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  1. auchic

    Drunk History

    Drunk History is nominated for 3 Emmys! Huzzah! Duncan describing all the things Hoover did when he was angry was gloriously funny. Smearing lipstick all over his lips! Dancing on Ouija boards! Rubbing lavender oil on his nipples! And my fave: kicking UFOs into the cyclopian eyeballs of illuminati reptilian shills!
  2. auchic

    Drunk History

    Was that Derek as the bear??
  3. auchic

    Drunk History

    Me too, holy shit. Also when the narrator was talking about how Masterpiece getting stud fees "which, if you don't know what that means, it means *whispers* fucking." That was some hardcore bullshit that Lady Bird Johnson pulled on Eartha Kitt, damn. Agreed.
  4. auchic

    Drunk History

    Add Tony Hale to the Drunk History Hall of Fame. A solid episode. All three stories were good, made 100% better by awesome narrators. Brian Tyree Henry was the standout.
  5. auchic

    Drunk History

    It's back, it's back! I started laughing with the Ripley's opening and pretty much didn't stop. Loved seeing Taran and Colin again.
  6. auchic

    S20.E24: End Game

    Welp. That sure was an ending. So is everyone who leaves the show contractually obligate to tongue bathe Benson? She "sees cases with an open heart" my ass. That is some high class bullshit, right there.
  7. auchic

    S20.E24: End Game

    We had a brief, shining moment of Stone telling Benson he wasn't just going to do what she asked, before it all went Olivia's way, because of course it did. Fare thee well, Peter Stone.
  8. auchic

    S20.E23: Assumptions

  9. auchic

    Drunk History

    That has made my day. I adore Paget.
  10. auchic

    Drunk History

    Back in June! https://twitter.com/derekwaterss/status/1118681443264131074
  11. auchic

    Show Wishlist: What We'd Like To See

    No, the episode @illdoc is thinking of is "Fallacy" from S4. She wasn't killed, but gang raped, and it was at the very end of the episode.
  12. auchic

    Santa Clarita Diet

    That whole video sequence was incredible, and then the flossing kid. A+ choice on the music too. I had tears from laughing too hard.
  13. auchic

    Whiskey Cavalier

    Ha, me neither! Every time Jai would react, I was like "Why do you suddenly care about what Ray thinks? You guys hate him!" I love that Will and Frankie still just shut him down cold. Ophelia Lovibond! I hope that kiss at the end means she'll be back.
  14. auchic

    Drunk History

    I think so, which is super disappointing.
  15. auchic


    A+ callout on the "Thoughts and Prayers" performative angst that goes around on social media after any tragedy. Jake's cynicism can be boring, but it was completely on point for me this episode. I like that he got Grace her Pinterest cake. Matt and Paige's war on who could be the most caring was amazing.