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  1. What's the point? It's unlikely that she is in perimenopause? I argue it is likely.
  2. What can I say, I'm weird. Who would think a 49 year old might be suffering from hormonal fluctuation? Silly me.
  3. The hormones are powerful and when they aren't balanced, you might cry about a random ice skater in competition on TV getting bad scores like I did a few months ago. No manipulation involved. Just wacky hormones and someone else feeling bad was enough for a real primal cry.
  4. He toddled over to Morton's went home and didn't even notice anything different. That's what he says happened.
  5. It was a big nothing. Try perimenopause or menopause on for size before claiming any middle aged woman is crying fake tears or being over emotional.
  6. Me either. I feel fine. Those DC edibles are good stuff and they deliver!
  7. Whatever he is on, I hope I never experience. He owns a successful business? How????
  8. It looks like Princess Leia, but I could be wrong.
  9. It goes beyond the legal system. The rich and elites from DC to everywhere the elites are, work together to maintain that the system that enriches them. They will protect each other. Just think of the Epstein horror story. We need to clean house.
  10. I fear it is revealing that this level of corruption appears everywhere with the elites and to believe that he was allowed to do this for so long is frightening. We should question authority if this has been clearly going on unabated for years.
  11. It's disgusting to steal from victims. There is nothing more evil than victimizing a victim to whom you owe a fiduciary responsibility.
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