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  1. Awww Lily’s Instagram story 🥰😭 wishing McKenzie well and just being really sweet and sincere. She definitely didn’t deserve to be cut
  2. Sorry not watched last nights episode and came on to share Kristins post on Lily - but what post did her boyfriend put on Kelli’s IG? I’ve missed that one. I have a 48 hour delay here for when I can get the episode and by sounds of it I can’t wait to watch it purely for Brennan handing out sass
  3. You’d think, given a few of us on here, are dancers or have been dancers are stating it though, may have some bearing or as @EricaShadows stated, she blatantly ignored her teachers too and ignored their critique. if you’re not going to listen to teachers why bother? But on top of that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and there is a number of photos of girls on the team past and present with correct technique, where their body is up and the lock is coming from their hips and leg muscles and not needing to lean over and be obvious for yourself to see you don’t look as good as those girls or would want to look as effortless as them. Or even copy her own group leader Tess has lovely kicks.
  4. I’m not sure I’m only just watching the episode and Brennan has just been called into the office, there’s a delay on when I can watch the show here
  5. I think the show isn’t allowed to, have you ever noticed they never say thunderstruck? They just say our signature game routine and the music is never played on the show? It’s always played alongside other music, mustn’t have the rights or have to pay something for even mentioning it
  6. I think Lily is perhaps taking a lead out of Hannah’s book, I commented on a DCC MTT post...Lily’s liked it. I’d take Lily over Marissa any day, I know Marissa is a better trained dancer but I really think she’s an ambassador risk
  7. Can I please just say, I’m sorry for your loss of your grandfather, thank you for being honest and speaking out, I’m glad you’re getting help (I really don’t mean that in any nasty way at all) and that I hope you’re okay 💙 also as someone who has suffered mental health issues myself, I’m so peeved at how they’re handling Hannah’s cuts, I’m not sure I can watch the latest episode. although tbf I probably will but I know I’ll fevers wound up if I do and I’m glad team mates have stuck up for her.
  8. Whatttttt?! I know you won’t be kidding but I really wish you were! Poor Lily! She’s lovely!
  9. Retirements are announced around the time of auditions aren’t they? @ShellyB is that correct? also are the girls still not permitted to send out signed photos? How does someone go about getting one? Won’t lie I wouldn’t mind one before one of my faves retires 😅
  10. I think Kristin will definitely retire and follow her boyfriend
  11. We all know she just about made the team last year and didn’t have the style but seeing her post here breaks my heart for her
  12. Thought heather had already retired? She retired same time as Amy, Bridget etc their season technically ends just before try outs which was 2020 so that’s why she’s put about retiring from DCC for 2020
  13. But VK although didn’t dance we know she was there, I posted the pic of her in her my cause my boots at the stadium so she must’ve hid in the locker room. Interestingly Judy responded to a comment from DCC_Insider on insta I’ll try and post the screen shot but it shouts at me the file is too big 😂😅 Ahh yeah that was me. Thanks was just trying to upload this on here 😂
  14. It’s already all over the Facebook pages too the screen shots of that story, didn’t realise they’d deleted it. although they also posted a picture of VK wearing her my cause my boots at the sidelines and she is also supposed to be quarantining...on the Facebook page there was a comment asking if VK had finished her quarantine 🤣
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