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  1. I'll take the job! It's not even that hard, unless they're writing everything for the website in HTML from scratch, but I doubt it. And even that isn't too bad, HTML is a pretty easy language to learn, and it's not like they've got anything super fancy that requires integration with a large database.
  2. I have a feeling that she'll be the next Maddie, where she stays as long as she possibly can and tries to get every award and position possible. And with her being only one year behind Victoria, she may need to wait quite a while to get point or GL1.
  3. I'm not sure it was specifically show group, since Armani was there and she's not a show group member, but some of the girls were in the Salvation Army Christmas video. It was posted in the Auditions thread.
  4. I feel like I remember her getting corrections on her kicks as well. She would throw her head and neck into it and wasn't very controlled - possibly a contributing factor to her cut?
  5. That's really not a good picture of Victoria. Her hair looks overly processed and like it ends at her shoulders and her figure does not look good, especially when compared to Madeline's. Frankly, the quality of the picture, and the girls specifically, makes me almost think they were Photoshopped into the picture from another shot that was maybe a group shot or further away. But I don't know that she could recreate that reflection, so maybe not?
  6. Sydney's headshot on the website makes me think she has cheek fillers. There's such an obvious distinction between her cheeks and her jaw it looks fake. I'm guessing it's mostly due to her head being tilted down along with harsh contouring and bad lighting, but it's not a good look. They really couldn't find a better picture of her?
  7. I completely understand where you're coming from, but at the same time I think that this year's off-season will be extremely telling as far as each girl's character. They really aren't doing any group appearances, so any visibility through the next few months will be solely through social media, and I for one think that the conversations on this board will be very interesting. Will there be some questionable posts from some of the ladies? Absolutely, but there are also some real class acts on the team still (despite us losing three of the biggest) that I think we'll enjoy watching through the next couple of months. I also think we're kind of divided on the retirement front - some people think lots will leave due to the disorganization and injustices from this year and some think next to no one will leave because they would want a better final year, so the discussions about that will be fun. Also, considering that the show was aired so late we've only got four months to go until auditions, so I don't think it'll be that bad!
  8. Interesting. If that's the case, then I've got a list of girls who are bad at hair and makeup (IMO). I ignored foundation/concealer issues because I know the lighting was crap and that could've played a big factor. Makeup: Daphne (overly contoured nose), Kristin (way too much shadow), Lexie (shadow isn't blended out at all), and Lisa (way too heavy under the eyes). Hair: Armani (center part), Tess (overly curled at the bottom so tips look super thin and fried), and Victoria (all tease and no other styling). I also refuse to believe Alora-Rose did her own hair, as it was always kinda messy in TC and never looked that good.
  9. For vets who absolutely could not spend the week of training camp in the bubble, they were given the option of a one-day audition. Taylor was teaching in person during filming and had no way of doing the full training camp of the bubble, so she got to do the one-day thing. Everybody else was able to do their jobs/schooling remotely. I don't think that the vets would have been allowed to do the one-day audition just because they felt like it.
  10. Erin's was definitely up there for me, but I actually didn't love Jessica's. Nothing wrong with it, I just feel like her eyes are slightly vacant. Smize girl!
  11. That happened with so many girls! I feel bad for them. Three favorite headshots: Kelcey, Taylor, Alanna.
  12. She looks REALLY young, but I think the half smile did wonders for her. She's almost like Gina (her rookie year) or Chandler, she has a tendency to smile a little too big and this look is much more attractive and mature. I just still can't get over the way she acts on social media, the TikToks, etc. and that's my biggest problem with her, and the reason I think she should have been cut. But dance-wise, she has power and projection and doesn't have horrible technique. Also WHEN WILL THE EPISODE BE POSTED ON CMT??????
  13. Oh, I completely agree. To me, she always came across as someone who trusted that being a "firecracker" would keep her safe, that's the only reason I thought she might have ignored her being late. But I've never seen her being an amazing performer either, and her facials always bothered the hell out of me.
  14. Idk, I feel that if I were a vet and I was cut I'd like some feedback. However, I also think that any vet on the chopping block going into auditions is likely called into the office to discuss retirement/re-auditioning plans and issues would be brought up in that conversation. Things like weight, memory, etc. should be at the forefront of their minds going into auditions. For Keyra, I wonder if she thought that things like being late weren't important enough to factor into her cut or if that conversation was never held. On another note, I'm watching season 7 on Pluto and saw Kelli say "I love the way Kinzie prances." I swear that's the one time her name is ever mentioned her rookie year. I know she acted as a vet comparison a couple of times in later years, but she was just invisible her rookie season. Which makes me really sad, because she's one of my all time favorites.
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