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  1. Thanks for this! I miss the witty banter here and increased activity when the show is active in new episodes. 😃 I see the first two episodes are: S13E01 | Terrie | October 18, 2021 S13E02 | Tiffany | October 25, 2021
  2. Agreed, I was mighty impressed at the grandson, Joshua's, maturity and well-spokenness. The "Hoarders" crew recognized that in his words at the pre-clean speech/gathering/pep-talk and good-naturedly joked that they should just step aside and let him take over even at that early point, but he was rational and realistic throughout the episode with his assessment of things (especially in his onetime guest room) and giving some "tough love" rationality towards Debbie on her sorting table outside. Plus, you have to think not a lot of teenagers would want to appear on a show like this and thus
  3. Yeah - I enjoyed a new face in that role, too. I see A&E put up a biography for Brandon - I guess I kind of assumed this episode would close out the season and any website updates would be non-existent or slow especially if the person is in just one episode, until they're actively promoting a new season, so that's a pleasant surprise. And "The Zazz" (Dr. Zasio) is sure doing a lot of the counselling heavy-lifting these last few episodes - I realize they might be shot and shown out of different orders depending on editing time and a variety of other factors, but The Zazz is all-in this seas
  4. Yes - I assume this Carol? I agree with you, when I watched the episode, I thought "What a gorgeous house." If I remember correctly, they talked about how the house was a center of attraction with people coming and going, the onetime kids' friends, etc. It even has that great wraparound front porch. I always think it's such a shame against the beauty of the house itself and disrespectful for the craftsmanship of those who carefully built it, cared for it before the current occupant, etc.
  5. "The Life Laundry" was new for me as well, so thank you, @LGraves65 for mentioning it! I see comments like "ahead of its time for these types of shows" and "much-missed". @deedee2 I've similarly watched all the ones you mentioned. The one you mention with a Jasmine is "Britain's Biggest Hoarders" with Jasmine Harman (all but unknown outside of the UK, but those residing there tell me she's popular and known enough there).
  6. I so wished it were Meryl Streep being profiled when I first saw the episode title of Meryl's name. However unlikely that might be (and you know a celeb's career has really hit the skids if they appear on "Hoarders"), I just envisioned her gesturing to room after room of old movie wardrobe, memorabilia, and props that she couldn't bear to part with and her exasperated husband. Sadly, it wasn't the most famous Meryl I can think of, but this Meryl sure had some things to work through and work out - and not just stuff-wise! For a few of the "Hoarders" seasons they did "follow-up" episodes I belie
  7. I found there's a preview that one can watch on A&E's page for the episodes (direct link here). Looks like Cory from the clean-up aspect and "The Zazz" from the therapy/counselling angle. 😃
  8. Looks like, based on TVDB, the next two episodes to air will be as follows: S12E06 - Tim - May 3, 2021 S12E07 - Debbie - May 10, 2021
  9. Love that you're doing those steps daily and the "alternate rain day" plans! And you articulated a great reminder of the importance of physical fitness - on "Hoarders" I see people lurching along needing canes or walkers, and might well be a "chicken and the egg" thing - where some condition left them immobile and the weight packed on due to that, or else there was always extra weight and it led to other health conditions and greater immobility - but the body's made to move and any movement someone can do is good. I wouldn't want anyone to end up in in the physical condition you see most of th
  10. I, admittedly, enjoy some unintentional humor in the subtitles - like seeing how they described a piece of music - i.e. "gentle music". Pretty sure I've seen in the past, descriptors along the lines of "ominous string music", "eerie harsh music" and "fast-paced exciting music", etc. Writing about music is difficult even for seasoned writers and musicians - it's so much an abstraction - so I guess I'm just curious to see how the "layperson" in the form of a transcriber chooses to interpret a music cue or stinger. Generally I'm pretty impressed at how they relayed the music's emotional intent.
  11. Wow, I didn't know or recall that about a suicide attempt and "The Zaz". But I found this which might be the scenario you're thinking of. 😞 Not making light of that, but that article contained a sentence which had me chuckling: "The home was filled with fecal matter and roaches amidst the general filth." Ah yes, just the "general filth". The highly non-specific filth. I guess they got mighty specific with "fecal matter" and "roaches" so it's fair play to lump everything else into "general filth". 🤐
  12. I didn't really get this before, but this last "Dolores" episode I was getting a Michael "The Commish/Gotham" Chiklis vibe from Dr. Tolin. Something about the broad stance and square jaw. 😄
  13. What surprised me is that at the end, when the house was organized and she was being shown through it, she seemed "dazed" or zombie-like - at the very least - more "frail" than the earlier days. When we first met her she seemed more lively. Now granted, having your "comfort blanket" of a hoard removed and many items thrown out or sifted through is taxing psychologically, but I really noticed she seemed more dazed at the end - normally at least the hoarders "fake it" even if they're not genuinely happy/overjoyed. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see the end-text update (does it quali
  14. I thought Matt "The Pax-Man" Paxton came off pretty well in this latest Dolores episode. Perhaps it was the counterbalance to her irrational behavior we needed as viewers. He was tough but fair (without being "rude") but clearly outlining the process, trying to alleviate her stress by saying what he and team would manage, and devoting that first day he met her to a bit of bonding and learning how the sorting might go. I saw that at one point upon arriving for a different day, he put his arm around Dolores reassuringly as she was freaking out in the driveway. The house looked pretty nice f
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