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  1. They wouldn't have charged him if it was a one off (or even 2 or 3).
  2. I had the same thought-something's not right here.
  3. 15 HOURS AGO, GHSCORPIOSRULE SAID: Nina is just looking at him like a mute with crazy eyes. Her behavior would have made more sense if she were some reporter who happened by and recognized him. But PLOT! I guess. I was also enjoying Valentin’s facial expressions and smiles-but that’s more of James Patrick Stuart than Valentin Speaking of facial expressions, I though Nina was making crazy eyes and facial expressions that I have never seen that actress make before. Generally I find something ? with her face, I can't put my finger on it. So the expressions she was making seemed lik
  4. Thank you-she is. She's in a nursing home. She has a very severe case and needs 24 hour assistance. I'm sorry we're both in this club-ALS is devastating.
  5. My mom has MS and was diagnosed around the same age. That was my thought as well. I really hope it's not-its a terrible disease.
  6. Conway reminds be of my Aunt-a functional alcoholic during the day, but can get blackout drunk and forget the terror she inflicts at night.
  7. So I'm a Federal Agent and my investigations are mostly white collar in nature-scams, schemes, ect. Jill's attitude is what we deal with constantly. Almost every person we arrest or investigate have that attitude-don't you have anything better to do? These people are narcissists who fail to recognize that their actions hurt other people. Jill didn't care about the people in AA or even her sister. She even said on camera-"her sister couldn't bring in more people". She showed no remorse at all. She kept on talking about women supporting women. Bullshit.
  8. And 40 is coming sooner than later. Trust me-after 40 it takes twice the amount of effort to loose a few pounds.
  9. Can someone explain why she wasn't eligible for Medicaid? Is it because her Dad made too much money? The American health care system is a joke.
  10. I'd like to see Dr. PTSD extracted from whatever mess TPTB are writing and bring him to Port Chuck for Alexis. I love Christopher Cousins!
  11. I came here to see if it was really him or if I needed a new pair of glasses. LOVE HIM!
  12. Jennifer Connelly has a rockin bod-I can't believe she's almost 50. She looks great.
  13. I just started watching again after a looooong break-Lani Price is Able's daughter?? And how/why did Claire end up in a mental institution? She set Ciara on fire???
  14. Damn. What was the point of this show? Joy almost looked smug when she talks about her collapsed lung....
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