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  1. the house was very cramped when every got older .Idk how they handled it. Especially in winter time. Everyone cramped up all day
  2. I think it was only bits and pieces
  3. My coworker has been watching She said there's some good stuff and some really bad stuff olol
  4. Think how Caroline would have felt if she had saw Charles with that one lady in "Someone, please love me"
  5. I have way too much time on my hands, but gosh this is fun (Early morning) (Charles rises to scrambled eggs, tomatoes and bacon on the table. Charles smiles takes a whiff)"mmmmmmmmm fresh home made breakfast. can a man gt any luckier" (Laura walks in) ugh eggs again!!cant we ever have pancakes! the olesons have pancakes 4x a week. and all we get is eggs (Charles slaps Laura) Charles: now you listen hear child, dont you ever disrespect your ma like that again. you eat your eggs or let your sister Carrie eat them (Carrie smiles) "gooogaga bbaaa daaa reeeeee teee" Cha
  6. just a little fan fiction i wrote once Title"you must keep believing" Scene 1 The episode starts as Charles rides into Walnut Grove to stop by and ask Doc Baker to dinner. The Doc says hes about to perform major surgery, he secretly tells Charles hes nervous and this would be safer with a major doctor but THERES NO TIME!! Charles looks at the doc and says "Let me be responsible" The doc says "Charles you have no training!" Charles says "Doc all i need is confidence. That i have" Charles takes off his shirt and sanitizes his chest and performs the surgery He botches it
  7. I do like how in BARN BURNER when the judge asks for the Reverend to recommend a fair and honest juror forman , Charles gets picked right away and Charles has a shocked look but you know inside he was all "Heck yea!!! Let's go baby!! I have the power to pick jurors! What now Harriet! Oh I can't wait to tell Caroline. Heee Haww!"
  8. Then we have a episode of Charles trying to set the Wilders up as thiefs so he can be the hero again
  9. miss beadle actually had her own place
  10. my coworker is starting to watch LHOP, streamming it from season 1 on She showed me a picture of her living room and I saw a scene from "THE PLAGUE" and sai d"Oh I see LHOP is on and it's THE PLAGUE" lol
  11. I know times were different but I always felt bad that Laura couldn;t see Mary get married
  12. yes I was. I love that scene where Harriet just keeps rambling and rambling to the tax guy while Nels is looking at her like "shutup!!!"
  13. Good day to watch "Centennial"
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