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  1. Please, spare Maine. We really don't need her screeching, braying, overbearing presence.
  2. Can't be real. Whitney doesn't like cake, remember.
  3. You mean, "real or perceived", don't you?
  4. If memory serves, Dadwe cosigned on the loan.
  5. OOH! Story line!! Chase is the sperm donor, they use his fiance to be the surrogate. And Whitney can bask in the pure happiness that she and Chase made a baby together - they just baked the bun in a borrowed oven. Think of the family celebrations down the line! Oh, the mind boggles....
  6. Well, there exists "goat yoga". Maybe Whitney can invent "cat yoga".
  7. In Armando's defense, he is caught in a difficult situation. On the one hand, he has a very conservative, traditional-values family. On the other, he has a very pushy partner, who seems to believe that because HE thinks a certain way, the rest of the world needs to agree with him. Armando loves them both, and doesn't want to alienate either party.
  8. Y'all just don't comprehend the total, delicious, "senshus-ness" which is our Whitney.
  9. Ugh. This bunch. Sketchy, over-scripted, fake as a 3-dollar bill. Trying to out-Duggar the Duggars. Trying to out-Jackson the Jacksons. Performances by the kids are so forced and rehearsed. But I do love Gramma Gigi.
  10. Ugh. Just had a mental image of her braying at the top of her lungs, while twerking and sh!tting on camera. Brain bleach needed, stat!
  11. I am old enough to remember wearing a girdle. Frankly, I'd rather let it all hang out. Life is too short to torture oneself in such a fashion, and all for nothing.
  12. Sorry. I am simply embarrassed for this menopausal mother of four grown children acting like The Blushing Virgin Bride, anticipating her Princess Wedding. Puh-leeze.
  13. And the nomination for Gracious Hostess goes to...... well, not Meri.
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