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  1. I found it especially weird that he had a casual chat with Melissa about trying to win over the schoolmarm and asked for her advice; and she seemed fairly unfazed by it, or pretended to be unfazed. I've thought that perhaps "finding his true love" will mean finding that he really does love singing and performing. That's very schmaltzy, but in keeping with the theme of the series, it also could mean intentionally schmaltzy. I watched the latest episode yesterday and woke up with "Suddenly I Love You" as an ear worm today 😄
  2. I know I am way too tender-hearted and shouldn't take things in comedy series so gravely, but the bald eagle getting shot in the last episode and then the buffalo in this one is a little too much. Is there going to be an "animal death of the week" every time now? Yeah, I know, lighten up. (the guy getting eaten by a bear didn't really faze me though, so there's that) Anyway, Mr. Littlepaw is about to throw in the towel but I'd like to give it another episode or two. I absolutely love all the actors but compared to the brilliance of Seasons One and Two....well, I just don't know yet.
  3. I'm just here to say "All the girls that dilly-dally, end up dying in an alley" may be the best line I've heard so far in this series. I love this show.
  4. Well, apparently Josh had a whole Schmigadoon-appropriate outfit in his backpack, including high-waisted pants, suspenders, and a gold bow tie :) ETA: And if I'm not mistaken, a bowler hat!
  5. I found this magazine ad from 1952, so I'm pretty sure they had been around for at least a few years. I was born in that era (the 50s) and definitely remember them; every girl had them in their 'pocketbook' in a little plastic cover.
  6. I remember on a show in the not-too-distance past where he referred to himself, during his monologue, in all seriousness, as a liberal. I wish I could remember more details about which show it was, or I'd track it down. But I do remember the comment, because I was absolutely floored. It was well after he'd gotten into the habit of sneering "oh LIBERALS" at the audience when they didn't bust a gut over some joke he had told. And he's referred to in the media a LOT as a liberal. I really hate to make blanket "in the media" statements but it's true more often than not. But I did find a
  7. I do think this was the best show of the series so far. Somebody made the comment in another episode thread that they love that Jean Smart is not afraid to show herself in an unflattering physical manner...no makeup, hair a mess, and now post-surgery (kudos to the makeup people on this episode). One thing I was wondering....did Marcus seem really uptight/pissy when Deborah called him? He just had a fun night getting drunk and dancing through the sprinklers, topped with a sexy visit from the Water Cop. Why did he seem to be in a bad mood, or is it just me that read it that way?
  8. I believe I remember the New Rules rant, and it wasn't hard to find on YouTube. It was in 2014, before Bill started metamorphosizing into....whatever he is now. (Interestingly, the "Berkeley incident" was just about a month before this show.) But I remember cringing at those mean-spirited "jokes" (I mean..."smelling like pee"? Yikes) about Biden's age last year, and thinking WTF, I thought ageism was a major pet peeve of his. And now he's completely changed his tune again and even slams the comics who did/are basically doing his previous material. And no, I don't think he would say the same
  9. Almost exactly a year ago, Bill did one of his lame "24 Things You Don't Know About...." bits about Joe Biden, and most of the jokes centered around Biden's age and supposed lack of mental acuity, har har, including his "observation" that Biden "was usually late and smelled like pee". A few months before that, Bill did a bit about "Biden's mangled movie lines", including these: "Are you talking to me? Speak up, I can't hear you" “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to shop at this Walgreens anymore.” “I feel the need, the need to pee" But now Bill's all anti-agei
  10. Absolutely. I couldn't cite the exact date or episode he seemed to flip, but back in 2016 I could at least enjoy his show, when he used to needle Trump for being a thin-skinned, "whiny little bitch". Ironic much? He did defend Ashlii Babbit a few months ago, by somehow (bizarrely) tying her discontent about the election results to being a "struggling business owner" who was somehow forced (?) to take a short-term loan with a high interest rate, and that's all California's fault, because (this was the topper, his coup de grace) the state cared more about her "toxic whiteness" than her "to
  11. Yes, and he's very often weirdly defensive of those who have been accused of gross sexual misconduct. The last one that comes to mind was Armie Hammer (now under investigation for rape charges); at the time there were several reports of emotional manipulation and physical abuse. Bill blamed Hammer's accusers and compared him to the protagonist in Fifty Shades of Grey "the most popular book ever" (?). It was pretty nauseating.
  12. Oh, same here! I saw some clips on various talk shows when Jason was promoting it, and it just looked such typically "silly sit-com-ish" that I really had no interest in watching it (plus we didn't have Apple Plus until recently). Like a few others, it took me till episode 3 or 4 to really get into it, and then I was totally hooked. As in head-over-heads hooked. It's charming (and that's not a word I use often) without being a bit cloying, a real gem. I also loved Jason's reaction to winning the Golden Globe, not quite sure what was going on there, but he definitely came off as humble and com
  13. Thanks, I was wondering why it didn't record last night. Do you happen to know why it's off? I don't remember Trevor announcing a hiatus last week.
  14. Bill is on record, on his show less than two years ago, as saying that there's nothing wrong with fat-shaming, in fact, there should be more of it. I can't fathom how that is helpful or conveys good intentions. Anyone who has struggled with their weight, especially if they've been bullied for it, can tell you this approach is not only ineffective, it can leave psychological scars. I get that obesity in this country is a real problem. How do attitudes and "jokes" like his help? If he is truly concerned, there are certainly lots of ways he can at least try to help....the first poster in th
  15. You're welcome; it's really at the point where I find myself fact-checking at least one or more of Bill's "PC culture is out of control" harangues every week, and every time it's something that's blown out of proportion or taken out of context. That being said, I was overjoyed when my husband (who is much more centrist than I am but has become increasingly irritated at Bill's turn to the right and his obsessions about (pick one or all) his solar problems, fat people, "cancel culture", COVID restrictions etc etc etc.) said: "I'm done with this guy" and deleted all future recordings of RTWB
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