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  1. I think they're still fixing up the "our team" pages. It took them a day or so to put the squad photo on the site - when everything was usually up right after the last episode of the season (at least that's how I remember it).
  2. This seems like a good time to remind everyone that Jerry Jones bought $250 million yacht at the beginning of 2019. If he wanted to do his part, not just for his own cheerleaders, but for the NFL as a whole, he certainly has the resources to do so. It begins and ends at the top.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKAk6lgBOf4/ Show Group auditions.
  4. As long as they kiss Victoria's ass, they shouldn't have an problems. If the comment I've seen on Instagram is true, this now includes Gina. She shouldn't have a problem getting her 5th year. 🙂
  5. FULL HQ HEADSHOTS NOW ON THE WEBSITE https://dallascowboyscheerleaders.com/gallery/2020-dallas-cowboys-cheerleaders/
  6. Kelcey, Taylor and Rachel A. Most likely work related. Odd considering Kelli is so strict about not missing rehearsals.
  7. At least Brennan made the team because of her hard work and perseverance and not because she's Kelli's niece. 🤡
  8. There were a few shots of her here and there. That much is to be expected. There was the eye-roll worthy mention by MRS during Show Group auditions. They said her name when they announced Show Group. There was the mention of TK and they cut back to VK. That was it. Victoria did not say a single word during Season 15. She literally had no words. If there's any consolation to last nights episode, let it be that.
  9. They've tried so hard to hide the identities of the rookies who made it... but they switched out all the photos in the locker room months ago and even hung a squad photo too. They only care about the MTT viewers.
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