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  1. "I was going to say what is up with that, but sadly given the last commercial there wasn't anything up with that". I see what you did there.
  2. When Tiffany was entering her mother's house, why was she calling Daniel "Bobby"?
  3. When I was 7, I used to watch that show. I went to bed afterwards and my mom found me crying. She asked what was wrong and I told her that I didn't think Batman and Robin were going to get out of whatever cliffhanger situation the villain of the week had put them into. She reassured me that, of course they would. Your comment brought back a sweet memory.
  4. *hangs head in shame and embarrassment* I was coloring my hair in the shower and the drain clogged. I now have a brown ring circling my bathtub. I'm afraid to have a plumber over due to COVID and I have a case of the lazys mixed with fatigue from taking post-cancer medication, so ...
  5. Forgive me, as I am a Boomer, but what are the devices Bryan and Finola wear in their ears?
  6. I was driving past a house getting remodeled today and saw a large pile of wood in the parkway. I immediately thought "Who just gives away wood"?
  7. Holy f*ck! Did anyone else know this was hiding under that boring black outfit?
  8. Have you seen the commercial for Kitty Poo Club? They deliver a fresh box of kitty litter each month. A man is scooping kitty litter when he scrapes the turd that is stuck to the bottom of the box and it goes flying and splashes into the chocolate milk the woman is holding. Ew! Ew! Ew!
  9. Yeah, I had ascites. It was one of the first symptoms I had before I got diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My belly swelled up like I was 8 months pregnant & I could only eat 3 bites of a meal; I was so bloated. I went into the hospital. They put a needle tube in my abdomen & suctioned out 5 one-liter bottles of light green liquid. It was painful & gross. They did it 2 more times over the next month before my chemotherapy & hysterectomy. *shudders*
  10. And Ronald has a slight gambling problem.
  11. Yeah, why isn't she out snowboarding on that board she insisted on carrying at the airport?
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