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  1. She is definitely surrounded by enablers at the Q. Thus, the ongoing circus act.
  2. So does the note left on your wife’s nav screen cancel out your threats of divorce on the grounds of Halloween decorations? 🤔 I’m just trying to keep straight all of my notes on how to be a good husband as told by TV-shopping-channel-host/life-coach types.
  3. That whole “look” seems to say, “I had to come in for one lousy hour of clogs at midnight, so up yours, everyone!”
  4. I suppose pushing through an injury to earn martyr points with your fans is a little self-serving great—though she’s hardly Willis Reed—but she really should be watching it. Rib injuries are not something with which to trifle: one inadvertent tweak, and you go from “being inconvenienced” to “shooting pain with every breath” in no time.
  5. Well, as far as severity of distractions from the presentation go, I would say the front door of the hotel room is not as bad as the back door of the model. 😳
  6. That quote reads like something a random-word generator would spit out. 🤓
  7. Am I the only one who gets inappropriately excessive amusement when I read her multiple references to the impact of bullies...and then see that she tagged Shawn at the end? 🤣
  8. Dang. I think this is where you--as the kids would say--insert the "mic drop." And I can just picture a bunch of Q suits seated around a conference-room table, sharing puzzled expressions and asking, "Why do we have a credibility problem?"
  9. Another passive-aggressive swipe at a newer, better threat host. She's as reliable as an atomic clock.
  10. For my own sanity, I recorded the repeat show so I could watch the “divorce” convo again and hear what they said. It was actually Jen who initiated with the comment about wearing the cappucino coat, which prompted Kerstin’s comment, which Jen followed by mentioning the divorce and keeping the name, and then Kerstin laughed and made the “keep the good” quote. So, I owe Kerstin (and all of you) an apology for my eisegesis and false attribution of motives in this case. Mea culpa, and I’ll do better next time. In case anyone is interested in the item, it was https://www.qvc.com/Isaac-Miz
  11. The whole show was a frenetic stream of consciousness between the two, and I was trying to drink my coffee and read online while it was on, so I’m not sure I followed the whole thing from the beginning...but I think it went like this: One of the colors of the item Kerstin was presenting was somehow related to coffee. This somehow prompted Kerstin to begin a story in which one of her household members made a comment about Jen’s last name and something about how it did or didn’t (I must have been sipping at that point) used to be what it is now (?). Now I think they both starte
  12. Alberti has left QVC to run off and join the circus. That’s why Jen is filling in today. Just kidding!! 🤣 I missed the very beginning, but I’m guessing the big announcement was free shipping on everything today.
  13. Program Guide alert: tonight, two hours of Shawn and Kim Gravel... 😱
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