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  1. Chad, just because Jake and Gabi are the worst, doesn't mean that you aren't a trash garbage fire yourself. I'm sick of your lame-ass whining.
  2. Bottle episode! I found this one genuinely spooky, until they ended it way too soon. The tension was there! There could have been more little snippy moments, which could have been from the situation, or from the ghost/demon thing. We didn't get any truths from Father Phil, or Zooey, or Luke, which is the one I wanted most. I also wasn't a fan of adding Megan to the mix. The scariness kinda ramped itself down after that. They could have cut that whole awards sequence, or added it to another episode. That said, I did like the ending. The Roman Agency showing up for Susan after everyone else
  3. Angry, vengeful Luke was hot. That's all I have to say.
  4. I almost skipped this one, because I'm not a fan of ghost children, but I ended up really liking it. Yay for some character development for Father Phil! I thought Adam Korson did a fantastic job showing the pain and the anger and the exhaustion of both the church's rejection of him and his rejection of the church. As someone who's struggled a lot with faith vs religion, I really liked that he could feel all these emotions and yet still want that security that the church used to give him. Otherwise the ghost story was a little meh, which is okay to me because I don't need dreams of s
  5. Philip is like the only reason I watch anymore. He was really weird, starting that fight with Chloe over Brady, but he smartened up and they were pretty cute at the end. Lucas deserves better. EJ was ice fucking cold; I don't like him but damn it was fun watching him these last couple days. With Sami gone, I hope he goes back to being irrelevant (wishful thinking...). Good for you, because stupid Jake was the GODDAMNED WORST today. I absolutely HATE that disgusting chauvinistic bastard SO MUCH. 🤬🤬🤬
  6. Shut up EJ. Don't call Lucas a simp. Why don't you go cry to Chad about how much it sucks to be cheated on. Shut up Sami. You think Nicole's not allowed to be mad? You just yelled at EJ for being hypocritical about cheating with Abby. Shut up Rafe. Not that you really said anything, I just don't like you. Shut up Ava. Let Gabi and stupid Jake move out to some crappy apartment. It's not your damn house anyway. Shut up Jake. Of course you'd think kidnapping is romantic. I hate you so much. You and Ben deserve each other. Shut up Gabi. Philip has been nothing but awesome
  7. The humour is back! I enjoyed this episode a lot. I find master planned suburbia creepy so it was nice that August and Phil validated my feelings lol. I liked that Luke was able to solve the case without the ghostbusting. That little gizmo August made is going to come back in a future episode though. So the other real estate guy was pissed off that the only fix was to renovate the sunrooms at the company cost, and that's why he refused to do any more business with Roman Agency, right? Holy shit, YES. If it had been me, I would not spend one more moment in that house. Although, t
  8. A couple of things I had questions about on rewatch: Granny Sam's dress. Harper isn't that old; let's say she's 35. She has clear memories of Granny Sam. If it's 2021 in show'verse time, then Granny Sam most likely died sometime in the 90s. So why is she dressed like she's Great Great Great Granny Sam? I get that the old timey dress gives off more of a spooky vibe, but it kinda threw me. Where is this show set, Canada or the States? The horror writer wanted the scariest house "in 12 states". Luke said in the pilot he grew up in Southern California, but Susan was able to show his chil
  9. Yes! The pilot was really good in that regard. I liked the scene at the beginning, when Luke susses out that Harper's been messing with potential clients by acting all fake spooky. They need to keep going with that. I love Melanie Scrofano in Letterkenny, and she was great here. I liked Harper and Luke bonding; they had a great rapport. Argh, Susan, I am trying to like you! But when you have a repeat client, it makes sense to go over the old files, especially when you've been told he's eccentric (by your somewhat eccentric boss lol). I hope we get more of Zooey and Susan working together
  10. Isn't that how old EJ would be if he hadn't been SORASed? 😂
  11. I liked this episode, although I agree with @Johann that the humour was missing. I'm ambivalent on Susan. I know she's the audience surrogate so we can get the little exposition bits every episode relevant to whichever spooky we're dealing with every week, but dang Luke, maybe you really should prioritise the orientation a little more. Susan's job is to sell the house. If you tell her to not to do the things she needs to do to sell the house, but don't tell her why, then...what good is she? Either give her the information she needs or sell the damn house yourself. Totally agree.
  12. Ye gads, I'm glad I missed that. Austin's bad enough but Rafe...*shudder*
  13. SUCH a good episode, but ugh, poor Eric and Nicole! I cheered when Eric punched Xander. Nicole should go back to the short hair she had when they got married; she looked so amazing in that flashback. YES, omg. That was so sweet. I really love those two together. Yup. Except: John. How long have you known Sami? Of course this is something she would do! She's all about the drama, geez. Philip staying to clean up the pub was sweet.
  14. I mean, Philip was a teenager in the beginning. Teenagers in general are dicks. 😂 I'm with you on Philip/Chloe; I think now that Kristen is 'evil' again, Brady/Chloe are endgame, and Philip will get shunted off to the sidelines again, just like with Philip/Gabi (don't even get me started on that 🤬). Why can't Philip be happy, show?
  15. Oh god, yes please. Please let this happen. And then Jake can get eaten by a bear.
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