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  1. Is it wrong to say that I want another HUGE group of rookies again? Like Season 7 and 13? Most DCC girls retire after 3 years so we might see a lot of girls from the class of 2018 leave. Also I can see it going both ways where people would want to stay because they missed out on most perks of being a DCC, but also people would want to retire because 2021 might be the same as 2020 and there's no point in staying. Confirmed girls that I know of to be coming back are Gina, Marissa and Victoria (ok Victoria is not necessarily confirmed but come on) Girls that I wish would retire are Alora-Rose, Briana, Caroline, Daphne, Erin, Jessica, Kat, Kristin, Maddie, Madeline, Rachel A. Savannah, Sydney, Taylor, and Tess Girls that I wish wouldn't retire but most likely will are Alanna, Amber, Ashlee, Jalyn, and Lexie. So if I get my wish (which I won't) there will be 15 spots open....which is one spot less than the rookie class of 2018. Now in terms of TCC girls that I wish would re-audition are Kelly, Tori, and Ashlinn from Season 15 (Not gonna lie, even though I never really cared for her Tori was robbed) Brett, Madeline S. and Shaina from Season 14 (Madeline S. dance wise is not the best, but I like her nonetheless) I also want Alexandra from Season 14 to come back but the fact that she has tried FIVE TIMES and still hasn't made it is kinda worrisome. Same thing with Celinda from Season 12 And Dayton from Season 13 (I know she doesn't wanna re-audition unless they stop airing the show, but I want her on the same so bad)
  2. And Marissa Garrison. She already confirmed it on her IG.
  3. Can we just talk about this pic of Kat and how it is ten million times better than both of her official cameo photos combined?
  4. Thanks 🙂 Also a couple of things I noticed right off the bat. Erin has two cameo photos from last year on her photo gallery, one more high quality than the other. For the vets they are posting last year's cameo photos as well as last year's headshots, but they don't have Amanda's cameo photo from last year. Also Gina's photo is from last year (which someone already mentioned) Currently I am on Gina and Cianna's pages, I am looking at them alphabetically.
  5. Can anyone tell me what the link is for Cianna's bio? I wrote Cianna and Cece and both of them come up with page not found.
  6. OH THANK GOD!!! FINALLY!!! They uploaded some really cool pictures of the girls too. I've only seen Alanna and Armani's pages so far, so I'm gonna have to do more digging, but so far....I am liking what I am seeing. Although I just wish it was easier to find the bios of every girl.
  7. Stupid dance question in 3....2....1.... What do a la secondes look like again?
  8. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Victoria get engaged after Alanna and Marissa.
  9. I'm surprised she didn't make it about cyberbullying. I remember in S14 they talked about that and how VK got a lot of hate online.
  10. Getting engaged doesn't mean they're getting married right now. Some couples wait years after their engagement to get married. I am a sucker for couples and weddings so I don't see a problem with it. As long as the parents are cool with it then good for them.
  11. Marissa posted her cameo photo on Instagram. Personally, the pose makes her look shorter, but what do you guys think?
  12. Oh are they seeing this? Ok gimme me one second *pulls out megaphone* WHERE ARE THE FULL BODY CAMEO PHOTOS????
  13. Victoria's cameo photo is from her Instagram account. Some of the girls posted their cameo photos on Instagram. Honestly I am still waiting for DCC to post them on the website, but it's starting to look like they are not going to....which is BS if you ask me.
  14. I will say this....VK's new cameo photo looks way better than last year's Although I like her hair in last year's photo, I like the pose and her facial expression more in the new photo.
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