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  1. A part of me thinks that Ethan and Olivia should just split up. They got married too young. They seem to want different things in life. Ethan will never be happy in an apartment in Tallahassee. I'm not pro-divorce but they don't have children and it would be easy to split up now. Also, why are the parents so against Lydia communicating with this boy? Is it just that they felt she was becoming too obsessive and she really didn't know him?
  2. I am shocked that Danielle was with the father of her kids for 22 years. I assumed that she had been single for many years. Actually she would have been with him most of her adult life. I believe that she started dating Mohammad when she was 42 or 43. Yes, she needs a new hairstyle and better clothes/glasses. Perhaps her new "friends" will give her some fashion advice. Big Ed just makes me want to puke. I can't believe Liz went out with him. Why does he keep going after these 20 somethings? When they were on their date it looked like she was out with her weird uncle or something.
  3. I agree that the Danielle scenes are so cringe worthy. I can't figure her out. Does she have a mental disability or is it just emotional immaturity? It was been reported online that she recently received her Associate's Degree in Nursing. If that's true then 3 claps for her. She just doesn't appear that swift to me or is it just how she comes off on camera? I wonder what her first husband was like. the father of her four children. Has anyone dug up any dirt on him? How long were they married?
  4. Yes, she was a preschool teacher. I don't remember what seasons. I think it was in the early seasons. I don't know if she has any special training though in Early Childhood Education because I thought she said that her college degree is in Business and she was originally going to go into Hotel /restaurant management.
  5. It has been reported on social media that McKayla Adkins is pregnant again with baby number 3. yikes! It also says that she and her new boyfriend are getting married in two weeks.
  6. Angela has two daughters, Skylar and Scottie. I believe the three bi-racial kids belong to Skylar and the other three belong to Scottie. Skyla has FIVE kids, including the three bi-racial ones and two little blonde girls. The other girl is Scottie’s. Not to beat a dead horse, but I believe each daughter has 3 kids. If you go to Skyla's facebook page she just has pictures of the 3 bi racial children. If you go go Terry Stone's facebook page(Scottie's Baby Daddy) there are pictures of the 3 blonde girls. Also, when Scottie was on Maury Show she was discussing the paternity o
  7. Brandon does not communicate things well. I cannot believe he is 28. He acts like a thirteen year old. Yes, people live in Vegas. Why couldn't he give a valid reason, like it might be too expensive to live. At least that would be better than "nobody lives here." Are there no one bedroom apartments in this town of Dimwiddie, Virginia?? As others have said, they could live in Richmond or Williamsburg or Charlottesville and still keep his VA License. As, for Aseulo jumping on the bed, I have no words. I would be p****d if I were the realtor. What normal 25 year old would do that??
  8. Oops. Ignore previous post. Posted under the wrong show. Brain fog today. 😞
  9. Just did a little googling. I found out that Jenna's dad Matt Ronan was arrested in August 2020 for harassment. hmm, he seems like such a mellow guy. LOL. https://www.altoonamirror.com/news/public-records/2020/05/magisterial-district-judge-153/ Also, does anyone know if Julie had her baby by now??
  10. Regarding Lilly's shower, isn't it considered tacky to host your own baby shower? Also, doesn't she already have some of that stuff like a Pack n Play?
  11. "3. why is Robyn daughter still using a pacifier?" I thought the same thing. When this was filmed Ariella was 4 years old. wtf "Yeah and she may be younger but to me she looks every bit as old and matronly as the rest." Agree. Robyn looks a lot older than 42 partly due to her wardrobe.
  12. On a side note, I don't know if has been brought up already, but apparently Tyra's sister Tiarra is pregnant again. She is having another girl and naming her Ensley Joanne. 18 and two kids! Yikes!
  13. Kelly keeps mentioning this being her third wedding. I just rewatched the series over the summer, and nowhere in her narrative did she mention a husband other than Michael. FYI, Kelly was married to a guy named Scott Silva (no relation I assume to Darcey and Stacey lol). They got divorced in 2004 after 3 years of marriage. I believe this is also Rick's third marriage.
  14. Last night I was watching the episode where Kail's mom calls her right after the grandma died. I did a little googling and found the obituary. Does anyone know if Kail has any relationship with her aunts/ uncles and cousins Katie and Ryan? https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/carol-irwin-obituary?pid=194501290
  15. I think Scott Bradshaw from Saratoga is him. I did a little googling and found his son's obituary. Didn't he say that his son died in 2017 at the age of 19? https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/timesunion-albany/obituary.aspx?n=conor-s-bradshaw&pid=187032976&fhid=8144
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