky But their taste in clothes is tacky so it’s definitely them in that carpet selection The Deborings or Tackiors
  17. Trader Joe’s is a hit or miss. I bought plenty of things that I didn’t like.
  18. Laura is next to go. She is just stumbling/limping along. David scares me I bet he is a very angry person. He gives off a bad vibe. Peter is like a baby hamster too cute. Hermeine is a very funny lady. I like her.
  19. Hey David Rodrigues , since you are pro life feed your kids some food. Thanks.
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