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  1. I keep the cc on my tv on all the time
  2. shdigu01

    S12.E20: Trigger Happy

    What have they done to Bailey? She use to be my fav character but now she is so hypocritical and all about her her her. Ugh
  3. shdigu01

    S12.E20: Trigger Happy

    shonda pushing her gun control agenda. Really dislike this
  4. shdigu01

    S07.E19: Landing

    More Diane and Kurt please and less everybody else I don't give a rat's ass about. Loved Diane go f yourself.
  5. shdigu01

    S12.E17: I Wear The Face

    I have not liked Owen from day one. Never thought he and c had any chemistry. Put bluntly his character sucks. So tired of his over the top self righteous anger I love Debbie Allen but she needs to butt out. Jackson and April are both wrong in this case
  6. shdigu01

    Season 6 Discussion

    I am getting so tired of the overbearing, I am always right, bad tempered dick head Danny
  7. shdigu01

    The Grinder

    Fav line don't take your shirt off unless it is "justified" I admit squealing like a fan girl seeing Tim..
  8. shdigu01

    S06.E10: Breaking Up The Band

    Thank you! Good to know I am a little sane
  9. shdigu01

    S06.E10: Breaking Up The Band

    I can't figure out what is going on. This ep is titled and dated 07/22 but here in Georgia the most current episode is called best man and it aired 07/01. Is my satellite behind in airing abc shows? Even though it aired 07/01 it just recorded 2 days ago I feel like I am losing my mind
  10. shdigu01

    S03.E01: Move On / S03.E02: But I'm Not

    WTH????? This has to be the stupidest dumbest lamest show on TV. I am done. Even the actors don't believe what they are doing, they are all so well dull