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  1. Two minutes into the show, and Candace Cameron Bure is “Candy.” 🙄😖
  2. How many “bucksh” would I have to pay to buy her a new verbal tic? At this point, “obviously” and “frankly” are actually making me long for the good ol’ days of “literally.” 🤦‍♂️
  3. They really should issue air-sickness bags to Fri-yay! 🤮 viewers... 🙄
  4. @From Where I Sit, "Side-eye Painting" is now my favorite thing! 😂
  5. I vote that Cherry Cheesecake Day should be every day! 🥰 Shawn, you’d better not mess up that one!
  6. Yeeeesh... Unsolicited marriage tip for you Kerstin, from a dude: next time, tell him all of that, not the Internet.
  7. I wish I could say I trusted Q management not to bring Vanessa in and just plunk her down on the couch 50 feet behind Shawn to be abused during Dare to Scare every week, but...
  8. Jane just will not let this female OAP for Beekman get two sentences about the product out before she interrupts her. 🙄 I've noticed recently that Jane has been more intentional about pronouncing "coral" correctly, instead of saying "Carl" over and over. But, she still can't help calling the stuff that comes out of the goats "melk."
  9. “Well, it’s Scotch/Romanian.” 🤣 (Sorry, I can never resist pulling out a great ‘80s movie quote!) 😜
  10. Hmmm... I would guess that "Master's degree --> Local stage actor --> Contest winner --> Move to L.A. --> Commercials and bit parts --> Shopping channel host" is not the career trajectory that she dreamed about growing up, but I wish her the best and hope she succeeds in everything she wants to do. I also hope the Q pairs her with good mentor hosts, not the other ones. (We all know who the "other ones" are!) 😛
  11. Holy cow: if anyone watched Shawn standing there doing the Jen7 capri presentation and said, “she looks like a size 2/XXS,” I hope that person never gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle on public roads. 😱
  12. Lauren and Amy both looked like they got their wigs from an old Halloween costume they had in the back of the closet. Maybe helped Toni’s sales by comparison? 😉
  13. Looks like Punky Brewster cosplay. 😝
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