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  1. Makes sense, and maybe because I hate paying interest, but maybe put that money towards paying off the loan? Extras come after. Still enjoying this show. Forgot about the headless guy. Agree they should have done something to show he resolved his issue keeping him here and getting sucked off.
  2. Yeah, they were pretty cold-blooded. I think Harry realizing the difference between Sophie and Bronwyn is part of his journey. He's been thrust in with these thieves and grifters and while he likes them, he's still learning about them. Conmen target people's greed and our particular conmen go after the greediest.
  3. Johann

    NFL Thread

    I actually agree. A lot of us consider him a big baby for crying for a flag on every play and, of course, we are jealous of his success and tired of the media slobbering all over him, tired of NE winning all the time... BUT, when you just look at Brady, he seems like a decent guy. He doesn't throw his team under the bus (Giselle did that once and you never heard her comment again; I wonder if Tom talked to her or she just had a frustrated moment and realized it herself), he is always complimentary of other teams and generally seems like a nice guy. It might all be an act, but then you
  4. Agree and disagree about some things. Agree that it was good that Robyn put her daughter in her place. "It's your fault you were nosy and learned things you weren't ready to learn." Awesome. Disagree about not liking the Harry storyline. I love Harry and his wife and look forward to, hopefully, seeing more of them. Also disagree with those not liking this episode or the show. Not disagreeing with your right to an opinion, just - I love this show. I still want to know where the FBI was. They should have at least been there at the beginning. Then, if it not being federa
  5. Johann

    NFL Thread

    I don't know what Gruden is like with his team, people tell me he's a good coach. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but, I never liked him, -- mostly because, before this latest coaching gig, his interviews with players were excruciatingly boring.
  6. Johann

    NFL Thread

    Not a football commercial, but I see it while watching football: I hate the Red Bull commercial where the deer only has to outrun his buddy to keep from being slaughtered by the lion. Yeah, circle of life and all that, but... did they really think the image would make me want to buy their product? eta: GO RAVENS! (yeah, I know a lot of you don't like them)
  7. Liked everyone's comments and I also would like someone to recap the Librarian comments. Went over my head. And I watched that series. Got the TNG one, though. For whomever asked, it was short for ST:TNG or Star Trek: The Next Generation, in which Lavar Burton starred. fun episode, Elliot was great, but why did it have to end on a downer? So much fun before that. And a Christmas episode. Don't end my Christmas episodes on a downer.
  8. Hmmm. I can accept that. Kind of makes nice bookends from the first episode when Dubenich "used" Nate's son to get him to do the first con and now, Nate "uses" his son to do his final con.
  9. Just finished MY rewatch and something is different bothering me, jelaine. The beginning of the final episode opens as usual, Nate talking to a client. It's his son's doctor with another child with the same illness and she can't get the drugs the child needs. Obviously, Nate is going to knock down walls for this one, but other than the drugs (or formula or whatever) being in the building with the "Black Book", was it ever mentioned again? I don't see Nate dropping the doctor's case to catch financial bad guys. Did I miss something?
  10. I never heard of the UK version and I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Re: some of the comments: I didn't think there were too many characters. Since the ghosts are so different and their costumes separate them, I'm not having a problem remembering who is who. Don't mind if the ghosts are caricatures. It's a comedy. About ghosts. I'm already suspending credibility. I, also liked the sage scene. "it's supposed to get rid of us? ... Oh, wait, I like it..." I also like them explaining things. "What's the internet?" "A place to look up the stocks and porn." Ag
  11. Johann

    NFL Thread

    I liked the Falcon's uniforms. Red fading into black. Beats the hell out of the neon green Seahawks uniform.
  12. I think it's hilarious. And after the other two spout their nonsense, it would be the perfect time for whomever finds the last one to say their "confused" line.
  13. They REALLY have to give the new guy a better title than "Tax Lawyer". Yeah, I'm sure it sends shivers down some people's spines (or maybe it would if he were "IRS Tax Audit Guy"), but, it doesn't really fit in here. Find him a niche, please.
  14. Johann

    NFL Thread

    Eh. Halftime is when I hit the buffet and realize there are other people in the room.
  15. Abishola's gown was beautiful and she smiled so much at the wedding, she glowed. Absolutely stunning. Bob's outfit looked like he just rolled out of bed, but he is so good-natured about everything. Thought the same thing about the dressmaker and Mrs. HuhWiggins. Abishola's aunt and uncle are true gems. The way they care for Abishola and Dele, the way they have accepted and helped Bob, the way the aunt let the mother "win" so as not to ruin Abishola's day. It was clear that Abishola honored her mother because she is her mother, but she appreciates her aunt so much more. A
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