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  1. I ended up being a big defender of Hannah and Brennan because frankly, the gross stuff I saw people were saying about them on the Facebook page. Especially Hannah. She seems to be getting it the worse for daring to get upset about her cut. It seems like people still have ridiculous ideas than anytime a woman shows strong emotions she's has to be labeled. Its either " drama queen" or " bitch" of course. I gave up because it became too draining to get people to simply understand that Brennan, Lily, and Hannah's reactions to their cuts are all perfectly normal and justified. Not all the ladies are going to react with a watery smile, a "yes ma'am" and the classic " Hopefully I'll come back stronger next year". Especially if they are smart enough to see they are being fed BS. Sometimes bad decisions need to be called out now and again.
  2. Oh dear. Probably should of let the girls lake their own headshots with their phone cameras. Some of these are rough( poor Gina!!!!) but some look good. Everytime I see Kelsey, I can't get over how naturally gorgeous she is. Erin, Rachel A, Dani, Alanna, Cianna, Taylor J, are my other fave headshots. Now that the season is over it's just the DCC banquet, ROTY/VOTY, and pinky rings right? Wonder if it will be virtual this year. Any guesses for ROTY/VOTY? ROTY- Armani, Claire W, McKenzie. VOTY- Caroline, Gina, Kat, Taylor J.
  3. Not a bad shot of Marissa. I expected to see her grinning as hard as she could at the camera like an excited puppy the way she usually did. The straight hair, make up, and softer smile makes her look a little older. I prefer her curls myself, but this is good.
  4. Ehhh I think "like" is a strong word. Id use "amusing" They all find her amusing and beautiful. But hey, it's seemed that Kat has embraced her ditzy persona. And as long as next season doesn't bring more rockstar rookie candidates like Armani, Clare W, and Marrisa...she will be safe...and suddenly won't be accused of not knowing how to do pom...or looking disinterested...or suddenly "Kat barely made the team last season" OR I digress.
  5. I'm actually onboard with the AAA triangle game. Amanda, Ashlee, and Amber are the 3 I actually wouldn't mind seeing up there together. You can also swap out Amber for Gina. We have already seen Amanda and Gina dance together side by side in that DCC in motion video. They are both amazing! It was also nice seeing Ashlee getting a bit of dance screen time last episode. Ashlee is not the most technical, but definitely one of the most well rounded and entertaining dancers on the team. And she's proof that Maddie isn't the only hip hop dancer on the team, no matter how hard MTT tries to convince us. But sadly AAA will never happen, because Victoria has been groomed from birth to be up there. As soon as I saw her comeback storyline forming with that SG spot, I knew. She will be a leader next year, and then point the following year. I actually think Alora-Rose's Ultra Angel background is actually really cool myself. Seems like a freaking dream job if you are a good dancer, likes to wear sexy/funky outfits, and loves to travel the whole damn world. I'd do it for sure..I just can't dance 😂 I've brought up her Ultra Angel dance background with pictures in the past because the show( Kelli and Judy) refuses to acknowledge it... nor will they. EVER. Guess it's not as respectable as being a Rockette for this type of show.
  6. If Victoria makes point it would probably be in her 4th or 5th year.. because I can't see her staying past that. But I do have an unfortunate feeling we might see her up there. So unless one of our current rookies have a KaShara style breakout in their 3rd year, the only ladies IMO I see might be chosen over Victoria would be Kelsey, Amanda, Amber, Caroline, Rachel W and Ashlee.. maybe Lexie. Kelli seems to really like Lexie. Id be happy with either Kelsey or Amanda. But I really like Amanda. Id love to see her up there. I'm disgusted because this whole drama was so unnecessary. I'm my opinion whether or not you actually like Kristin or her solo is fine but irrelevant. I'm just baffled that they even went through the effort at all to hurt her feelings when they didn't have to. This episode could of been an uplifting one. Maybe one with a silly Kat solo redemption, vet's showing off, the new rookies shinning, and everyone having fun. Then it would of been a may the best dancer win a place in SG. Ugh. I'm really disappointed The finals and SG auditions used to be my favorite the episodes. Honestly all the current rookies and vets show be on their guard. Kelli had shown she has no loyalty to any of them..with maybe the exception of Victoria. Kelli could flip on any of them and edit it to fit the narrative. I'm just so happy more people are seeing it What's it going to be next year? Chandi suddenly has an attitude problem? Gina can't do pom? Ashlee can't kick? Savannah looks disinterested? Amber lost her sparkle? Tess is even MORE a blender?? The possibilities are endless people!!
  7. Yep. Who would stay after being dragged like that? I feel sorry for her. Kristen's pride must of been hurting to even say something on social. And now that she's spoken up, we all know she's not going to be welcomed back next year anyway.
  8. I mean almost anything would be better than her solo from last year. Kat looked beautiful in that preview. But Kat always looks beautiful. Thats not her problem and why opinions about her keep shifting. Also, I'd argue that out of the 3 dances that were shown in that clip, Meredith was killing it way more than Kat. Meredith, Lily, Brennan, Hannah..and this rumored making Brianna dance for her life to stay on the team..the next few episodes are going to be rough.
  9. Exactly. I seriously just can't with Kelli pouting and almost in tears about not being able to get her TC girl crush on the team this year. Gross.
  10. Ya know if Hannah has showed up to TC with a muffin top, bad attitude, arrogant jeans, and had to watch her rookies to remember dances...then sure, she has to go. But that's not what this situation was. I have the same issues Hannah has and like many out there during this pandemic, my mental health has taken a beating. Kelli loves to talk on and on about the DCC sisterhood and how invested they are in these girls. How great would it of been if Kelli showed Hannah a little empathy, loyalty, and understanding? Not as her boss, but as a person who's known Hannah for years. Kelli has seen Hannah's character as a premier veteran and also the years she kept coming back over and over to audition for the DCC. Kelli was more emotional and heartbroken over freaking Anabelle, who she JUST met like a few days earlier...🙄
  11. I suspect they want to make Hannah's cut believable so Kelli is not looking like the bad guy. It's easy to accept that Hannah's is just another vet who lost their spark got lazy and complacent. I mean to come out and say a woman fired another woman because she was too opinionated would get a few eyebrows raised. I keep wondering what the timeline was on when Hannah actually first voiced her concerns. Was it before or after she looked "pale" and "unhappy" during field work.
  12. I understand wanting to root for the underdog...I do it too. However at this point I wouldn't even call Victoria an underdog. People on this board have strong opinions on Victoria, but I won't call it the norm. If you look at her insta, her following shot WAY up after her "bullying" edit came out. Nothing gains sympathy more than a victim. Also, most of the "rude" comments I saw coming out was about her how she treated Jinelle . I could see someone calling Victoria out on her behavior online, her running to Mommy Kalina about it, and mommy telling Kelli... hence why she was asked that question at her panel interview instead of getting her thoughts on world issues or the #metoo movement.
  13. LOl!! I think most people haven't. They are basically professional GO-GO dancers and hype girls. I only heard of them because Holly P auditioned and got picked to be in their 2020 rookie florida class pre lockdown.
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