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  1. Yet we've seen time and time again where hosts ignore Whoopi and the producers, and continue on and on and on about some topic or line of questioning with a guest (Joy is always guilty of this). Nothing would've happened to Sunny if she took an extra 30 seconds to explain her legal understanding, as he asked her to do so. As for Sunny, I do hope she gets over the fact that Bolton got the best of her because she couldn't explain her legal understanding of the EC. She's not wearing it well.
  2. Yes! Thanks for reminding me about Mnuchin and Porter. As for Bolton, he asked her understanding of the EC. Since she was the one conducting the interview, she could have very well extended the time on telling him how she understood it. She cowered, and jumped to the next question. No reason why she couldn't explain her understanding the way he did - the ball was in her court. She was caught off guard by his question, and probably didn't study up on the EC. As I said earlier, this continues to sting her.
  3. Something was said yesterday about not knowing someone's background, and Sunny quipped 'Just like John Bolton didn't know my legal background'. She then did her sarcastic pout. Not true - Bolton never said he didn't know she had a legal background, just the opposite. He questioned her legal understanding of a topic they were discussing last week when he was a guest. One lawyer questioning another on their legal understanding is par for the course, especially when they are on opposite sides of an argument. He never questioned her legal background or asked if she was a lawyer - he knew, and questioned her understanding (and he won). That's still stinging her like a bee up her ass. Get over it Sunny! I liked when the camera did a close up on Sara, and she babbled on and on and on and on (this was the discussion of some Dems breaking COVID rules). The camera then does a full-shot of the hosts, and Joy had a puzzled look on her face (with a smirk) and shook her head, as if to say 'What the hell is she saying ?' Meanwhile, Whoopi had the glazed look over her eyes as though she tuned out when Sara began talking. For the record, I miss MeAgain and her 'spilling the tea', 'reading tea leaves', 'moving the needle one way or the other', 'her wheelhouse', 'being the only republican in the USA', etc.
  4. Judge Judy should have advised Olivia to spend money on a hairdresser and a dentist, never mind renting a car. Sean was quite sexy. I pegged him to be in his early 50s. However, when he ass-licked Judy at the end, he said he's been watching her since he was a 'teen'. She's been on the air for 25 seasons, so the math doesn't add up - it makes him 44 at most. He didn't look good for 44. Amelia McPeek - she was a nurse ??? She's got a nursing license ? How ?
  5. Teen Pitches Fight Poor kid had the communication skills of a 14 year old, even though he was 19. His cornbread isn't fully baked yet. His mother scared me! And she didn't even say much - it was just the vibe coming through the TV. Just Don’t Do It! A shout out to the sexy Jeff Black! Why were the producers keeping this in the can for eight years? This guy was beautiful - I'd love to see him working up a sweat on the exercise bike OR moving my furniture. 😁 Back to the case...Judge Judy had it in for him from the get-go. Why? A. He was a handsome male. B. He was a 22 year old male. C. He was a self-employed male. If you combined the above three into a female, Judge Judy would've chalked it up to 'miscommunication' and a 'misunderstanding' between the litigants. She would have applauded the young woman for being self-employed. If it was a pretty 22 year old female, she would have never accused her of being 'a hustler', etc. She very possibly would have ruled in her favor by telling the plaintiff 'Next time, get a written contract. She's not responsible for your belongings.' She then would have wished the 22 year old female 'good luck' with her entrepreneurship. Gender is everything with young adults on Judge Judy's show.
  6. Unfortunately, as been discussed on the show, it woke the wrong people up and they ran with it - distorting all meaning and every word.
  7. Sunny needs that to understand what Obama was saying: the message is not getting across. And MeAgain's corrupted interpretation would be proof. Sara was in no league to have this conversation with Sunny. She cowered to Sunny, where MeAgain never would have.
  8. Today was a day I wish MeAgain was there , just to go toe-to-toe with Sunny on this discussion.
  9. Now here was a case where I wished Judge Judy snapped "I didn't go to post-graduate school to figure out who parks in a garage". This was one of the dullest cases in JJ history. I can't believe she wasted all that time on this one.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if this show hasn't continued because of the pandemic. I never saw an episode, but I have a feeling that this was a show which Sunny had to film in a studio, or on location - and it wouldn't work with her 'Zooming' it in from her living room, like she does 'The View'. Perhaps it will come back when she returns to a studio.
  11. Wallace would be a great fit this past season, especially with the election. Politics is her forte. She knows her stuff, and this would be the right time for her (especially with Sunny). I'd prefer her stepping in from time to time over Ana. When she was on (2014-15) it was a disaster of a season for all involved. I've never seen such mismatched hosts trying to keep the boat afloat, with two captains (Whoopie and Rosie) at each other's throats, and steering the boat in opposite directions. But it got her face recognition with the right people (MSNBC).
  12. I disagree. I think Sunny knows 'her worth' and she's itching to get her own show, as Nicolle Wallace did (Wallace is now seen as a credible political pundit, something she would never have achieved if she stayed on 'The View'). Sunny has proven herself on this show, and is more than ready for her own show. She is subtly letting others know she's not happy at the network, starting with her book. As for ABC, I'm sure they don't want her - or anyone on the show - to leave. Achieving the status of being the #1 daytime show after 24 years on the air is something to take notice. ABC knows the show is working, and has a longer life ahead of it (how many thought the end was near once Walters left six years ago ?). Remember on Rosie's last show in February, 2015 she said she would return to the show to make guest appearances or fill in as a substitute host when needed ? She even joked she would bring her craft supplies. Whoopi made sure that would never happen - and it hasn't.
  13. YIKES! In the discusssion about Trump pardoning himself, Joy said "you can't make this shit up" and it went right by the censors. She caught it, and covered her mouth - I think she was surprised herself that this came out of her mouth. It's about 7 minutes in if you DVR'd this.
  14. It's probably time for Sunny to move on to her own cable show. I wonder when her contract is up ? No need for her to stay there if she's so discontented with ABC.
  15. Well we know Julie Chen believes it because it was reported in Page Six of the NYP, and in the clip above Chen says she believes everything reported in Page Six when it came to The View. Can't be they report the truth on The View and lies about The Talk.
  16. Let's discuss the highlight of the show today - the Rakuten Infomercial at the end. I was waiting for Sara to ask Rakuten saleswoman Elizabeth Warner: "What should viewers do with all the face creams and pajamas they already bought from us over the past twelve weeks from Gretchen and Adam ?" And at the end of the show when Whoopie (whom Ronna McDaniel will now refer to as 'Willie Goldberg') reminded everyone to wash your hands and 'take a little time to enjoy the view' I was hoping she would add, "And find a good bankruptcy lawyer for the new year, because you're gonna need it if you keep buying this crap from us!" (BTW, if you look at some of the independent reviews of Rakuten (and not the ones on their website) you will see a number of disappointed customers, many who never got their rebates as promised. Just an FYI.)
  17. November ratings during a Presidential election - especially like the one we just had - would have to be up, no matter who is on the panel compared to March - August. It's a matter of timing in this election year, not who's on camera.
  18. Every day better have 'View Your Deal' tacked on at the end so we can spend more money we don't have this season. Otherwise, they're losing this viewer...
  19. This show is becoming a revolving door of hosts. How many gone in 11 seasons? Marissa Jaret Winokur Leah Remini Holly Robinson Peete Aisha Tyler Julie Chen Sara Gilbert Marie Osmond Eve
  20. WOW! Looks like 'The View' and all it's political talk this new season has completely beaten down it's rival 'The Talk', which is worrying CBS. Season 24 of 'The View' has been averaging 3 Million viewers each day, while Season 11 of 'The Talk' has been pulling in only half of that at 1.5 million viewers. 'The Talk', which only has Sharon Osbourne from it's original cast, is the lowest rated daytime program on the CBS schedule. https://pagesix.com/2020/11/24/cbs-panics-as-the-talk-sinks-in-ratings-against-chief-rival-the-view/
  21. Karen Accused of Terrorizing Landlord?! I think defendant Ana Belacqua has a damn good chance of winning a daytime Emmy next year for best dramatic performance by a supporting actress. She hit it out of the park: she remembered her lines, knew her best camera angles, and even choked up on cue. She's a tough act to beat. What was funny was Judge Judy kept mispronouncing the rent as $1116 a month, and Belacqua tried to correct her by saying, $1160 a month. Judy wouldn't acknowledge her own mistake, of course. If she says it's $1116, then damn it! That's what it is. She also said to the defendant to continue with her therapy (or something of the sort) when in fact, Ana never said she was in therapy but she will need it after her trauma with the plaintiff. This didn't go over well with Judy - how dare you correct her twice in one case ? Are you insinuating she's old and forgetful ? I Want My Rent and Property! The second case was rather jarring. A throwback to pre- Judy looking like RBG days. Judy changed her hairstyle to the Ruth Bader Ginsburg look in early 2019, so this had to be from 2018 or earlier. Plus she was in the studio with professional hair and make-up people, as well as a lighting director, so she had that soft youthful glow to her. These days, from her home, she's doing her own hair and makeup and home lighting - and she looks like the crypt keeper. Back to the case - Tylon better be good in bed, because I can't understand why else the defendant would be with him. Although he was rather coherent at the end, and won the case for his girlfriend. Speaking of the defendant Latownsend, she really didn't give a damn about violating her lease on the town house she rented. She certainly copped quite an attitude, for no reason at all. As for the plaintiff, I think he needs to grow a pair before he ventures out on his own. He seemed to young and immature (IMO) to be renting rooms and living with people he doesn't know. Maybe start off slow and rent something with someone you know and trust ?
  22. Meanwhile, Sunny looked so despondent when she talked about what she was doing for Thanksgiving. It's just going to be the family she lives with (husband, mother, son and daughter) and the joy of the holiday has completely evaporated within her. Her tone and the look on her face suggested she was going to visit them all in prison. I can only imagine the tension running through that household right now, and it's certainly taking it's toll on Sunny.
  23. The first thing I thought of was her husband who just battled COVID. But then I realized he must have the antibodies, so he is considered 'safe' from getting it again (according to most medical experts, though the jury is still out). The others mentioned her mother had a very tough year this year, so they understood her going (and encouraged her to do so). I wonder if they were referring to COVID? She didn't elaborate on what her mother went through this year.
  24. What has happened to taste and self-decency in this world? There was a time when people really paid attention to their appearance in public - especially on a TV show. They tried to look their very best - from hair and makeup to clothing. Now people try to look their hideous with janky wigs, makeup, clothes, tattoos, etc. Are they craving that much attention ? Between Clarisse and Taylor Coco - wow !
  25. Yes, there was a quick shot of the book cover with a mention he was the author of the best-seller, but no mention of it during the interview, as the last interview was focused on the book. Again, he wasn't there (or on other networks this week) to plug his book - it's old news. I am no fan of Bolton's, but there's no denying he held his own with Sunny and Ana (much to their chagrin). As for Mika, I do recall she was solo about a year or so ago, when she had released her recent book. It was a very pleasant interview where she wasn't interrupted by her husband.
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