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  1. What channel is it on? I've never even heard of it.
  2. I watch this show sporadically and basically tolerate the people, but I loved Dominique! I don't know her show or her, but she was just so sweet. I didn't expect her to be satisfied with anything less than total glam, but she was actually very reasonable. She just seemed to be a breath of fresh air and fun to be with. Her boyfriend seemed nice, too, and I hope they are very happy in their new home.
  3. Just a couple notes... "Totaled" just means it would cost more than the Blue Book value to fix. An old car that just might need a bumper replacement and a dent fixed could cost more in repairs than the $500 Blue Book value. The insurance company just declares it totaled and only will pay the value, not the repairs. Don't know the age or type of car in the show, but the damage we saw could very well be defined as totaled, even before considering structural damage. The car might even be drivable. I'm not impressed with with Mikael's sister and aunt. Between 'the man rules the hous
  4. Pillow Talk doesn't seem as fun this season. Maybe they just have less to work with. And Tim had some of the most clever remarks, and he's missing. David had a good one tonight. As they started Angela's surgery: Maybe they'll find the egg.
  5. Agree with most of what was said here. It's become a soap opera. I really like most of the cast, so I hope they find good jobs in other shows I can enjoy. And I'll really miss Tammy. Love the character. I hope the actress gets another good role.
  6. I agree that I don't get the Aunt Vi adulation on this forum, it I still love the show. She's fine, but just a minor character to me. On the other hand, I love Mel and Harry and their dancing at the end was super adorable. The family dance was cute, but I rewound to watch M&H again. I'm not sure the husband confiding in his wife would have helped. He might have resented her opposing him. If her opinion could have influenced him, he probably would have told her, but since he didnt, I don't think he valued her opinion. Or maybe I should say that he was in so deep that she co
  7. Mr Grammar before correcting the lady's further/farther error said, "Us brothers..."
  8. I guess I watch a lot of action movies, so the body count didn't bother me. Worse was the boyfriend in the beginning, but every cop show starts with an innocent victim. The father dying was sad, but he was an agent and the danger was always there. The friend dying was a result of her own betrayal. All other deaths were 'bad guys', right? Still loving this show. I thought McCall was going to immediately go to France, so I really enjoyed the scenes from the Batcave. Two negatives, well, maybe three if you count the daughter's scenes (she doesn't usually bother me, but I agree with
  9. Johann

    NFL Thread

    WFT has 5 of their division games the last weeks of the schedule. Watched the show about how they make the schedule and grouping division games is a no-no. But maybe just for favored teams. I mean, it's probably not as important as the huge marquee match-up of multi-Superbowl winning Brady vs the mediocre Cowboys, but you know, they do have their agendas.
  10. I love this show, but it's a sitcom and they already have the sadness of the neighbors divorcing and the more matter-of-fact divorce of Reba and Coach [I'm so bad with names]. We don't need our main family going through divorce, too. George isn't a bad person, seems to love his children and want to be in their lives. I want him to be happy with Mary, too. Please don't make this a very special afternoon special. [showing my age?] I, also, don't get the problem with the kids' heights. Kids mature differently and some grow taller than others. Even brothers and sisters. I have a
  11. Johann

    NFL Thread

    Better start on Wednesday. Sounds like I might not be able to watch it. Have to check out alternate methods and it better NOT be to use the computer when I have a 75 inch TV in my family room.
  12. Johann

    NFL Thread

    I watched one year waiting for the Ravens' pick - they were near the end - only to have them trade down to the next night. Aaargh. I don't even know why I watch the draft. I don't watch college football and know nothing about any of these kids. It's a weird fascination. Like watching the O.J. high-speed Bronco/ police chase. 😁
  13. Johann

    NFL Thread

    Heh. Eagles conspiring with Cowboys. In my team's division, I would compare it to the Ravens and Browns conspiring against the Steelers. But not sure how the animosity ranks in your division.
  14. Johann

    NFL Thread

    Ya know, only 12 teams made the playoffs every ( before this year) and almost half are one-and-done so is the stat "haven't made playoffs in four years" or "haven't won a playoff game in x years" really that big of a deal? Especially when you consider that half the teams are perennially in the playoffs, so not that many spots for the "also-rans" . And while I'm here, another stat that annoys me is judging a player by how many pro bowls he was in. So many factors that aren't how good they are go into that. Popular players playing on popular teams or teams with fans willing to vote repeat
  15. Johann

    NFL Thread

    I know. It's not like they haven't known for a week who they are going to pick. Frankly, I don't know why every team doesn't know their first picks. Have a board with their top x picks and cross off players as they are taken. Top one left on your board when it's your turn, is your guy. I guess they just want that ten minutes for the commentators to talk about their team. Or maybe the network asks them to do that so they can say one more time what they've been saying for the past two months.
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