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  1. I cannot believe Higgins said yes to that, my god. I hope when Katsumoto finds out, he's all, "lol no, not happening, because it's fraud."
  2. Yep, that boxy sweater was the giveaway. Please let it stay that way (I can't remember if she slept with Derek or not). I'm just so happy this show is back. I knew as soon as Will started that Sophie's birth story was pure BS (Seasons of Love had me cackling tho), but the true story surprised me. I'm so used to overbearing!dad Will, I assumed he was always like that. Of the other birth stories: I felt sorry for Angie, but it was absolutely on brand for her; Douglas was predictable; I always forget Miggy has a kid (bring back Baby Jack, he's so adorable!), and Rory will now forever be known as Smoke Monster to me. Finally, I loved that everyone agreed that Gaveltown is awful, but that the twist in episode 7 is worth it. Based on some of the things I've watched since social distancing, I can relate.
  3. How so? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruthie_Ann_Miles#Personal_life
  4. And Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" during Dex's breakdown. Music was on point this ep.
  5. Monember and Julip. I'd pay good money for a calendar of shirtless Miggy around the office. Jake Choi is gorgeous.
  6. I really really liked this episode. Wolf trying all the different rocking motions to get the baby to sleep had me giggling. I also liked the party, and the little bonding session in the bathroom. It was good to see Grace relax a little, especially with how tense she's been since Dr. McCreepy showed up. I liked that she trusted the others with her secret. I know her hooking up with Cute ER Doc is imminent, but I hope she gets a little more development with her friends first. Poor Naz.
  7. Maybe there's a probation period? Or it's not 100% coverage? It's still absolutely stupid, but if it's just a one-time emergency thing, that might make it a little less stupid? Ashley is growing on me.
  8. Good point. Do we know if they are RNs or LPNs (or I guess RPN, since the show is set in Toronto)? I really liked the last episode. It was great learning more about Naz. She's trying so hard to be enthusiastic about everything; is that due to growing up as a celebrity's kid? It's too bad they made Ashley so unlikable in the first couple episodes, because her plotline could be a good one. But I just don't care about her. Not enough of the guys. And damn Grace, you're just barely holding on, aren't ya? Ashley's patient who died was played by Sheila McCarthy, who has been in a million things, and the throat doctor was played by Zachary Bennett, who played Felix on Road to Avonlea.
  9. Tantoo Cardinal had a sibling taken in the Sixties Scoop, so she knows about the pain of having a loved one taken from her, and (hopefully) the happiness of reuniting.
  10. Totally. Plus, I love how Angie and Poppy were a little thrown about it, since they consider themselves so worldly and knowledgeable. I knew there had to be a twist because Miggy's so sweet; how could anyone cheat on him? Aww, I love little activist!Sophie. Douglas and Will plots are always great. "It's not a suit if it isn't black. It's a costume." Angie is my spirit animal. The casual stealing from the coffee place! Hitting on Miggy and Pronstroler's new boyfriend! Car jerky! Her little spyglass from Dave & Busters, and her little whine when Poppy tries to take it from her. "Nooooo, I earned it." She's so messy and yet is such a great friend to Poppy. This show just keeps getting better.
  11. Yeah, half the kids going off to college/university these days don't know how to make beds! Hell, even nurses need to learn hospital corners; it's not like they're born with the innate ability.
  12. Baby Jack is back! Such a cutie. I didn't peg Douglas as the one to say "I love you" first, so that was just perfect. Even though you know how everything is going to end up (of course they would get snow), I still love this show. It's so charming and sweet, and I feel like this group of people actually like each other, so it makes their interactions fun and watchable. Ah, those SoCal kids wanting a white Christmas and enjoying the snow. Yeah, snow is great when it melts in two days and never comes back (/bitter cold Canadian).
  13. Will's dance to distract the kids from the porn on the playground made me laugh so hard.
  14. Aw hell. I kept up with this show because I was really invested in the George & Jake plotline, and I should have seen it coming, but...damn.
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