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  1. Harsh She said it's no fun to bring a date whos hangdog face and watch checking is a buzz kill (Rick) It looked Japanese. She is an old lady and I think is way more appropriately dressed than the others I like the floral dresses and her soft interior decorating
  2. If Tom was declining for years and she was accepting payments for her gig, isn't that elder abuse? I don't think so So eco fiendly! The NYT is propaganda as much as anything else. I would. It hurts like hell.
  3. I like stoned Maricio and PK much better. EW She's looking rough and I am living for it And, It will never be used
  4. I didn't any to see any of them but they look much better dressed. The others look the same. Trust me, I'm a big fat ass, I wouldn't have joined in
  5. She is the smartest by far. I like her. I cry at the drop of a hat unless I need to. Erika must be using something chemical. She's sucks at acting. Maybe we have big Kathy wrong. They are jealous because Sutton is really, really rich and free.
  6. Reminded me of a couple no longer having sex. Like Mario and Ramona. Mauricio might just be biding time until Portia is in college. Yeah she sucks
  7. Eboni and Sonja should keep their shirts on. They look fitter, dressed.
  8. I think in adults that's termed Conduct Disorder. Usually criminal behavior
  9. Her face is falling. The lower mouth area and nasolabial folds are coming back. Her eyes look too wideset so her makeup is much worse and her skin texture is bumpy. She looks worn
  10. She said she wants a Jewish husband. I'm 52 and have never heard of Limelight. Am I a dweeb?
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