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  1. I think they said something about all their boats being in use and it would take 3 hours to get back to the island to take care of the Leah problem. After seeing the ending, I assumed they were dumping the boys on their island. The mysteries are a part of the fun of this show so it didn't bother me at all that so much was left open ended. I think it's because they had already blown my mind several times with the girls backstories so I felt like the deep questions of who these girls are were answered by the end of the season. The rest is just ya know, set up for the next season(s). The sho
  2. Ever since some promo interviews where Sandra seemed down, I had this feeling she got blindsided or made a dumb move or something. So whenever reviewers kept writing about how safe Sandra is with her idol, I didn’t believe it and there was this niggling feeling that something would go wrong. So when she started getting fancy, I knew this was it…Should’ve stuck to “as long as it ain’t me!” Sandra. If it ain’t broke… On the other hand, I think this big move was too early for Denise…She put a huge target on herself and wasted an idol I suspect she’ll need desperately later. It might have bee
  3. Ha indeed, because I see a nice little story arc building. Starting off with episode 1 when she was blindsided when her ally Nathalie was voted off. So she was on the bottom with Jeremy, but was able to manoeuver into a power position and orchestrate the Ethan vote. She seems to get along with everyone and her name never comes up. And she's using Jeremy's meat shield strategy on Jeremy by using him as her meat shield. She's had some confessionals (or was it pregame interviews?) about wanting to play a more aggressive game this go around. Compared to half the cast who's barely appeared on
  4. Man, those guys were awful. It was so sweet when Tai refused to save Scott and he went home with other dude's idol in his pocket heh. I don't recall details but I believe Aubry sweettalked Tai into standing up to his bullies. It's always easier to root for the underdog so I was one of those bummed Aubry didn't win. But like Rob said, if you won you won. Michelle played the best game in the group of people she was with. The endgoal isn't to get to the end. It's to get to the end and earn more jury votes than your opponent. Is she a less deserving winner than Boston Rob who needed 3 goes at
  5. I don't think 'revenge' was the sole reason Sandra wanted Tyson out. Tyson is tight with and thus a number for Boston Rob who is her nemesis in this game. If they hooked up in a swap situation, that would be bad for her. It was funny that Yul said he hasn't been doing much math because I remember thinking at the beginning of the episode that his tight 4 he had so much confidence in is a minority in a 9 person tribe. It reminded me of those 4-person popular kids/muscle alliances of the olden days. It worked out in his favor but it could have turned out differently. That challenge didn
  6. I was just thinking about making some time to catch up on the last 2 seasons when this news dropped. Guess I won't be catching up then because Alex's scenes were some of the only ones I didn't watch on double speed back when I still forced myself to watch the show. Something definitely went down. The negotiation theory sounds legit. Or JC had some midlife crisis with his 50th coming up and the kids out of the house so he up and quit suddenly which caused bad blood towards him from showrunners. All the former cast I still keep up with seems infinitely happier post Grey's and I hope he
  7. I'm really enjoying the show as a whole but the only character I'm loving right now is Dani. Sophie annoys the shit out of me with how whiny she is. Can't she muster up some understanding for the difficult position Dani is in? And with how she was defending one night stands and sleeping with someone to feel better, I'm bracing myself for the worst. I started liking Finley a bit more but to be honest, I'm more interested in her minister friend. The gay neighbour's acting makes me cringe. Mercedes Mason finally playing gay! Too bad we couldn't get it on Fear the walking dead 😉 The
  8. Of course we don't see Kellee complaining about touching. They've been seperated as just stated in the previous sentence The first day they're on the same beach, he's back to touching her!!! And it's clear Dan has not listened by the way the women on his new beach were reenacting his shelter behavior. I feel gaslighted by this blogpost. Tommy mentioned in his interview with Rob C. that one night after he made too many people laugh he spent all night worrying he'd done too much to make himself likeable and changed his behavior the next day. There's nothing but time on the island to think,
  9. People will tell you, I'm usually the clumsiest person in any situation. Yet I've never accidentally groped someone in the midst of my many daily stumbles. If I'd gotten an official warning after repeatedly being told to stop touching people, I'm sure I would be hyperaware of what my hands were doing at all times. Especially in a situation with virtual strangers and camera's. The weirdness of being on Survivor probably wears off after a while, but I can't imagine being that unaware of myself and my surroundings. I don't care if all he did was pick a cochroach out of someone's hair. After
  10. Although Karishma takes herself a bit too seriously, she certainly has more self awareness than Dean and I find her more likeable than Noura (A Noura would definitely drive me up the wall more than a Karishma). At times she seems super poised and well spoken and probably like the survivor she imagined she'd be but at other times the cringe is strong with her comments and attitude. Overall it would be a pretty good story if she won this game but it's too much of a long shot. If only she had some chance at winning immunity. Although without Tommy and Noura there I actually think she might have
  11. That moment when Karishma and Noura become part of my top 3.
  12. I think Kellee's point was that it only gets coined as a thing when women (are perceived to) do it whereas when the men form an alliance which happens much more frequently, nobody makes a big deal out of it. The fragile male ego is still traumatized from that evil Parvati's coven of witches 😉 When guys stick together it's the most natural thing in the world because they have to be each other's shield against those weak women who would target them otherwise (I'm being facetious). Also, just because there happen to be more women than men in the game at any point in time doesn't automatically mea
  13. CloudySky

    S39.E04: Plan Z

    I thought Sandra was being sarcastic about Elaine "this one never knows anything" said tongue in cheek. This season is pretty funny and entertaining so far. I like Missy but she needs to dial it back a tiny bit. She's on the bottom of her alliance with Elizabeth/Elaine and they could turn on her quick. I really like Kellee. Her facial expressions and Noura commentary cracked me up. The bun idol move remains brilliant and she got herself out of a sticky Dan situation early on very diplomatically. A lot of people who were on the bottom that first episode seem to have found their p
  14. Agreed. But if they can't or don't want to do that on this show, they could start with making the heroes more interesting! It would be a lot more engaging to see them actually work hard to help the people they encounter. Instead everything just gets handed to them or happens off screen or gets solved with a deus ex machina or the villain just decides to let them go for no reason other than they're regulars on the show. We're two seasons in and most of the cast has barely had any scenes of significance together. It's always the same people interacting with each other and reiterating the sa
  15. My only complaint is that we didn't get a final scene with (either or both of) the foster mom. I kind of expected Marie to hand her the check with the $ 500 she lent her. Amazing series. I think I'm dehydrated from all the crying. It wasn't even during the really emotional moments, but just small moments in between really got to me.
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