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  1. We talk frequently about why do these women need to know certain things during panel interviews and why do they ask certain questions. And it is so these women know better than to post insensitive things like this. But we all know Rachel will get a pass. Not sure why they haven’t flagged her as an ambassador risk yet.
  2. Interested to see if they edit out where Judy called Lily ugly tonight and told Lily that she throws away all her gameday photos. Judy is not the angel she pretends to portray.
  3. That is not the solo she actually did for show group auditions.
  4. The vets received the new dances the morning they moved into the bubble.
  5. It’s true. Victoria hasn’t danced at the last two games. Kelli was not at the second to last game.
  6. I knew they would edit this season to fit their narrative, but even I am surprised at how much they chose to edit. Obviously most of the time they can’t use the original music because of royalty, but to purposely overlay music that makes Kristin look off is insane (yes, they did that). Kelli told Hannah that her solo was one of the strongest when they were cutting her. Imagine sacrificing health, safety, time, to go into a bubble last minute, in the middle of a global pandemic, only to watch the women who are supposed to lead you with grace and positivity, tear you down because they didn’t like the message your dance sent. Interesting that they didn’t show the judges’ comments about not being the least bit impressed with another “white girl” hip hop from Maddie. Interesting that they left Claire W get away with wearing a potato sack for her solo dance when they have cut vets for doing the same. This show is actually ludicrous. P.S. how are you calling this a bubble when you are leaving the hotel to go to the stadium where there are public tours happening at the same time as filming????
  7. Kelli was also not there. Kelli had a family member who lives with her test positive and since Victoria had been spending considerable time with both Kelli and the family member in their home, she also had to quarantine and miss the game.
  8. Man you just said everything I feel, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
  9. Interesting how they are trying to claim certain cut vets look unhappy, tired, not-recovered from Covid, and showed Sydney almost passing out, but not surprisingly edited out the day Savannah had a “panic attack” due to being stressed about not knowing dances and went back to her room and didn’t dance. Why is it ok that Kat and Maddie continually make mistakes in these clips, but they want us to believe that Hannahs paleness should be considered as a viable reason she is on the radar. Why is it ok that certain dancers get passes? Don’t answer that, I already know the answer. I said from the start that the editing would be out of control this year but they are taking it to a level that is even egregious for them.
  10. Interesting...Brianna was the only one I actually enjoyed in this clip although it was approximately 4 seconds. Maddie and Lisa both looked off to me. Marissa also looked bright to me. This editing is so ridiculous. How is anyone supposed to tell who looks good?
  11. Anyone else notice every time they showed Maddie’s group dancing last night, she was also messing up? But the edits would have you believe it was only Annabelle and Cassie.
  12. Why are they shoving Armani down our throats? Something about her rubs me the wrong way, but according to Kelli and Judy she invented the actual act of dance. 🙄
  13. There are very few DCC who I remember exist less than I remember Amber. Nothing about her is memorable. The only thing I remember about her is wondering why she was traveling so much during the pandemic.
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