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  1. They actually gave a more soft tone blonde hair in her rookie year, It lookee great on her. after year it is their own decision whether to go back to their previous colour or do a different shade I think. Like Kelsey Bond with her 4 haircolours for every year she was on the team, Danielle went back to light brown in her 3rd year and Rachel A and Mackenzie even cut their hair #TonightIsYourLastDayHair
  2. Miranda is another case of someone who I liked to stay longer, in Tyce his choreo last year she really catched my eye. I was like damn girl. So happy she made the team even tho many didn't found her a fit for DCC due her uniboob at the time
  3. I was already expecting this so I will say it again. Cassie her injury happened during DCC work and 4 years into her tenure, she already showed her worth to the team. She was in a late stage of her recovery and would dance most of the football season. Brennans condition can take years recover if she can recover properly from it at all. What will your excuse for her be when she can't keep up the rest of her tenure? She doesn't deserve special treatment for Surviving COVID, like no one deserves. I get it, it is very easy to just hate K, J and C. However, I choose to look further than that and see what the actual cause of the cut could have been instead of following what is decided by someone else
  4. If Brennan couldn't keep up her cut is deserved. She can be as classy as she is, if you don't have the stamina, bye
  5. 1. We don't know exactly why Brennan was cut. Some here randomly decided that she got cut due having covid 2. Brennan was a blender at best, no competition for anyone 3. Yes it is a coincidence as we all know Lily and Meredith would be at risk of getting cut. Brennan was never a standout either. Only Hannahs cut was questionable
  6. This is how Victoria should style her hair, she looks really good here
  7. Cianna realizing Amy was in front her was so cute tbh, as she was waving like "Omg Amy, hello!!" 🤣🤭
  8. The GOAT of All Stars. One of the hest the team ever had imo
  9. So interesting to see how it was back then I have no idea, if they are, will Emma be a All Star again? 😂😂 she should have been credited as a 5th year vet anyways as she joined the team for almost the whole 2016-2017 season 😂
  10. Returning vets (4 cuts) Retired vets Current new squad Groups
  11. If you mean Briana Baisden, she came back and made the team (3rd year vet now) I think she is around 30yo now so I wouldn't be surprised if she decides to retire after this season
  12. That is Erins full body photo of the photo they she used as her Twitter picture. Rachel W for example has that too
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