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  1. Do we still need to use spoiler tags now that the complete season has been out for a while? Just in case, here are my impressions having binged the entire season in one sitting equivalent to an actual long-haul flight to Korea. The fact that I pulled an all-nighter and spent nine hours reading subtitles (when I rarely watch tv without doing something else at the same time) is a testament to how great this show is. I don’t want a second season to ruin it. And one last thing -- the fact that the story repeatedly emphasized that Sae-Byeok was a North Korean defector took me out of it.
  2. Children do not belong in Vegas shows. This is the only reason I can tolerate ChapKidz getting cut, and why I really dislike Victory going through. Give her a scholarship to a performing arts school or a tutorial education while she performs with symphonies and then goes off to Juilliard or something. If I'm paying to see a show in Vegas, I want to see circus acts and other (adult) feats of extreme talent. Not people singing...I can see that anywhere. I would pay to see the likes of the Colombian hand-balancers, UniCircle Flow, and Lea Kyle quick change. I don't give a hoot about gl
  3. I watch on Hulu so am a day late, a dollar short, and never get to vote. Won't see the results until tomorrow. I'm here for the circus acts. There are a million talent shows for singers and dancers, so those acts rarely interest me. That said, I liked the group of 37(?) teenagers. That was really impressive synchronization for so many kids. And in the circus theme, loved the quick-change artist, the Colombian acro / hand balancers, the taekwando act made for a Vegas stage, and the unicyclists (even though one fell, good recovery that didn't break the flow for the remainder of th
  4. I don't think it's fair to dump on Yara about not liking her life in Louisiana. Keep in mind that most of her time here has been during COVID, so there was no just going out, doing things, enjoying the city with or without a baby. Also, New Orleans can be a tough place to live. Most tourists only see the French Quarter, for better or for worse. The city beyond is the best place on earth or the worst place ever, depending on your perspective. Noon (of Noon and Kyle from one of the earlier 90DF seasons) also hated New Orleans, couldn't tolerate the crime, and eventually convinced Kyle to move el
  5. I feel like this was a setup to send Yara and Jovi off to The Other Way and Natalie off to The Single Life. Family Asuelo were clearly auditioning for their own spinoff. If that's what it takes to get their ridiculous screechiness and violence off of 90DF and my screen forever, so be it. Maybe Family Chantal and Family Libby can give them acting lessons. The only spinoff I would actually watch is Mrs. Gwen giving tough love advice in her charming bayou accent.
  6. Regardless of how they finish S33, I would love to see a TAR USA focused on national parks and historic heritage sites. One of the reasons why I love TAR Canada is because of the cinematic scenic beauty. The scenery gets lost a lot in OG TAR. I mean, I love chaotic foreign markets as much as the next person, but we never really get a sense of the natural beauty in places visited. Doing a US-based TAR would solve a lot of problems. Avoiding border checks and travel restrictions. Avoiding boring, spoon-fed travel by relying on self-navigation. Exposing more people to our incredible (and per
  7. I’ve fallen off the nightly HGTV appointment wagon and am now streaming HH (almost) all day every day on the Discovery+ House Hunters channel. It’s 9:30pm EDT on Friday, May 14 and I just finished watching the 2017 episode in Ft Myers, FL, where the hunters were very concerned about the comfort of their cat. One kitchen wasn’t cat-friendly enough — she specifically wanted cabinets with space on top that the cat could use as a playground. The epilogue footage showed the cat owning the kitchen in the house they chose — walking across the stove, strolling around the counters. And THIS is why I ne
  8. And they're up! All 8 seasons now available on demand on Discovery+.
  9. Others have pointed out the cosmetic procedures, but I am forever reminded of my former Russian language teacher's graphic depiction (with big arm motions) of the babushkafication that befalls most Slavic women: грудь, живот, попа. Chest, stomach, butt. All shapely in youth, and then all cartoonishly balloon out after the birth of a couple of children or age 35, whichever happens first. Sure, women all over the world become matronly with weight and age. But for some reason, it feels more extreme in Ukrainian and Russian women, because the stereotypes about them run from super-thin (thigh gaps!
  10. They haven't been able to load them (and other bread & butter shows like House Hunters) because of contracts with other services. I noticed that the 90DF seasons on Hulu are expiring this coming week, so maybe we're getting closer to a more robust D+. I'm still in the free phase (six months with Verizon) and will make a decision about whether to keep it based on how much is available by the end of summer.
  11. Ed insists that he simply can't date older women because women his age don't get along with him. He's too fun-loving, too full of life. Which is code (not even very good code) for too full of shit, too immature, and a colossal man-child that no self-respecting woman would want to give the time of day. He has to date naive 20-somethings who don't yet have the life experience to recognize exactly who he is. Problem is, Ed is at a disadvantage because in addition to being a vile, childish creature, he's also fugly. Hence his 20-year record of striking out.
  12. Brittany is so ratchet. The vocal fry, the tacky weave, the ridiculous false eyelashes, the foundation that completely clashes with her skin tone....and that attitude. It's not cute. She thinks she's a coy player, but she's just off-putting. I want her off my screen. Has any iteration of this show ever had positive representation of a black woman? Funny that Mother Brittany loves Yazan and still keeps in touch with him (or so he said on Pillow Talk). Mother Brittany looks younger than Brittany.
  13. Watching the sixth episode with Darcey and Stacey. Lots of clips from their show, which I haven't seen, so I was really confused about who was proposing to Darcey. Anyway, Shaun asked the twins what their strangest habit was. And then I learned that I share this strange habit -- throat clicking. They framed it as something they do to clear an itch. I just get random compulsions to do it. Edited because I actually finished watching the episode. Bittersweet update with Kenny and Armando and ambivalent mother who never told the father they were engaged. And then…Courtney. Today I learned th
  14. I suppose I should preface my comment by saying that I've never had babies, I don't want babies, I don't like babies, I don't want to be around anyone else's baby, and I sure as hell don't want to listen to babies scream on my tv for an hour. I too hated this episode. By far the worst one of the series for me. Lots of muting and fast forwarding through all of the unpleasant noise, so I may have missed the nuances that made everyone else like it so much. And I guess Deja had a glow up, because she was a rough looking teen whom I didn't recognize at all as an adult.
  15. I started binging the entire 90DF franchise a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and I just watched this episode. All I want to say is that the scene with Jihoon demonstrating to Deavan how to use a bidet so toilet paper is unnecessary, and then explaining that his mom was wearing a mask because she had a cold and wanted to protect people around her, is a scene that has aged very well. That is all. Back to the binge.
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