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  1. I started to rewatch season 6 as that was my first full season of Top Chef I got into( I started watching somewhere during season 5). My god.... I just got done with episode 6 and the drama is just nauseating. It really is making me appreciate what we saw just now with All Stars LA. Doesn't help the fact this season had Mike I... I remember him being an obnoxious jerk, but when I started to rewatch the season, I wanted him gone episode 1 when he made that sexist remark about losing to a girl if Jen beat him in the quick fire. Then it moved onto hating on Robin( I know it was Eli who said it, b
  2. Whipped cream on the top layer? Nope nope nope nope! The traditionalist in me is screaming. Tiramisu should never use whipped cream! Both layers should be the mascarpone cream. But never having Hong Kong Milk tea, maybe having two layers of mascarpone with the milk tea in it would have disrupted the balance of the dish. It's still an interesting dish that I would love to make and try myself and obviously the judges and guest chefs loved it. But having whipped cream as one of the layers just seems to cheapen it... I don't know.
  3. A nailed innovative style meal beats a nailed classic style meal. As I stated in the Parma thread, I can understand why the innovative won out. I feel for Bryan though. Comes in second( I think that is where he was placed considering Stephanie's veal being overcooked) for the third time. But as he stated in the post-results interview, he is the only one to be able to get to the finals and come in 2nd consistently. That is an incredible feat. How many chefs have come back and had different results? Angelo has been the show three times and each time he placed lower and lower. Jen Carroll al
  4. Yeah I feel like it will be Melissa's win just based on the last guest chefs comments about the tiramisu.
  5. So ominous edit there with Kevin's reaction when Bryan said he wanted to make a lasagna.....
  6. I have been replaying that moment and I see a different reaction. When they announce Melissa's name, the shot includes her and Kevin. Then it cuts to Stephanie and Bryan when they say Stephanie was also on top. After they mention Stephanie's name, you see Bryan with a smile saying good job to Melissa and you hear her say thank you in the background. He then goes back to his serious face. Then as the judges further interact with Stephanie, he turns to her with a smile. While true he did not extend the same congrats to Stephanie as he did with Melissa, I do not take it as a slight as the judges
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