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  1. I know around here there’s a rule that sex offenders can’t live within so many feet of a school/playground/day care, etc. I wonder if the compound would be considered in a similar way just because of how many minors are on it? i absolutely think Anna has been brainwashed for years, and I know what it’s like to be an abused wife, so I do have some sympathy. That said, both my grandmother and I got out when our then- spouses went after our kid. If Anna won’t get out, having seen that Josh doesn’t have the familial boundaries that some molesters seem to have, I would think she’s in
  2. Oh, and even if Jill is bragging, even if it is something genetic, good for her. I’ve posted pictures of my daughter dressed up and commented on how beautiful she is, which is luck of the draw and a mom’s opinion. I like reading my friends “brags” about their kids. I don’t think it’s irritating unless it becomes excessive. And, honestly? I just find it refreshing to read a brag from a duggar that isn’t about their child having such a humble servant’s heart.
  3. I don’t know about Arkansas, but, where I live, a local interventionist agency screens kids and provides those who qualify free services in day care/pre school, or in the home if the child doesn’t attend either of those places. They probably don’t even have to pay anyone
  4. My daughter was under tenth percentile for height, and third percentile for height to weight for YEARS. It wasn’t until she hit puberty that she even got on the chart. It was frequently commented on, by me AND others because, although perfectly healthy, she’s an outlier (I’m 5’9”, the shortest in my family, and a size 12; her dad is taller than me). Commenting on a kid’s stature isn’t necessarily a brag, and it’s especially common to do around a Birthday. Again, maybe this means the kid is getting well-child checkups on a schedule, or maybe he was just measured on a wall (I still do tha
  5. I agree. I see nothing wrong with homemade birthday cakes. I’ve done them for my daughter. My mom did them for me. My daughter made me one when she was 12. And, it takes a pretty good deal of time to decorate a cake, even if it’s not polished. It’sxreally the little things that count - the personalised cake, colours and all, favourite cereal for breakfast, dinner at Taco Bell, getting his birthday announced on the radio. And, honestly? Most of that isn’t going to cost a lot more than normal. What it does take is time and a willingness to buy the favourite food, call the radio station, make/dec
  6. Our family does not talk much about family. 😂 My mom has two step sisters, and my dad has one brother. I know the first names of the two step sisters, and the one lived near us when I was little so I met her two older sons. I *think* I know one of their names? I think she had two more kids, a boy and a girl. No idea on the third boy’s name and I think the girl is Crystal? My uncle was a philanderer and has four kids. He was married three times. I don’t know his first wife’s name off the top of my head. I do know his second wife’s name, and my cousin’s name. We hung out together at
  7. Eh. I have a cutesy spelling of my nickname. It’s a boring name both my parents could agree on (think, say, Susannna) and my mom wanted one nickname for me (say, Anna) but everyone called me “Susie” so she declared if she couldn’t have an “Anna”, she was having a fancy Susie, and promptly began spelled my name with two Es at the end. I would hate it if it wasn’t my name, but I love it since it is mine and very unique. Ftr, my name is not Susanna 😂
  8. In PA, teachers need 180 hours every five years. You have to do next to nothing to miss it, with all the PD the district has us do. Something like a one hour workshop counts one hour, a bonafide college course credit counts for 30 hours. You also have to get thirty credits beyond your bachelors in the first six years of *working*, but those can also count toward your 180 hours. They also let you roll over up to 50 “excess” hours, so, since I did my masters degree my first cycle, I was pretty set for the second cycle, and rolled extra over for my third, and I’m back in college for an
  9. I think the true indicator will be whether she renews it in 2022. You need to complete a certain amount of hours/education/training to renew it, so, if she does, it means she’s at least keeping up with requirements. It’s not arduous to complete them, but, a lot of people who don’t intend to go back into a field don’t keep up with it (I’m a teacher, and we have to complete X hours of education to every five years to renew our certifications, whether we’re working or not).
  10. Her license renewed on 2019 and is good until 2022, so, I guess three years in Arkansas.
  11. Around here, something that’s gained popularity the past year or so is “decorate your own cookie/cupcake” kits. Like, a dozen plain sugar cookies, little tubs of frosting, sprinkles, colored sugar, etc. Why not just say you bought cookies for the kids (well, Felicity) to decorate? Why does it all have to be a charade?
  12. I wish Abbie would go back to work, even part-time. It would help keep her current in an actually useful field, and i hope they’re smart enough to realise that the counting on money, if it doesn’t completely dry up, is going to be spread waaay to thinly eventually. And, around here, at least, places are happy to hire nurses for part-time schedules, and she might be able to work it out that it is family or, gasp, the *father* watching Grace. ETA: I just looked up her license and she renewed it in 2019, after marrying JD, so, it seems like her going back isn’t completely off the table. At
  13. I don’t even know anything about them other than from snark boards, but, I honestly wonder if there is significant mental illness and, if so, why cys (or whatever it is in their state) hasn’t stepped in with support. It doesn’t mean taking the kids; I’m a mandated reporter, and, more than once, I’ve made calls that were founded, but, the agencies stepped in with parenting classes, well-visits/check-ins, setting up therapy/dr visits, etc. And if the court recommendations weren’t followed, THEN more drastic action was taken. I just...I feel so sorry for those kids, but, I also wonder if the pare
  14. The thing is, if you have the equipment and access to a decent grocery store, it’s not that hard to whip up a semi decent meal at home, even if you don’t have a cooking background. You can develop skills. Until then, it’s not very hard to boil some water, throw in some pasta, set a timer, dump a jar of sauce in a pan, and open a bagged salad. Voila! Dinner. See also: Grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Marinated fish steaks grilled/roasted in the oven, a frozen veggie in the microwave, and some minute rice. A bazillion chicken and rice dishes. Hell, my fourteen year old loves to make
  15. Because it has nothing to do with maturity and everything to do with control. Look at how many of the married “adult” children are still controlled by JB, despite the supposed leave and cleave junk.
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