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  1. Nothing to discuss really. Tanner is exactly what he seems - dense, dumb, ignorant and a liar. Marissa doesn’t talk or text like that and Tanner showed his hand before they broke up when he started threatening her. Wouldn’t be surprised that if this doesn’t get him the attention he wants, he will try something else.
  2. Leaders- Lexie, Gina, Rachel, Caroline Second Leaders- Ashlee, Amber, Jalyn, Erin Show Group: Gina, Lexie, Amber, Chandi, Rachel, Ashlee, Caroline, Jalyn, Kat, Darian, McKenzie, KayDianna, Tori, Tyra, Armani, Kelcey, Claire, Marissa Points- Gina with Amber and Lexie behind and then Rachel with Chandi and Ashlee. Team was announced last Friday.
  3. I don’t have time or really care to read through whatever transpired last night. I don’t know the other poster and I am positive they don’t know me. And it looks like they don’t know much information either and/or are getting it days after it transpired. When the show airs, make sure you come back and tell me how right I was. 😉A training camp candidate was cut last night and another vet resigned. I’m sure the editing Gods will make it look like she was cut.
  4. Point has been chosen. One point, two points- guess you will wait to see. Group leaders have been chosen. One vet has quit due to injury.
  5. This is not rocket science. All of the following can be true-Gina was voted VOTY by her teammates, Gina is well liked by her teammates, several of those teammates care about her enough to be concerned about her weight and bring to leadership attention, and Gina’s in person weight and use of filters is not always a realistic/positive image for those who may look up to her. Not hard.
  6. Will not be sharing, only confirming, any new information moving forward. This is fun for me, never serious enough to start accusing other posters. Hopefully others will be able to provide their information. 🙂
  7. There has been another cut. Many on the team have vocally expressed concerns regarding Gina’s weight. Her in person weight is frightening. And they don’t believe she is a good role model for young women.
  8. Alanna and Brianna followed Jalyn into the locker room to console her without cameras, as she took it very hard, and TPTB did not like that…
  9. There were several women and guests on the team who were at the party and were shocked with her choice to darken her skin for the costume. It was very noticeable in person.
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